how to plan a boho bridal shower

How to plan a Boho Bridal Shower: Boho Bridal Shower Ideas

We’ve been asked again and again how to plan a Boho Bridal Shower! Planning a Boho Bridal Shower doesn’t have to be complicated, infact they can be very relaxed.  Boho Bridal Showers are new trend that we’re loving so say goodbye to traditional, stuffy bridal showers in your great-aunt’s living room! Think open air, wind in your hair!

Put a fresh, modern twist on your (or your bestie’s) Bridal Shower with vibrant colors and floral patterns for a fun, feminine vibe.

Read on to learn how to Plan A Boho Bridal Shower.

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Location is key

Although you can plan a Boho Bridal Shower indoors, the theme really comes to life in nature. If you’re able to, take a day trip to a local woodsy park or maybe an overnight stay at a campground outside of the city. Just be sure to look into permits beforehand, if necessary. If this isn’t doable, connect with Mother Nature by transforming your backyard (or a kind friends) into your own magical boho outdoor oasis.

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Dress Code

Whether it’s the Maid of Honor or the bride (or a bestie!) organizing the event, it’s a good idea to give guests a loose dress code. For example, you may want to recommend that guests channel bohemian fairy vibes in flowy fabrics and floral prints. Think summery dresses, floral patterns, lace and pretty colors.

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Set the Scene

A Boho Bridal Shower should feel eclectic and cozy. To create this feel, pile on the pillows, blankets, and tapestries, which will also add a touch of personality. Whether or not you have furniture, you can use throws, cushions and blankets to create comfortable spots on the ground or to decorate chairs and couches. Be sure to scope out the location before the shower so you know what you’ll need and what the space will allow for. Old curtains can make a great throw, check out your Mom’s cupboards or local charity stores!


Once your textiles are in place, add some special elements to make the bride’s shower truly magical. Fairy lights strung between trees or in a jar as a centrepiece at atmosphere, while flowers add beauty, color and interest.

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Greenery placed on tables and on the ground in jars can add a touch of nature. Don’t hesitate to mix colors, textures, and patterns for your table décor to give your space an “effortless” look.

Food and Drink

Think relaxed, picnic style finger foods that can be picked at and eaten straight from the plate. Grazing platters are increasingly popular for this style of party… think cheeses, meats, nuts, olives, fruit etc. A cake is often a must for a Bridal Shower and a boho themed cake can be super easy to achieve. Check out our Bridal Shower cake ideas here. 

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Flower Crowns

What’s a bridal shower without a fun activity and what better activity than one that doubles as a boho accessory! A DIY flower crown is super easy for guests to make and only requires a few materials. Grab the floral tape, scissors, craft wire, wire or pliable twine, and flowers and greenery. Providing guests with a variety of flowers allows them to personalize the look of the crown. Different flowers can create a different feel. Large statement flowers are bold and attention-grabbing, while small flowers make for a more soft, delicate look. Even guests who missed the dress code memo will be living their boho fantasy in their handmade flower crowns!

For boho flower crown inspiration and to learn the steps to put together your own flower crowns, check out our easy to follow guide here.

flower crown

As long as you follow a relaxed, floral and floaty vibe, you will nail the theme. Once the soft music is playing, the bubbles are flowing and the wind is in your hair, you will be having the best party of your life!

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Be sure to checkout our Party Planning Checklist which will help you plan your party the easy way!

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