Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

Baby Shower Gifts for Guests – 56 Baby Shower Favours Guests Love

Baby Shower Gifts for Guests are a significant part of the celebration. Baby showers are a great way for loved ones to share the joy of a new baby and help to lighten the financial strain by bringing gifts, useful items, and even diapers or other necessities. They are common for a firstborn and often smaller versions such as sprinkles or a diaper party are growing in popularity.

Baby Shower games are often a big part of a Baby Shower. And with games come prizes! So if you are looking for cute ideas of what to give your Baby Shower guests as a prize or as a Baby Shower favor to thank them for coming, read on for our favorite Baby Shower gifts for guests ideas.

1. Baby Feet Soap Favours

Baby Shower favor ideas for guests

These small bars of soap have the imprint of baby footprints on them and are packaged individually with thank-you tags.

2. Jelly Belly Baby Shower Packages

Available in prepacked 1oz pouches, these Jelly Belly bags are labeled for gender reveal or baby showers, and with flavors like Berry Blue, they are sure to please all those in attendance.

3. Terracotta Mini Grow

Encourage guests to grow their own sunflowers as the baby grows, with these Terracotta pots that come with seeds for your choice of plants. Adding a fun way to celebrate the joy of a new baby as well as the friendships that brought everyone to the shower, thank each guest with a plant of their own.

4. Wildflower Seed Packs

Outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, and those who are interested in doing their best for the environment will be especially pleased with these packages of wildflowers labeled for a baby shower. They can watch the flowers grow as the baby grows, and they are available in several different colors.

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5. “Soon to Pop” Popcorn Boxes

Use these boxes to serve popcorn or other treats to guests at the party or wrap them in a cellophane to take home for later. There are various colors and patterns available to fit any theme you choose.

6. Coffee Pouches

One of the best baby Shower Gifts for Guests. Share the best coffee puns with these “A Baby Is Brewing” coffee pouches. Add your favorite coffee beans, ground coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate to the bags and everyone can enjoy your favorite treat.

7. Glitter Bath Bombs

Puns are a great way to share a laugh, and these “From My Shower to Yours” bath bombs present prewrapped and ready to hand out.

8. Glass Milk Bottles

 Glass items are growing in popularity and these retro glass milk bottles are attention-grabbing and can be used for many purposes once they get them home.  Choose from “Oh Baby”, “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy”.

9. Ceramic Sugar Bowl

Baby Shower Gifts for Guests Ceramic Sugar Bowl

For a gift they’ll use, consider these ceramic sugar bowls that exclaim “Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice”. Each time they reach for their sugar bowl or whatever they choose to use it for, they’ll think of you and your growing family.

10. Sheet Masks for At Home Facials

 Help your guests pamper themselves with these sheet masks in their gift bags. Useful for all skin types, they will provide a few moments of rest and relaxation as a gift to each of your guests.

11. EOS Lip Balm Rattle Card

EOS eggs make a great parting gift or stocking stuffer, and now they are a cute and fun baby shower guest gift as well. Each card has an image of a baby rattle but with the top being a hole for the EOS Egg to fit into.

12. Champagne Tags

Encourage everyone to enjoy a celebratory drink when the baby is born with these champagne tags. Add them to a mini bottle of champagne, sparkling juice, or even soda. For a drink-free alternative, Christmas crackers, poppies, and other items are all suited to the pun and make them suitable for any age. Simply add a ribbon or string and tie each to a bottle and send out the text or other message for everyone to open their bottles when the baby is born.

13. Baby Shower Magnet

Send your guests home with a simple but cute reminder of the day with this baby shower magnet. Personalize it with your baby’s name and the date of the shower so they can remember it for years to come.

14. It’s a Girl/Boy Elephant Clips

Send each guest home with a cute elephant clip that can be used on zippers, keychains, and more. They’ll have a fun way to remember the shower and your family, and you can choose from “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy” for a baby shower, sprinkle, or even as a baby announcement.

15. Rubby Ducky Soap

Few things are as well recognized in connection with baby showers as the traditional rubber duck. For a new spin on this old favorite, a rubber duck-shaped soap is a fun and simple gift you can give each of your guests. Used for soap or as decoration, they are versatile and fun.

16. Baby Shower Pens

If you are planning to play games at your shower, these baby shower pens are a great addition. Each guest can use them for the games during the shower and take them home to use later as a guest gift.

17. Baby Shower Bookmark

If you have readers on y our guest list this is sure to be a hit! Baby footprints in gold hold their place in their book and your place in their heart. It’s a useful item that they will see frequently and will be used for years to come, making them ideal for anyone looking to cut down on waste.

18. Tea Lights with Thank You Tags

Share the light that a new baby brings with these tea lights. Each comes with a small gift bag for wrapping and a thank you tag shaped like a baby’s foot. Add your own details to the tag and they will have a reminder of your special day and what you and your family mean to them when they use it.

19. Thank You Baby Shower Stickers

Add a quick note of thanks with these woodland animal stickers that say “Thank you For Showering our Little One with Love”.

20. Favours Boxes

Favours Boxes best babby shower gift for guests

Small white boxes with baby footprints and a ribbon to tie, these gift boxes are ideal for small items such as chocolate kisses, candy hearts, or little soaps.

21. Mini Pots for Succulents

These small wooden square plant pots are the ideal size for one small succulent, or to hold candy, keychains, or seeds. Stamped with the name and date and a small image, they can fit almost any theme and are multipurpose once they arrive at home.

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22. Succulent Tags

If you are gifting succulents, these “Watch Me Grow” tags that come on a stick fit easily in the pot with the plant, or with seeds, and can include the name of the baby and the date of the shower as a reminder of the shared experience.

23. Silver Baby Charms

Small silver charms ready for any keychain, necklace, bracelet, or even zipper pull, are made in bottles, baby feet, pacifiers, baby cups, and even full babies. Order a selection and share them with those who mean the most to you.

24. Sugar Cookies

Add an extra twinkle with Twinkle Twinkle sugar cookies. Each cookie is shaped as a star, baby onesie, cloud, or moon, and they are painted to match.

25. Baby Shower Candles

Having a baby sprinkle? Try this one of the best baby shower gifts for guests. Add a sprinkle theme with these candles that are created with a sprinkle color and include the sticker on the top to thank people for sharing the moment. Each is personalized with your baby’s name and date of the shower, or the month the baby is due.

26. Can Cooler

Offer guests a comfortable way to hold their cold drinks, and to use when they are camping or keeping drinks cool at home with a drink cozy that says, “Sip Sip Hooray Baby Is On The Way”. Add your baby’s name for the personal touch

27. Baby Onesie Cork Coasters

Surprise guests with this unexpected guest gift. Each cork coaster is shaped and painted as a baby onesie and includes the name and date of the shower.

28. Chocolate Cigars

Add a new spin on tradition by sharing these pink or blue-wrapped chocolate cigars! Hand them out at your birth announcement or the baby shower and encourage people to enjoy them when the baby is born.

29. Dr Suess Notebook

These small notebooks each have the name and design of a Dr. Suess Book. Parents and kids alike will delight in the memories of their favorite kid’s books.

30. Chapstick It’s a Boy

Everyone needs Chapstick sometimes, and these are decorated with sheep and announce the gender. Order a gift pack of ten and provide one to each of your guests as a party favor or gift before they leave.

31. Baby Squad Tattoo

Baby Squad Tattoo

Ideal if your shower is in a public space or if you want to add a little fun to the day, these temporary tattoos will place “Baby Squad” on your friends.

32. Wine Charms

Perfect for any baby shower or sip-and-see, these wine charms will work on any glass regardless of the drink, and help guests to tell their drink from everyone else’s while also providing a gift they can take home.

33. Mini Dried Bouquet

Make each guest feel special with these mini bouquets of dried flowers carefully wrapped in paper and tied, with the baby’s name and date of the shower or month of birth on them.

34. Bird Seed Favours

Gardeners, bird lovers, and people interested in the environment will all love these birdseed hearts that come with the name of your baby and the month they are due.

35. Donut Favour Bags

Top off your shower with a favorite dessert and put them in these “Thanks A Hole Bunch” donut favor bags that include stickers to close them.

36. Shaped Sunglasses

Up your photo game with these heart-shaped (or other shapes if you prefer) sunglasses. Have everyone wear them and grab a picture of your guests all together.

37. Velvet Hair Scrunchies

Treat your guests to a new hair scrunchie! They won’t pull or snag on the hair and come in cute colors to match your theme.

38. Balm Dotcom Trio

Glossier offers this best-selling formula to help you pamper those who come to shower your family with love.

39. Chilled Eye Gel Packs

These Rose All Day eye packs will help reduce puffiness and redness for all your party guests.

40. Baby Bottle Straws

These reusable straws are fun with their baby bottles and bright colors.

41. Honey Bee Shower Buttons

Personalized pins with fun messages such as “Grandma to Bee” let everyone at the shower know who they are.

42. Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless wine glasses are a fun way to thank guests and adding “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” reminds everyone of the occasion.

43. Individually Wrapped Candy

Baby Boy Buttermints

Everyone loves a good buttermint candy, and these individually wrapped candies announce “It’s a boy” ready for you to hand out.

44. Little Cutie Stickers

Add these adorable stickers to candy bars to remind everyone that “a little cutie is on the way”.

45. Personalized Straw Baskets

Hand out these adorable straw baskets with your guests’ names to hold their goodies, and drinks, or to put their own trinkets in when they get home.

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46. Rainbow Keychain

These macrame rainbow keychains are great for adding the baby’s name and gifting to all your guests.

47. Mini Pencils

These small pencils each come with a baby-related phrase and can be used throughout the day as well.

48. Champagne Bears Cube Set

These Sugarfina Champagne Bears are champagne-flavored gummy bears that will add a special treat to any shower.

49. Hair Bands

Grab this set of three gold hairbands that say “Oh baby! Thanks for coming” as a nice thank you to all your guests.

50. Pashmina

A personalized pashmina is a gift that keeps giving and provides warmth and style for years to come.

51. Rose Bath Bombs

Encourage your guests to relax after the shower with this personalized bath bomb.

52. Footprint Keychain Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are always useful and these footprint ones are ideal for gifts, coming with their own thank-you gift tag and bag for easy wrapping.

53. Custom Favour Bags

Package your gifts in these pretty bags from Baby & Co.

54. Lavender Sachets

Add a tag with your baby’s name and a stamp of footprints for a personalized touch as they refresh their space with the lovely scent.

55. M&Ms

Colored M&Ms are great for a gender reveal or baby showers, and come ready to announce a new baby boy, printed with feet, pacifiers, and more.

56. Honey Jars

Very popular glass honey jars make a great gift when filled with treats or honey and a small wooden dipper. They’ll think of you with their next morning tea.

Summary of Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

Selecting the guest gifts is just one part of planning the whole baby shower, and by matching them to the theme of the shower as a whole you create one cohesive design.

Guests will be pleased to see the mom-to-be and to spend time helping her prepare for the new arrival with gifts, offers of time to help, and sometimes as a last big gathering for a few months. Offering a thank you gift for each shows appreciation for all that they do in a mom’s life and the child’s as well.

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