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The Best Kids Party Places For Your Child’s Birthday

Where are the best places for kids parties?

If you are looking for ideas for kids party venues then read on for some of the best kids party places for your little one’s birthday.

Often, hosting a child’s party at your home isn’t an option. Perhaps your place is too small, parking is tricky, or you simply don’t want the hassle of it. There are plenty of great kids party places out there, ranging from “done for you” events to more laid back affairs.

We have put together some of the most fun kids party places so that you can see all your options.

Budget Ideas for Kids Party Places

kids party places

First off let’s look at some budget friendly options. Afterall, hosting a party is expensive enough and sometimes you just don’t want the added expense of venue hire. But don’t stress as there are heaps of cheap and free options for kids birthday venues. Here is a list of our favorites:

  • A local park. If you are lucky enough to have a great park nearby, why not set up a picnic tea with a few balloons and the kids can enjoy the space for a few fun games. A party in the park is a great option!
  • Your local playground. This works well as a party venue for younger kids. Parents can watch the children play in the playground and bring your own table for some party food and drinks.
  • Woodland. If you live near woodland, this can be a great kids’ party venue for an outdoorsy-themed party. Find a little clearing to set up some blankets and picnic rugs and have the children do some fun camping-style activities. Set up teams and have a fort making competition. Or host a Birthday Hiking Party for heaps of outdoor fun.
  • The beach. If you live in a coastal area, the beach can be a great spot for a kid’s party place. Of course, you will need the weather on your side but during the summer months, this can be a winner! Check out these fun sand play ideas for party activities on the beach.
  • Your own backyard. If you have space and are keen to keep the mess out of your house, your own backyard is the perfect birthday venue. And if you have a trampoline, then you could incorporate some fun trampoline games.
  • A community center. Often community center halls are big, have good kitchen and toilet facilities, and are reasonably priced.
  • Local sports field or courts. Throw a soccer or basketball themed party at your local sports field.
  • Your local library. Libraries often have function rooms that they hire out for a reasonable fee.

Indoor Kids Party Venues

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If you are hosting your party in the colder months you may want to look for an indoor venue to be sure the weather won’t spoil your plans. Here are some of our best ideas for indoor ideas for a kids party.

  • Swimming center
  • Sports center
  • Trampoline center
  • Art studio
  • Craft studio
  • Gymnastics center
  • Skating rink
  • Circus studio
  • Cinema
  • Restaurant
  • Tea Room
  • Indoor soccer
  • Indoor basketball
  • Dance studio
  • Indoor inflatable park
  • Indoor play center
  • Pizza party at an Italian restaurant
  • Concert or musical
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Science center
  • Bowling
  • Ice cream parlor

Outdoor Kids Party Venues

outdoor kids party venues

If weather is not an issue and you are keen to get those kids outdoors, here are some fun ideas for outdoor kids party venues

  • Farm
  • Theme parks
  • Waterpark
  • Amusement park
  • Skateboarding park
  • Go-Kart track
  • Zoo
  • Wildlife centre
  • Horse riding
  • Outdoor pool party
  • Mini golf
  • Paintball
  • Garden party
  • Campground

Final note

There are so many great options to choose when looking for kids party places. Depending on your budget,  your child’s interest and time of year, the options are huge! Remember, children often get just as much out of a smaller, low key event and you will likely enjoy it more too!

Whichever kids party venue you decide upon, we wish you a great party!

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