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how to create a tablescape

Tablescaping is our new fave word! When it comes to planning your event, does your table specifically ever cross your mind?   A table is often an important part of an event, especially if hosting a meal.  Whether it is a formal dinner party or a causal mingle, your table can play a big role in setting the tone of your event. 

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Tablescaping is an art by all means in its’s own way, but it is also more than that.  We sat down with tablescaping artist Angelina from houseonhershelyn to learn more about tablescaping, as well as how to create the perfect tablescape!

What Is Tablescaping?

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Firstly, what exactly is tablescaping?  It is more than just setting the table that is for sure.  It is about giving guests a true experience!  Tabelscapes are often themed and basically set the stage for the meal or event to come.  By using pretty tableware, napkins, decorative pieces and lighting, there is certainly an endless amount of ways to create a beautiful tablescape. And whether you are hosting a party or a small dinner, an amazing tablescape can be the centerpiece.

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Secondly, Angelina says it best. “The heart of hospitality is in entertaining and wanting your guests to feel welcome.  I want my guest to feel like they were expected and I was prepared for them. Tablescapes are one of my favorite ways of showing my guests hospitality.”

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By including a tablescape at your next event, you will definitely add another element to the overall experience of your guests.  What says “welcome” more than a specially designed table!

How To Create The Perfect Tablescape

To create the perfect tablescape Angelina says to “make personalized items that make your guests feel special.”  She then asks herself, “What would this person or group enjoy, what would make them happy?”

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It is important to make note about those who will be attending so you can give them a personal experience to remember.

fiesta themed tablescape

Additionally, in order to create the perfect tablescape, Angelina suggests you ask yourself the following questions before getting started:

  • What type of event this is for? Is it an intimate gathering or a large affair? 
  • Are you celebrating a promotion or an anniversary party, or is it an elegant five course meal with crystal glassware and antique flatware? 
  • Will you have budding fragrant florals, lush greenery, a romantic spread of glimmering candlelight or vintage linens?  
  • What will the budget be?  
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In addition, Angelina suggests that you “Start by collecting your inspiration. Gather things from around your home, or borrow from a friend. Find items that will add drama, height, color, and dimension.”  She also likes to personalize her tablescapes by adding their favorite chocolates, florals, colors, and their names on place cards. 

Top Tablescaping Tips

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Through Angelina’s years of experience, she has learned a lot when it comes to the art of tablescaping. Read on below for her top tips:

  • No scented candles, because you don’t want the scent competing with the food.
  • Stick with a theme.  It’s okay to mismatch patterns and colors as long as everything “speaks” to each other.
  • Use citrus as a neat surprise in place of florals.  They’re inexpensive but offer dimension and texture.
  • Shop at local antique or thrift stores for unique plates, glassware as well as candlesticks.
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Another tip from Angelina is to “Start by collecting your inspiration. Gather things from around your home, or borrow from a friend. Find items that will add drama, height, color and dimension.”

Once you have a theme, you will have a clearer direction on how you want the tablescape to go.

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Why We Love Tablescaping

We could not agree more when Angelina said “Tablescapes are a great way to show off to your guests, make them feel special, and definitely a creative way to express yourself”. Tablescaping is a wonderful means to set the tone for the meal and add a personal touch to everyone’s experience. To sum up, a tablescape can be as simple and elegant or as colorful and elaborate as you like.

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Here are some examples.  Tablescaping can transform the setting for a backyard picnic.  Use matching placemats and runners, as well as stunning flowers that match the plates and napkins.  If you were having a Peter Rabbit themed party, you could add carrots, greenery and blue eggs in addition to using Peter Rabbit dishware to help tie in the theme. 

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Lastly, tablescaping for a tea party would not only be classy but be gorgeous by matching florals to teacup designs with crisp linens.  You can definitely add tablescaping to any event!

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In conclusion, tablescaping can add to the atmosphere of your next event. We hope Angelina’s tips and advice inspire you to create a tablescape real soon. 

Check out more of her beautiful tablecapes at houseonhershelyn.

And for other party ideas, click here.  Until then, Happy Tablescaping!

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