16 Mermaid Party Ideas That Your Kid Will Love!

Who doesn’t love mermaids?! The magical underwater creatures are beautiful and super popular amongst kids!

If you have a party coming up, why not make it mermaid-themed? There are so many fun ideas that you can do to create the best mermaid party ever, that will be sure to become a treasured memory!

Kids will love, and adults will too, the fun doesn’t end when it comes to mermaids! We have come up with a list of 16 different ideas for your very own mermaid party.

From decorations to paddling pools, these ideas will help you to create a magical underwater landscape that is perfect for a host of little mermaids! So, let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Color Scheme

If you want a party that looks well put together and cohesive, then you need to decide on a color scheme that you should stick to.

Common colors associated with mermaids include blue, purple, and pink as well as pearl colors or shades of turquoise.

If you stick to the same range of colors when it comes to decorations, food, and cake, the party is going to look more aesthetically pleasing and true to the theme.

Think underwater colors and search for mermaid designs to get your inspiration. 

2. Decorations

No party is complete with decorations! To completely deck out your party place with themed decorations can sometimes be expensive, but alas, it doesn’t have to be.

You can impress your party guests with handmade decorations, or buy some from stores or online.

The decor of your party is what will give it that magical underwater look. Use decorations that fit within your color scheme, and add fairy lights to make the place even more magical!

3. Balloon Arch

This goes hand in hand with your decoration. A balloon arch makes a great centerpiece for any party.

You can have these made for you, or you can even order your kits online to make them yourself and save a few dollars. Or, if you are keen on DIY, you can make your own. Simply follow our DIY Balloon Arch guide here.

Balloon arches are great for pictures and help to fill up space. You should stick to your mermaid color scheme for that underwater feel.

If you wanted to be extra creative, you could add small plastic fish or sea stars to the balloon arch.

Your guests will love this decoration, and it is such an easy way to elevate your party space!

4. Streamers And Banners

unicorn party backdrop
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To make your party really feel as though you are under the sea, you should use streamers in different shades of blue to imitate the waves of the ocean.

These can either be hung from the ceiling or placed around the room. They also work great as table runners.

For banners, you can go with something simple like a banner that says “Welcome” or “Mermaids Rule”.

Or if you want to be more creative, you can create a banner with a picture of your favorite mermaid and her friends. Check out our DIY party backdrop ideas for some easy backdrop ideas.

Banners and streamers are another fantastic way to fill up any open space at your party.

5. Mermaid Cupcakes

5. Mermaid Cupcakes

Everybody wants cupcakes at a party – so why not make your mermaid-themed?

Whether you have these made for you or you make them for yourself, there are so many fun recipes and ideas online when it comes to mermaid cupcakes.

You can find recipes that involve frosting, sprinkles, candy eyes, and other cute details. Even better, you can customize your cupcake by adding a starfish, octopus, or jellyfish to the top of each cupcake. It’s a fun idea for kids and adults alike.

6. Octopus Hot Dogs

Don’t worry, these hot dogs aren’t made from octopus! You can create little octopuses out of hot dog sausages by cutting the end off, then slice the cut end into small strips for the legs.

These little cuties are best made from cocktail sausages to prevent any waste, and look perfect on the food table of a mermaid party! They are not only super yummy to eat, but super cute too! 

7. Bubbles

No underwater mermaid party can be complete without bubbles! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get bubble machines.

You can easily make your own bubble machine using a spray bottle, a funnel, and some soap.

Just mix water and soap, and then pour through the funnel into the bottle. Fill the bottle about half full and shake well.

Now all you have to do is turn on the faucet and watch your bubbles come out!

If you don’t want real bubbles because they can leave a sticky mess, you can use clear plastic bowls as decorations to imitate the look of bubbles!

Another great alternative is to use bubble wrap!

8. Goldfish Bowls

For your mermaid food table, use goldfish bowls as your dishes. You can find inexpensive plastic ones, and use them to store food such as candy or cookies!

You can even use one to hold your punch! This makes for a very easy way to elevate your mermaid theme without having to elevate your costs too much! 

9. Starfish Fruit Bites

Make fruit snacks that look like starfish! Cut strawberries into bite-size pieces and dip them in chocolate chips.

Then place them onto wax paper and sprinkle with colored sugar. The result looks just like a starfish!

Kids will love eating these, and they’re a fun snack to serve at any kind of party. You can also do this with other types of fruit such as watermelon! 

10. Glitter Scales

Have you ever noticed that glitter and sequins look like scales? And what could be more perfect for a mermaid-themed party!

Use different sized sequins or glitter to imitate the look of fish scales or mermaid tale scales. This is a super cute and easy way to decorate the theme, that will make your party area really feel special. 

11. Seashells

11. Seashells

Seashells are another simple decoration that you can put up around your party. Simply take empty seashells and fill them with sand.

Add a few plastic sea creatures inside and voilà! A beautiful decoration that you can add to any party space, that will make you feel as though you are a mermaid swimming through the ocean, or relaxing on the beach. 

12. Mermaid Activity Table

mermaid party craft ideas
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To help kids learn about mermaids, set up an activity table where they can play games and activities related to the theme.

Some ideas include: playing with glow sticks, making bracelets, coloring pictures, writing stories, etc.

These are things that kids enjoy doing anyway, so it’s a win/win situation! Plus, if you plan, you can save yourself time and money when planning your mermaid party!

When setting up your mermaid crafts, make sure that there is enough room for everyone to work comfortably.

Also, keep in mind that kids may not always follow directions perfectly, so make sure that you provide plenty of materials and supplies. 

13. Shells And Pearls Jewelry Making

To go alongside your activity and craft table, you could also set up a jewelry-making area. Set up a small station where kids can create their jewelry.

They can use shells or pearls, beads, stringing material, glue, scissors, etc. to make their unique piece of jewelry.

This is a great opportunity to teach kids how to make something themselves, while still learning about the mermaid theme.

It’s also a good idea to have some extra supplies available for those who might need them. 

14. Sand Art

Another create activity idea for a Mermaid party is sand art. You could make sand pictures or colored sand art bottles. Alternatively, if the children are younger, then set up a few sand play activities.

15. Paddling Pools

If you want to give your mermaid party a real aquatic touch, then consider adding a pool to your decorations.

Many people rent private pools from companies that specialize in renting out pools for parties.

But, if you don’t want to spend the money on hiring a pool, you can purchase small plastic paddling pools – these are especially great for little ones who can’t swim!

16. Mermaid Tails

For a truly magical effect, try putting tails made out of felt on chairs or tables.

You can find patterns online to help you design your tail. Or, you can buy pre-made tails. Either way, you’ll get a cool decoration that you can place anywhere at your party.

You should also buy or make mermaid tails for all of your little mermaids to wear and play in!

17. Colorful Hair Pieces

An essential in becoming a mermaid is to have different colored hair!

You can buy colorful hair extension clips that your little mermaids can clip into their hair, to live out their ultimate mermaid fantasy! This is such a fun way to dress up your child’s hair and let their personality shine through.

18. Mermaid Cake

mermaid theme party

Of course, no party is complete without a cake so make sure your cake takes center stage on your dessert table. There are lots of ways you can create a Mermaid cake, this fun idea incorporates candy into the mix!

Final Thoughts

With these ideas, any mermaid party is sure to be a success! With so many unique and easy ways to add to your mermaid theme, you’re sure to have a blast planning this party.

Hopefully, this post has been helpful for any of you out there who are trying to plan the perfect magical mermaid party!

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