7th Birthday Party Ideas – Fun and Easy 7th Party Ideas

When planning a birthday party for our children, sometimes we get stumped on what to do to celebrate. It can be hard to think of ideas for your child and their friends to do on these occasions that they will for sure enjoy. If you have a child turning seven soon, then have no fear as we have some fun and easy ideas for you.  Here are our 7th birthday party ideas to ensure a great party.

7th Birthday Party Ideas

At this age, children are increasingly independent and likely able to hang out together with little interference from parents.  In short, 7 year old’s are a awesome age for some party activities.  When planning your child’s party, keep in mind their interests and feel free to extend the party time a bit longer than when they were young.  Check out some of our ideas below!

LEGO Party

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LEGO has been a family favorite for decades!  It is colorful, versatile and there are no limits with what your imagination may come up with when building.  A LEGO party is a great idea at this age because they can work together to complete a project or easily work independently.  One idea is to give each party goer their own LEGO bin with pieces to use during the party, but then can take home as their party favor. Have fun building! 

Minecraft Party

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Another one of our 7th birthday party ideas is to a throw a Minecraft themed party.  Minecraft is a very popular video game where players can work on their own or cooperatively with others.  Turn your space into the world of Minecraft by implementing green and black into your décor as well as placing characters from the game like Creepers and pigs around.  Have guests make their own Minecraft inspired masks and serve snacks labelled as items from the game.  For example pretzels as “sticks.”  If your child loves Minecraft, your child will love this theme!

Football Theme

football party
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Is your child into football (or soccer as some call it)? If so, then consider throwing a football themed party.  To start, use greenery and fake grass to give a stadium feel to your space.  Next, organize a friendly match amongst the guests and have them develop their own team cheer.  Following this, they can enjoy football shaped cake pops.  Finally, don’t forget to take a group photo with a trophy!  Also, any sport can make a great birthday party theme. Go team!          

Pastel Carousel Party

A pastel carousel party is the perfect choice for a magical and lovely vibe.  Carousels are often a favorite ride for many with it’s pretty ponies and enchanting music and colors.  In order to get the same effect for a birthday party, chose pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow and purple. Add a touch of gold for a more vintage feel in your décor and food.  Hang pastel colored banners and ribbon in a way to mimic the carousel shape and serve cupcakes with fluffy icing for dessert. Enjoy!

Escape Room

escape room diy for kids

An Escape Room Kit is a great way to have an Escape Room party at home. This Time Travel Escape Quest kit is perfect for this age group and is very simple to set up.  Firstly, download the instructions and the game.  Secondly, print the kit items and transform your home using a step-by-step guide.  You can even make changes to the level of difficulty of the game depending on your guests.   Super easy and super fun! 


Bowling is fun and basically for everyone including 7 year old’s!  Have your guests and the birthday boy or girl take turns going for that strike! Cheer each other on as everyone goes for the pins.  For those who may need a little help, there are usually bumpers for the lane to help guide the ball.  Some bowling alleys even offer their own party packages so look into that before booking yourself.  For additional fun, go cosmic or glow in the dark bowling. The kids will have a ball!   

Character Theme

If your child loves a certain Disney princess, TV cartoon character or superhero, then use them as your inspiration for one rad party!  Lots of party supply stores offer character tableware, decorations and favors with popular characters on them.  Finding a local grocery store or baker to make a character inspired cake is fairly easy these days or make your own with edible frosting sheets.  Finally, perhaps even see if that character can come and visit the party goers to lead some activities.  It will surely be special!

Dance Party

For a birthday dance party all you need to do is find your dancing shoes, turn on the strobe light and blast some tunes!  This is the ultimate party idea for any kid who loves to dance, listen to music and have fun.  Take turns picking songs to dance and play the game “Freeze Dance.”  In addition, maybe the kids can work together to come up with their own choreography or learn a new dance from a video.  Make it a glow in the dark dance party with neon colors, a black light and glow sticks.  No matter what, it will be memorable!    

Gymnastics Party

These days many organizations offer party packages for families, even if you do not usually use their services or facilities.  One idea is to host a birthday party at a recreation or gymnastics center.  The kids will be taught how to use certain equipment, may play games and will have a fantastic time trying new things and being active. Bonus, no clean up at your house to worry about!  

7th Birthday Party Ideas Summary

In conclusion, when it comes to 7th birthday party ideas, the above are just a few you can chose from.  You could also combine ideas like hosting a Disney princess dance party or have a Minecraft LEGO party. So many options. For more amazing party ideas, check out our other party posts.  At the end of the day, when it comes to planning a party for your child, just remember that as long as they have fun, that is what matters!   

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