gender reveal ideas with balloons

Gender Reveal Ideas with Balloons – 7 Gender Reveal Ideas

Are you planning a Gender Reveal party and looking for Gender Reveal Ideas with Balloons? Well, read on for our top picks!

Balloons are so much fun! They look really elegant and sweet at the same time and let’s be real here, a Gender Reveal with balloons sounds like a dream! That’s because Gender Reveal parties are a fun way to revel in the excitement of your new child with loved ones and balloons are cool and awesome so why not have a Gender Reveal party with balloons?!

Balloons make great centrepieces and they can be the reveal itself.

So let’s take a look at the 6 coolest Gender Reveal ideas with balloons.

Gender Reveal Ideas with Balloons

Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon

gender reveal with balloons

Confetti, sparkles, what more could you want?! This awesome Gender Reveal with balloons ramps up the fun celebration of childhood.

There are a few ways to play this Gender Reveal balloon idea. The basic premise is that you have a giant balloon filled with confetti in the chosen color for the gender. Either pop the balloon yourself and involve other kids or siblings with this one and give them the job to do! And if you are planning a Gender reveal with twins then check out our Twins Reveal ideas here.

You can find a totally adorable Gender Reveal balloon right here at a fantastic price in gorgeous designs!

Gender Reveal Box With Balloons

gender reveal ideas with balloons

How do you make a Gender Reveal party? With a Gender Reveal box of course! The main theme for this awesome Gender Reveal with balloons idea, is that you have a box filled with colored helium balloons. Open the box and the balloons rise up and the cheering starts! Plus it makes for a great picture too. You can either buy a box or decorate your own! Plus we have made it super easy for you with our Printable Gender Reveal Box Decorations.

It’s so much fun to decorate yourself, especially if you have older children who will feel involved.

oh baby gender reveal box printable

Or buy a ready made box here!

Gender Reveal Pinata With Balloons

Piñatas aren’t just for kids! This next Gender Reveal idea with balloons is a whole activity that will be a talking point for weeks after the party. You will need a piñata, a baseball bat, and colored balloons to fill the piñata with.

Once again, making the piñata is loads of fun and you can follow our easy guide here.

Or grab a ready made one here.

Gender Reveal Balloon Drop Bag

gender reveal balloon drop bag

The great thing about a Gender Reveal balloon drop bag is that it doubles as a banner or centerpiece for your Gender Reveal party. We love this one, with all its great colors, the cutesy rhyme, and the ease of use. A Gender Reveal balloon drop bag is literally just a bag filled with colored balloons, you pull a string to release it and all the balloons drop out, it’s so much fun!

And it looks real gorgeous too.

Gender Reveal Balloon Décor

A party needs décor and a gender reveal party is just the same. A gender reveal party with balloons is loads of fun especially is those balloons are the party! Balloon decoration is a fast-growing business because it’s such a great idea! You can buy balloon arches, balloon letters, balloon sculptures and so many super cute designs. The great thing about gender reveal balloon decorations is that they look really elegant and classy whilst at the same time being fun and festive. Now go on, you know you’re just itching to get on pintrest and find some balloon sculptures you love! You can customise them in whatever colours you choose.

Do what this couple did and pull a couple of Gender Reveal smoke cannons as well!

Gender Reveal Balloon Question Mark

gender reveal balloon question mark
Photo credit @grandeur.celebrations

This should really go under the previous title of gender reveal balloon decorations but it’s so cute and so cool we just felt it deserved a special mention of its own! We love this idea. The balloon colors are gorgeous, would work with any color scheme and it fits into whatever designs and décor you have going on. It can sit on a table as a centerpiece or it can perch on the ground as a brilliant photo setting. You’ll want to capture memories of the big day, why not make sure your photos come out spectacular?

Remember, gender reveals are a celebration of new life and excitement for the future. They’re about reveling in the good news with our loved ones, family, and friends. It’s when the most important people in our lives meet the ultimate important person in our lives – your child. And they’re about creativity and fun. Balloons are a way to spread joy and if you want to use balloons in a gender reveal – have fun! That’s the one rule for party planning!

And if you are planning a Gender Reveal party, be sure to check out our Gender Reveal Party planning guide here.

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