21st Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

21st Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

21st birthdays are milestone birthdays in many countries and locations. To get the most out of the occasion it is often celebrated with a large party, themed with something that the guest of honor will enjoy, and with activities that are of interest to all the guests. There are many great 21st birthday party ideas for guys that are sure to please. 

Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Guys

Bar Crawl:

A bar crawl, where you meet your friends at one bar and then have a drink there and a further drink at the next bar, usually for 4 or 5 bars in one evening, is a common way to celebrate. You get to see many locations and you might find your favorite. 

Tour a Brewery:

gather your best friends and see how your favorite brew is made. These often include tastings so rent a party bus or arrange for designated drivers. 

Road Trip:

traditionally a right of passage, the road trip can take you anywhere you want to go. Pack up a car or two, grab a map, and hit the road, or plan out all your stops along the way. Popular destinations include beach towns and concert destinations.

Whiskey Tasting:

a classic night out tasting the best that your city has to offer with a whiskey tasting is sure to be a 21st birthday party that everyone will remember. 

Go to a Game:

if your favorite team is playing this is a great time to go watch a game! Pick your sport, grab some tickets, pick your team, and decide if you want to wait for them to come to you or if you want to travel to their city for a game and a weekend away for your big celebration.

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Steak Dinner:

splurge on a fancy meal at a high-end restaurant. Getting dressed up and catching up with old friends, spending time with new ones, and comparing your plans for the future is a great way to usher in another year. 


launch your adulthood with this exciting and memorable activity with your best friends. This may require classes first, so check into your local schools and dive locations to plan ahead.

Go Camping:

Camping birthday party

gather all your closest friends and find a quiet space to camp, have a fire to cook supper, and enjoy the time with those who mean the most to you.

Scavenger Hunt:

you can create a scavenger hunt that covers large areas of your city, and be the judge of who wins, or have someone else design it for you and spend the time driving, walking, or biking around looking for all the clues.

Amusement Park:

you are never too old for the joys found at the amusement park. Enjoy the junk food at the park for your meals or snacks, set aside time for lunch or supper afterward where you can share stories about your day, and line up for all the best rides. 

Axe Throwing:

as this grows in popularity there is an axe-throwing venue in almost every city and the friendly competition is sure to keep it fun.


this is a fun way to get outside and run around, then follow up with lunch or dinner on the way home. 

Go Karts:

a day at the go-kart races is a great way to celebrate any birthday, and adults enjoy driving them as much as teens and children, so take a spin around the track with your best friends. 


see a band that you love, splurge on a weekend away to see a concert that isn’t coming to your city, and enjoy the evening with the people who mean the most to you. Every concert brings with it new memories and stories to share.

Go for Cocktails:

Grab your buddies and go out for a cocktail night to remember.

Go out for a Casino Night:

If your budget allows, take a few friends to your local Casino and take the birthday celebrations to the poker and blackjack tables.

Throw a Pool Party:

If your 21st birthday is in the summertime then consider a pool party. Get the holiday vibes going with a summer playlist and cocktails.

Go on a Booze Cruise:

If you live near water then why not have your 21st Birthday Celebration on a boat? Go on an organized booze cruise to have everything done for you and you can celebrate your 21st in style.

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Go to Las Vegas:

Celebrate with a classic boys’ weekend away in Vegas.

Go on a day cruise:

Celebrate your special day on a day cruise with your friends and enjoy drinks and birthday cake on a boat.

Throw a costume party:

A 21st birthday is a big milestone so why not celebrate with a big party? Check out our ultimate list of party themes here.

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21st Birthday Party Themes for Guys

21st Birthday Party Themes for Guys

Anything But a Cup Party:

When planning this party remind each guest to bring something they can drink out of that isn’t a cup. 

Gaming Theme:

if you’re celebrating the birthday of someone who enjoys video games this is a great theme with decorations of game controllers, games to play, and snack foods that are easy to eat while they mingle. Set up a gaming station where people can challenge each other to rounds of a game or host a competition.

A Classy and Trashy Party:

Some guests will dress classy and others trashy, creating a contrast of clothing and aesthetics that are interesting and will keep people talking all night. Have food and decorations that are classy and others that are trashy to carry the theme through. 

80s Theme:

Dress in your best 80s outfit, topped with the top snacks from the decade, and music that topped the charts during the 1980s, and you’re sure to have a laugh at the hairstyles being revived.

90s Theme:

If the 90s are more your thing adjust easily and plan with music from the 90s, neon decorations, and Dunkaroos for a flash of the 90s for any 21st birthday party idea.

2000s Theme:

Y2K was not a dull year and it started off a decade that will be remembered forever. Add your favorite touches, gather games that were popular, or play your favorite 2000s movie. 

Dress as Your Favorite Drink:

Everyone gets to choose their favorite alcoholic drink or their favorite brand of alcohol, and dresses for that theme. You can have assorted bottles as part of the décor, either full or empty, and guests can give a bottle of their favorite as a gift. 

“The Office”:

This show became an instant hit and has remained popular for many years, and they had many parties throughout that you can pull ideas from. Plan your party to be just like their parties and enjoy the reactions from everyone. 

Glow Party:

With the added help of a black light all of the neon paints decorations, and clothing will glow throughout the night.

Each person can dress in their glowing best and will love the opportunity to take pictures at a photo booth, leave messages at a painting station, or have their face painted for the day. Glow sticks and other items can also be added and everyone is sure to love the experience. 

Food Festival:

Bring in a few food trucks and some takeout from your favorite local spots to set up an inclusive and tasty party. People can sample many foods and dress as they would for any food festival. This is sure to be talked about for months to come. 

21 Years of You:

Bring out your favorite game, song, show, movie, and food from every year of your life. This will set up several spaces for people to enjoy, and they can bring pictures of you together and leave notes about their favorite memories for you to look back on for years to come. 


This is a fun and simple theme where you choose items that say or are a 21 to decorate, have 21 items around the space that are to be found, play 21 questions, or even have 21 kinds of candy. You can add the number to each aspect of the party and the theme will be inclusive and fun for everyone. 

You’re Not Too Old for That:

Gather your favorite activities from your childhood and teen years and encourage friends or family to bring their favorites too.

Spend an entire day doing all the things that you are NOT too old for like board games, video games, old movies that used to be scary, ride skateboards or rollerblades, and listen to all the music that you loved over the years.

Add your favorite candies and snacks to a candy table and add the best drinks you used to love regardless of their alcohol content. 

Childhood Favorite Show:

Everyone had a favorite show, character, or game when they were growing up and this is a great time to bring that back. This theme is fun and brings out the child in everyone. If you loved dinosaurs have a dinosaur-themed birthday party with a cake, dino decorations, and even goodie bags. This works for anything that you loved, including the Transformers, any video game, and any sport that you loved. 

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21st Birthday Party Decorations for Guys

Cheers and Beers offers a balloon arrangement in black and gold that proclaims the point of the party, cheers to 21 years, and can set the tone for the entire space.

21st Birthday Party Decorations for Guys

Continue the black and gold theme with this set of plates and napkins that will tie in well, or create a whole new theme with them.  

Grab this “Legend Since ….” cake topper to add a little extra to any cake that you pick. 

Legend Since 2002 Cake

This 42 piece set of birthday decorations includes a blue banner, cake toppers, ad streamers, and everything that you need to make the space fun. Included are props for a photo booth and centerpieces, all around the theme of being 21. 

hot glass and whiskey glass for birthday party

Welcome the guest of honor to their 21st year with this set of a shot glass and whiskey glass “limited edition” and set them up as part of a bar where everyone can make their own drinks. When added to glass decanters, a bucket of ice, and even a bartender this elegant bar will welcome them to adulthood. 

Use this “21 Years Ago” poster to remind everyone of all the most popular things from the year that your guest of honor was born. It’s sure to bring up some memories for everyone and spark new conversations. 

Whiskey themed birthday party

If you are having a Whiskey themed birthday party this set of decorations might be just what you need! It includes a banner, balloons, table decorations, and photo props, all themed around whiskey. 

These “Cheers and 21 Years” beer cozies will help set the tone and keep the drinks colder for longer. 

Continue the theme outside, or welcome everyone with this large “Happy Birthday” banner.

Add a little decoration and an activity with this Whiskey Bottle Pinata. Fill it with alcohol-filled chocolates for a great adult pinata experience. 

Use these black, silver, and confetti balloons to fill in spaces and to add focus to any space in the room, or to lead people to the room where the party is being hosted. 

Best 21st Birthday Ideas for Boys Final Note              

The ideas for 21st birthday party ideas for guys are as nearly endless as the number of these birthdays that are celebrated each year. From planning an outing, going on a weekend or weeklong trip, seeing a favorite band, or enjoying old childhood favorites, there is nothing that isn’t going to work.

Make sure that snacks and drinks are available, or enjoy a sit-down meal with your loved ones, but include choices for those who drink alcoholic drinks and those who do not.

Add a photo booth or backdrop for a great location to take pictures and share them on social media to help everyone remember these moments. The 21st birthday is traditionally a big milestone birthday and one of the most likely to be celebrated in a large way.

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