Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens and Kids

Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens and Kids

Alongside Truth or Dare and making your own dance to your favorite song, Never Have I Ever is a popular slumber party game. Great for any type of gathering, you are sure to learn something new about even your closest friends. The rules are simple, the laughter is guaranteed, and the questions are up to you. With no props, game boards, or other supplies you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. 

How to Play Never Have I Ever

If you have never played before, the rules for Never Have I Ever are easy to learn and you’re sure to catch on quickly. You can preselect questions and create a list, or you can download a list that is ready to go and allow people to read questions off of the list or ask their own. Each person holds up both hands showing all 10 fingers and puts one down for each question they have done. 

 There are many different versions of this game, and it is easily adaptable for children, teens, and adults. Some will use it as a drinking game where you take a drink for each thing you have done or will use pins to place on their clothing for each question they have completed, or any other method of tracking.   Each sentence or round will start with “Never have I ever” and following will be something that person has done that they think other people have not done. 

When to Play Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a great way to spice up any downtime in a gathering, ideal for learning more about your friends during a sleepover or slumber party, a fun way to bond with new friends at college, or sharing stories on a family game night.

It is best for people who have known each other for a while, and that feel comfortable being honest with each other even when it might be embarrassing or bring with it some laughter. This game can easily be played by groups of people, but is also enjoyable for just two people to play, making it flexible for almost any size of gathering. 

Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

When playing Never Have I Ever with kids, it is certainly important to ask questions that are suitable for them. Great kids’ questions may be about trying new foods, playing new games, going to movies or sporting events, and things related to school or extracurriculars. Here are some fun ideas for questions for kids, and each will begin with 

“Never Have I Ever…”

  • Gone to a concert.
  • Tried sushi.
  • Gone camping.
  • Been to a sleepover.
  • Planted a garden.
  • Been bowling.
  • Made pizza.
  • Stayed at a friends house for the weekend.
  • Left the country.
  • Missed school for something fun.
  • Forgotten my homework.
  • Made supper for my family.
  • Broken a bone.
  • Sprained my ankle.
  • Read a whole chapter book by myself.
  • Written a story.
  • Made pictures for a story.
  • Climbed a tree.
  • Thrown a spitball at school.
  • Slept in a tent.
  • Slept in an indoor blanket fort.
  • Worn my pajamas all day.
  • Had breakfast for dinner.
  • Been to a wedding.
  • Been to a funeral.
  • Seen a shooting star.
  • Laughed at my own joke.
  • Pranked my mom.
  • Said a bad word in front of my parents. 
  • Made a secret language.
  • Draw with my toes. 
  • Pick up something I dropped with my feet.
  • Made kissy faces.
  • Talked in my sleep.
  • Used a pretend accent.
  • Been to the fair.
  • Ridden a roller coaster.
  • Pretend to be asleep to not get in trouble. 
  • Stayed up past my bedtime for a movie.
  • Pretended to be sick at school so I can go home. 
  • Gone to the wrong classroom.
  • Tried to miss the gym.
  • Passed notes in class.
  • Got caught talking in class.
  • Thrown something in the classroom.
  • Lost a library book.
  • Gotten detention.
  • Fallen asleep at school.
  • Peed in the shower.
  • Taken my family’s clothes without asking.
  • Broken something and put it back.
  • Had a pet.
  • Made myself fart to get people to laugh.
  • Eaten food off the floor.
  • Forgotten to wash my hands in the bathroom.
  • Stayed in the bath until it was cold.
  • Chewed on someone else’s pencil.
  • Screamed because I saw a bug.

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Never Have I Ever Questions for Teenagers

Questions for Teenagers

When teens play Never Have I Ever they can use a larger variety of questions and have many more life experiences to share. They may have funny ones, silly ones, school ones, hard ones, and even dating ones.

There are also more ways to play, as they can draw something for each one they did, or they can write it on a sticker and put it on their shirt, eat candy, or other methods of tracking. When playing with teens and young adults they are more likely to make up their own and try to pick things to make their friends go out faster or lose the game. 

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

Questions for Teens

Never have I ever…

  • Farted in front of my girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Peed in a pool.
  • Peed in the shower.
  • Screamed while watching a scary movie.
  • Laughed so hard my drink came out my nose.
  • Lied while playing Never Have I Ever.
  • Googled myself.
  • Googled my crush.
  • Run out of gas.
  • Crashed a party.
  • Made a fake social media account.
  • Pretended to be on the phone to avoid someone.
  • Pretended to be asleep to avoid a conversation.
  • Told a secret in my sleep.
  • Shaved my head.
  • Met a celebrity.
  • Had whipped cream right from the can.
  • Sand karaoke.
  • Stayed up all night.
  • Beaten a video game. 
  • Dyed my hair.
  • Read a book in just one day.
  • Regifted something. 
  • Sleepwalked.
  • Spread a rumor I knew wasn’t true. 
  • Called the wrong person.
  • Not cleaning my teeth for 24 hours.

Dating Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

Never have I ever…

  • Kissed in public.
  • Lied to my crush.
  • Left a date early.
  • Lied about why I was leaving a date.
  • Gone on a date and promised to call but never did.
  • Been on a double date.
  • Made my date laugh so hard that they spit out their drink.
  • Forgotten a date.
  • Bought a new outfit for an event.
  • Lied about liking something my crush likes. 
  • Stayed up all night talking on the phone.
  • Lied to my parent about where I was so I could see my girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Had my best friend lie for me so I could go on a date.
  • Fallen asleep while watching a movie with someone I like. 
  • Left a meet-up with my friends for a boy/girl.
  • Watched a movie I hate because they love it. 
  • Eaten food I hate because they like it. 
  • Been caught kissing my parents.
  • Cheated on someone.
  • Written a love letter.
  • Written a poem for my crush.
  • Asked someone out. 
  • Gone out with someone I didn’t like because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. 
  • Made friends with someone to get closer to their sibling. 
  • Made friends with someone to get closer to their friend. 
  • Been on a blind date.
  • Been set up by a friend. 
  • Been set up by my parents.
  • Used a pickup line.
  • Dated someone because of how they look.
  • Broken up with someone.
  • Had a crush on someone in this room.
  • Had my heart broken.
  • Received a love letter.
  • Forgotten what I was saying to someone I find attractive.
  • Tripped on my own feet because I was distracted by my crush.
  • Bought a valentines day present.
  • Got flowers for someone I like. 
  • Gotten flowers from someone I like. 
  • Had a secret admirer.
  • Snuck out to go on a date.
  • Introduced someone to my parents. 

School Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

While at school, never have I ever…

  • Skipped class.
  • Pretended I’m sick to avoid gym.
  • Done my homework in the class before it’s due.
  • Lied about why my homework isn’t done. 
  • Pretended to be sick to avoid a test. 
  • Failed a test.
  • Failed a grade.
  • Cheated on a test. 
  • Copied someone’s homework.
  • Lost a library book or textbook.
  • Cried at school.
  • Had a paper ball fight when the teacher left the room. 
  • Asked to go to the bathroom and not go back.
  • Snuck food into class.
  • Been suspended.
  • Been sent to the principal for a prank. 
  • Forgotten a big assignment.
  • Bailed on a group project.
  • Written notes and texts in class.
  • Slept in and was late for school.
  • Left school early to hang out with friends. 
  • Forgotten to study for a test. 
  • Tutored a friend when they needed help.
  • Done a whole group project myself.
  • Taken someone else’s textbook when I lost mine. 
  • Skipped school for a concert.
  • Had a friend call me in sick.
  • Lied to my parents about being in class when I skipped.
  • Hidden my grades from my parents. 
  • Signed my own permission form or report card.
  • Damaged school property and not told anyone. 
  • Hidden exams I didn’t want to take.
  • Pulled a fire alarm.

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Juicy Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

Juicy Questions for Teens

Never have I ever…

  • Ridden a motorbike.
  • Stolen someone’s streaming password.
  • Lied to my best friend.
  • Insulted my friend’s date.
  • Lied to break up a couple.
  • Stolen from a friend.
  • Snuck into a bar or club.
  • Used a fake ID.
  • Tried alcohol.
  • Lied in Truth or Dare.
  • Accessed blocked websites on school computers.
  • Let my friends fight when I knew I could fix the miscommunication.
  • Listened to a friend say bad things about another friend when they were fighting. 
  • Snuck out at night after curfew to go somewhere I was told not to.
  • Snuck into the house when I was late and told my parents I was there the whole time. 
  • Had a crush on my friends sibling. 
  • Had a crush on my siblings friend.
  • Broken a law.
  • Eaten leftovers and lied about where they went. 
  • Taken money from my parents without asking. 
  • Returned the car with no gas. 
  • Left a movie early because it was so bad. 
  • Seen a movie in theatres twice because it was so good. 
  • Dressed up for a book release or movie launch.
  • Pretended to be sick on family vacation so I could miss activities.
  • Accidently hurt my sibling. 
  • Let the dog out and had to chase it.
  • Laughed so hard I peed my pants.
  • Worn someone else’s underwear.
  • Played spin the bottle.

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

Best Questions for Teens

Never have I ever… 

  • Traveled alone.
  • Failed the driver’s test. 
  • Crashed my bicycle.
  • Crashed a car.
  • Seen a ghost.
  • Toilet papered a house. 
  • Played Halloween pranks on my neighbors.
  • Told a secret. 
  • Broken a promise to a friend.
  • Lied about doing my chores. 
  • Gotten a speeding ticket. 
  • Dine and dashed.
  • Had a crush on a teacher.
  • Been in a fight.
  • Kissed a friend’s ex.
  • Smoked.
  • Used a dating app.
  • Been cheated on. 
  • Played strip poker.
  • Given out a fake phone number.
  • Given out my phone number to someone I just met.
  • Shoplifted.
  • Gotten a hickey.
  • Had a job.
  • Gotten fired from a job.
  • Intentionally start a fight between other people. 
  • Stayed up all night playing video games.
  • Gotten a piercing.
  • Had a tattoo.
  • Had a crush and told no one. 
  • Had an online relationship.
  • Flirted with someone online. 
  • Lied about who I was online.
  • Dated more than one person at a time. 
  • Been caught lying. 
  • Eaten the whole container of ice cream. 
  • Worn dirty laundry because I forgot to wash it. 
  • Gotten sick from a theme park ride. 
  • Flipped a canoe.
  • Told someone I love them.
  • Lost my favorite stuffed animal.
  • Lost my wallet. 
  • Given someone a pet name. 
  • Lost my pet. 
  • Had a nickname I hate. 
  • Skipped showering for several days. 
  • Dyed my hair at home. 
  • Cut my own hair. 
  • Been to an expensive restaurant. 
  • Gone skydiving.
  • Had a surprise party.
  • Missed a flight.
  • Been skinny dipping.
  • Taken a dare.
  • Been paid to take a dare.
  • Forgotten someone’s name. 
  • Been on a plane.
  • Gotten up for the sunrise.
  • Ghosted someone.
  • Ridden a horse.
  • Been on a tractor.
  • Gotten detention to avoid going outside.
  • Had long hair.
  • Been to a haunted house.
  • Blamed someone else for something I did.
  • Jumped off a diving board.
  • Dropped my phone in the toilet.
  • Cried in a movie.
  • Watched a whole tv series in one day.
  • Had braces.
  • Done a TikTok dance.
  • Done a TikTok challenge.
  • Run a 5k.
  • Jumped in a pool with my clothes on.
  • Snuck into someone’s yard to use their pool.
  • Lied about my age. 
  • Given a big speech to a lot of people.
  • Been on tv.
  • Been in the paper.
  • Eaten escargot.
  • Watched Star Wars.
  • Read Lord of the Rings.
  • Been snowboarding.
  • Stung by a bee.
  • Kissed on the first date.
  • Covered for a friend.
  • Watched a kids movie just for fun.
  • Had a crush on a fictional character.
  • Lost a bet.
  • Lied to the police.
  • Had a hangover.
  • Got on the wrong bus.
  • Gone on a road trip.
  • Looked through someone else’s things.
  • Eaten a whole pizza.
  • Try to be on reality tv.
  • Started a campfire.
  • Been to Disney.
  • Made up a story to impress people. 
  • Accidently used someone else’s toothbrush.
  • Cried in the school bathroom.
  • Forgotten a friend’s birthday.
  • Had a crush on a friend’s sibling.

Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens Final Note

When deciding which questions to ask during a game of Never Have I Ever it is very important to consider who you will be playing with and what the situation is. You would not ask the same things in a work function meeting new co-workers as you would on a family vacation or when spending time with friends. Kids will use innocent and simple ones that are easy for everyone and help them learn about each other.

Teens and adults can ask more risky questions, ask things that involve adult drinks, and even relationship questions. When playing with family be sure to only use questions that will be funny but not too embarrassing when you get together at Christmas next year. You can use questions you find online or make them up as you go, and each person gets to both ask and answer questions throughout the game.

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