What is a Bridal Shower?

what is a bridal shower

Getting married is one of life’s major milestones, and there are many things to celebrate as the day grows near. Wondering what is a bridal shower? It is to celebrate that bride, the single life that she is leaving behind, and her future as a married woman. While it is steeped in tradition, ideas are … Read more

Indoor Picnic Guide – How to create the best indoor picnic

the best indoor picnic ideas

An indoor picnic has become really popular over the last few weeks as many of us are spending much more time at home. Along with the Backyard Picnic, which is great for warmer days, an indoor picnic can be hosted at any time of year! Indoor Picnic tips and tricks If the weather is bad, … Read more

The Best Backyard Picnic Ideas

backyard picnic ideas

The backyard picnic has become increasingly popular over the last few weeks as many of us are spending much more time at home. Recently, I came across some gorgeous backyard picnic photos on Little Miss Party Planner’s social media. A backyard picnic is a really versatile event, go low key, or make it big! One … Read more

Boho Baby Shower Picnic – Pretty Boho themed Baby Shower

boho baby shower picnic

Boho Baby Shower by Carnival Creations This elegant but playful Boho Baby Shower Picnic by Carnival Creations is wonderful! The color scheme for this Boho Baby Shower Picnic is lovely dusty and muted tones but with so many different shades it looks very vibrant and tasteful.  This theme is so beautiful and sophisticated with the … Read more

How to make a balloon arch (easy DIY balloon garland) – Darling Celebrations

If you are looking for a pretty way to add impact to your party, then consider a balloon arch or a balloon garland! After all, balloon arches are so pretty, eye-catching, and make a great party centerpiece! Plus they add height to a design scheme and color to your party set-up. Balloon arches are popular … Read more

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas: 10 original Bridal Shower cakes

bridal shower cakes ideas

Bridal Shower celebrations have increased in popularity in recent years and vary from rustic to lavish in their style. Whatever your theme, Bridal shower cakes are all about honoring the occasion in a delicious and beautiful way. From a classic tiered cake to more contemporary shaped creations, there are so many irresistible cake ideas. Read … Read more