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16 Mermaid Party Ideas That Your Kid Will Love!

Who doesn’t love mermaids?! The magical underwater creatures are beautiful and super popular amongst kids! If you have a party coming up, why not make it a mermaid party? There are so many fun ideas that you can do to create the best mermaid party ever, that will be sure to become a treasured memory!

Kids will love, and adults will too, the fun doesn’t end when it comes to mermaids! We have come up with a list of 16 different ideas for your very own mermaid party.

From decorations to paddling pools, these ideas will help you to create a magical underwater landscape that is perfect for a host of little mermaids! So, let’s get into it, shall we? A mermaid party is magical, pretty and fun, so read on for our favorite Mermaid party ideas.

Best Mermaid Party Ideas Your Little One Will Love

mermaid themed party ideas

A mermaid party is one of the prettiest celebrations around. The shimmering color palete of under the sea colors will transform your party space into a magical mermaid wonderland.

Mermaid Party Decorations:

Seashell Wonderland: Transform your party space into an oceanic wonderland with seashells of all sizes and colors. Scatter them around the room, use them as table centerpieces, or even create a seashell chandelier for that extra touch of underwater magic.

Mermaid Tail Balloons: No mermaid party is complete without mermaid tail balloons! These shiny, iridescent decorations will make your little guests feel like they’re swimming with the mermaids themselves.

Fishing Net Drapes: Hang some fishing nets as curtains or wall decor and use them to display your treasures from the deep, like seaweed, starfish, and more seashells.

mermaid themed party

Glistening Streamers: Blue and turquoise streamers will mimic the look of ocean waves, creating a serene atmosphere for your young mermaids.

DIY Pearl Crafts: Have a craft station where the kids can make their own pearl necklaces, bracelets, or crowns. All you need are some craft pearls, string, and a little imagination.

Underwater Backdrop: Set the stage with a mesmerizing underwater backdrop featuring colorful corals, swimming fish, and, of course, graceful mermaids. This can be a large mural or even a digital projection for an immersive experience.

Mermaid Balloon Arch:

A balloon arch makes a great centerpiece for any party. You can have these made for you, or you can even order your kits online to make them yourself and save a few dollars. Or, if you are keen on DIY, you can make your own. Simply follow our DIY Balloon Arch guide here.

If you wanted to be extra creative, you could add small plastic fish or sea stars to the balloon arch.

Seaweed Streamers: Hang green streamers from the ceiling or along the walls to resemble swaying seaweed. Add some small ocean creature cutouts, like seahorses or jellyfish, to make it feel even more authentic.

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Giant Pearl Balloons: Oversized pearl-shaped balloons can be used as statement pieces around the party area. They add a touch of elegance and a pop of iridescent color.

Mermaid Scale Tablecloth: Opt for tablecloths and table runners featuring mermaid scale patterns. These shimmering fabrics will instantly transform your dining area into an enchanted undersea banquet.

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Underwater Lighting: Enhance the ambiance with blue or turquoise lighting to mimic the ocean’s depths. You can use LED string lights, colored light bulbs, or underwater-themed projector lights.

Mermaid Silhouette Cutouts: Place life-sized mermaid silhouette cutouts around the party space to make it seem like real mermaids are joining the celebration. These can be positioned near the entrance or as photo opportunities.

Mermaid Party Food:

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Seashell Cookies: Bake sugar cookies and decorate them as seashells with colorful icing for your dessert table. You can even add a little edible glitter for that extra sparkle.

5. Mermaid Cupcakes

Fish & Chips: Serve fish-shaped chicken nuggets with crispy potato fries. Don’t forget to include some tartar sauce for dipping.

Fruit Kabobs: Create mermaid-themed fruit kabobs using watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon cut into starfish and seashell shapes. Kids love these healthy treats!

mermaid party food ideas

Ocean Blue Punch: Mix blue raspberry lemonade with lemon-lime soda and scoop in some raspberry sherbet for a frothy, ocean-inspired drink.

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Mermaid Cake: The pièce de résistance! Order or bake a stunning mermaid cake adorned with edible seashells and a mermaid tail topper.

What to Do at a Mermaid Party:

mermaid party ideas

Mermaid Makeovers: Set up a mermaid makeover station with temporary mermaid tattoos, glittery makeup, and hair accessories like seashell clips and headbands.

Treasure Hunt: Organize a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt with clues that lead to hidden “treasures” around the party area, such as chocolate coins, jewelry, or small toys.

Mermaid Storytime: Gather the little mermaids and mermen for a captivating under-the-sea storytime. You can read classic tales like “The Little Mermaid” or opt for mermaid-themed picture books.

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Craft Corner: Let the kids express their creativity with mermaid-themed crafts like decorating seashell picture frames or making sand art.

Mermaid Games: Plan fun games like “Pin the Tail on the Mermaid,” a mermaid scavenger hunt, or a sea creature bingo.

Photo Booth: Create a mermaid-themed photo booth with props like mermaid tails, seashell crowns, and underwater backgrounds. The kids can take home their mer-mazing memories.

Bubbles: No underwater mermaid party can be complete without bubbles! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get bubble machines.

Mermaid Party Ideas Final Note

Remember, the key to a successful mermaid party is to let your imagination flow as freely as the ocean waves. Your little sea princess (or prince) is sure to have a splashing good time, and you’ll earn your title as the coolest parent under the sea. So, go ahead and make some fin-tastic memories at your next mermaid party extravaganza!

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