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It is probably safe to say that most people know of the author Dr. Seuss. From The Cat in the Hat, to How the Grinch Stole Christmas to Green Eggs and Ham to The Places You Go and The Lorax, he has written many classic children’s books. He has created amazing worlds and in addition, made reading fun with his rhymes too.  A Dr. Seuss theme is an excellent idea for any party! 

If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss and his wonderful characters, then keep reading for heaps of bright, colorful and fun Dr Seuss birthday party ideas!

Dr. Seuss Party Invites

dr seuss party invites

Get your guests into the Dr. Seuss spirit by sending out these adorable party invitations. Not only do they fit with your theme, but they will provide all the details for your guests to know.  Super cute and come with envelopes!     

Dr. Seuss Party Cut Outs

dr seuss party cut outs

These Dr. Seuss party cut outs are the perfect addition to your party!  There are 21 pieces in all so plenty of ways to use them.  Place them around your create a fun backdrop where guests can pose with the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.  It will feel like Dr. Seuss’s books have come to life!    

Dr. Seuss Balloon Arch

Dr suess party ideas

Is it even a party without balloons?!  This balloon arch kit comes with 139 balloons and all the tools you need to make an amazing balloon arch for your party. With blue, red, and white balloon colors, this arch will therefore match your theme to a tee.  Decorate your food table or use it to add some excitement to your entranceway.  No matter what, it will be a showstopper!   

Dr. Seuss Party Food Toppers

Dr Seuss party ideas table

Another one of our Dr. Seuss party ideas includes these super fun food toppers! These will surely spruce up your buffet table and help bring your theme to life.  The table tents, as well as the coordinating food labels, will really add to your guest’s food experience.     

dr seuss food toppers kit

Dr. Seuss Party Tableware

Dr Seuss party tablewear

This Dr. Seuss tableware party pack will make a great addition to your party.  This party pack includes 32 dinner plates, 32 dessert plates, 32 paper cups, and also 60 napkins. Each item has a unique Dr. Seuss design.  Whether you serve Green Eggs and Ham or not, this tableware will get the job done!

Dr. Seuss Themed Food

Decorations are important but don’t forget about the food!  Here are some delicious Dr. Seuss-themed-inspired food ideas. 

The strawberry marshmallow kebabs are both delicious and theme-appropriate.  Everyone will enjoy these fairy floss cupcakes that mimic Thing 1 and Thing 2’s colorful hair! Lastly, this Dr. Seuss-themed cake is simply an amazing addition to any party!   

Serve popcorn with Hop on Pop Corn labels, use cotton candy for mini Truffula tree tufts and add sprinkles to cakes for a fun, colorful Seuss vibe!

 Dr. Seuss Tissue Paper Flowers

dr seuss decorations tissue paper fans

These tissue paper flowers will add mega ambiance to your event!  People will think they jumped right into a world from Dr. Seuss.  Inspired by Thing 1 and Thing 2, these colors will fit nicely in with your theme and in addition, will look awesome at any party or shower event! 

Dr Seuss Back Drop

Dr seuss backdrop

Say “Cheese” with this amazing Dr. Seuss photo backdrop!  It will look like all your favorite characters are right there with you in fact!  Gather your pals and pose for a snapshot you can look back on for years to come.  You can also include your own props like the Cat’s hat!

Dr Seuss Party Hats

dr seuss party hats

Generally speaking, who doesn’t like a party hat?? These stovepipe-shaped hats would be super fun for you and your guests to wear. In fact, they are very Seuss-like.  Think of how cool a group photo would look!

Dr. Seuss Costumes

Looking for a way to add an extra element to your Dr. Seuss party?  If so, how about taking your party to the next level by having your little Whos wear one of these amazing costumes.  Bring Thing 1 and Thing 2 to life and have a blast! Or go for the Fox in Socks, or Red Fish Blue Fish.

Dr. Seuss Piñata

Dr Seuss party ideas pinata

Need an activity to do at your party?  Then consider this Seuss-tastic pinata!  Firstly, fill it with your favorite treats. Secondly, hang it up in a space with lots of room.  Thirdly, have guests take turns trying to smash it open.  Add a blindfold for an extra challenge. In short, once broken everyone will get some treats and it will surely be fun!

Dr. Seuss Party Favor Bags

dr seuss ideas for favor bags

At the end of the day, send your guests off and away…with these awesome goodie bags!  These bags are not only a good size for a variety of favors and are made of high-quality craft paper, but they also feature Cat in the Hat himself!  Your guests will be excited to take these home with them after attending your Dr. Seuss party.  

Dr Seuss Party Ideas Conclusion

To sum up, Dr. Seuss is a fantastic party theme for both kids and baby showers!  Any of the above Dr. Seuss party ideas will help make your event fun, bright as well as whimsical.  His stories have been loved for generations and therefore will continue to be, so this theme will always be current.  Furthermore, for more party ideas, see our party pages here. Until then, party planning is so much fun, we hope these ideas help get it done!    

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