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If you are looking for the best Gender Reveal ideas and how to reveal your baby’s gender then read on! We have put together our best fun Gender Reveal ideas so you can pick the best way to reveal your baby’s gender to your family and friend. After all, you only get to do these Gender Reveals once!

Gender Reveal Ideas for the best Gender Reveal

best gender reveal ideas

Gender reveal parties have been a big hit over the last few years! And with good reason, as revealing your baby’s gender to friends and family is a big event. From gender reveal cakes to gender reveal burnouts, there are so many unique gender reveal ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for something classic and low key, or bold and original, we have your Gender Reveal Party covered!

What are the best Gender Reveal ideas?

The gender reveal is the highlight of your Gender Reveal party, and is the big announcement that all of your guests have come to see. So make it a good one with these fun and creative gender reveal ideas. If you want to be part of the big reveal, then you need a good friend who can keep a secret! Give him or her a sealed envelope with the baby’s gender inside and enlist their help in the planning!

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How to reveal your Baby’s Gender – Wow factor Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons

twins gender reveal smoke cannon
Photo credit @momymojo

The next of our cute gender reveal ideas are smoke cannons. Smoke cannons are a great way to reveal your baby’s gender. Ideally you will want to be outdoors for this big reveal. Get a friend to video it so you can see the full effect afterwards!

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons make for a really bold and colorful baby reveal! Especially if you give each guest their own cannon and coordinate the reveal so each guest pulls the cannon at the same time.

These ones can be bought in bulk and contain both confetti and powder for a really bright reveal!

Gender Reveal Burnout

twins gender reveal burnout

Now, this is one for all of the car-crazy dudes out there.

A Gender Reveal Burnout is when you put colored corn starch into the exhaust pipe of your car, turn on the engine and out shoots the colored powder.

You can buy burnout powder here.

Gender Reveal Box with Balloons

gender reveal with twins ideas
Photo credit @shesatwinmom

A Gender Reveal Box is one of the most popular reveal ideas. Basically you fill a large box with pink or blue helium balloons and open the box to release the balloons and reveal your baby’s gender.

A gender reveal box is super easy to make yourself. Check out this video for how to make a DIY gender reveal box.

Gender Reveal Pinata

twins gender reveal pinata

Like the gender reveal box, the gender reveal pinata is another great DIY gender reveal!

In this instance, the box is suspended up high and the balloons and pink or blue confetti drop out when the box is opened. This is a good option for indoors if you have high ceilings, or outdoors if you have a lovely tree to hang it from!

Gender Reveal Balloon Drop

gender reveal balloon drop
Photo credit FUKUGAWA

If you like the idea of the Gender Reveal piñata, but want something a little different, then consider a Gender Reveal balloon drop. This easy pillow shaped bag is filled with balloons and you simple pull the tag to open it and let them fall. A fun way to reveal your Baby’s gender without a big bang!

Gender Reveal Balloon with Confetti

gender reveal ideas
Photo credit JLS

A giant gender reveal balloon filled with confetti is a great visual reveal. And of course, a great photo opportunity! Here’s how to do it.

  • Grab one of these giant Gender Reveal Balloons and fill with either blue or pink confetti.
  • Next, inflate with helium, tie a knot. and attach a ribbon.
  • You are ready to pop the balloon for your big reveal!

Gender Reveal with Silly String

gender reveal silly string
Photo credit Image: Robyn and Finch

A simple gender reveal with silly string is super easy to set up and gets every guest involved. Give them a big countdown and then all press the triggers together!

Cauldron Gender Reveal

harry potter gender reveal idea

This is a big one with Harry Potter fans and those having a Halloween gender reveal! This brilliant Harry Potter Gender Reveal requires a large cauldron and a gender reveal smoke bomb. Simply place the smoke bomb in the cauldron and light the wick. Then smoke will cascade from the cauldron revealing a boy or a girl. It’s super easy to do, and makes for a really big reveal. Pure magic!

Gender Reveal Video Announcement Movie

gender reveal idea video
Photo credit With Love CW

Get all of your family and friends together to watch a custom movie announcement of your big reveal. Set up an outdoor movie night or get cozy inside. Either way, this is sure to be a best-seller!

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas With Food

Gender Reveal Cake

gender reveal cake
Photo credit @brianajoy11

Another great idea for Gender Reveals is a Gender Reveal Cake. The Gender Reveal cake is a great option for a smaller, indoor party. Especially good for those that have a sweet tooth!

The idea of this Gender Reveal, is that the baby’s gender is concealed within the cake. You can do this in several ways:

  • As pink or blue candy that spills out of the cake when cut.
  • Pink or blue icing inside the cake.
  • Pink or blue sponge.

To see a How-To on making the sponge either pink or blue, watch this

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

gender reveal cupcakes
Photo credit Lisas Cakes

Gender reveal cupcakes are a great way for each of our guests to be involved in the big reveal because they each get their own cupcakes.

When it is time for your Gender Reveal, give each guest a cake. On the count of 3, ask them to take a bite of their cake for the big reveal!

Gender Reveal With Eggs

gender reveal eggs
Photo credit Chancey Co./ Etsy

The Gender Reveal Egg Smash is a messy one but heaps of fun. Made famous on the Jimmy Fallen show, Gender Reveal Egg roulette has become increasingly popular.

Gender Reveal Chocolate Smash

gender reveal chocolate smash
Photo credit OC Brownies

This is a fun gender reveal that’s a relatively new idea. This hollow chocolate is filled with pink or blue colored candies. The parents to be use the little hammers to smash it open and reveal baby’s gender.

Sporting Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Baseball

This is a great reveal idea for baseball fans. These plastic baseballs are filled with either pink or blue powder which, when hit, explodes to reveal your baby’s gender.

Film it in slow motion like this couple did to really capture everyone’s reactions!

Gender Reveal Smoke Basketball

Gender reveal basketball
Photo credit Peacock Powders

If basketball is your thing, then this is a great way for the gender reveal!

Grab this specially made gender reveal basketball from Amazon

And get dunking to reveal the baby’s gender!

Gender Reveal Football

ideas for gender reveals
Photo credit Winsharp Store

Next up, a great idea for football fans, this plastic gender reveal football is filled with either pink or blue powder and will explode once kicked. Get your friends and family to stand back, while you do your best footy kick to reveal baby’s gender!

Gender Reveal Golf

gender reveal golf
Photo credit Poof There It Is

If you have a golfing fan in the family, then a gender reveal golf ball could be the way to go. Make sure everyone stands well back, take a swing and there’s the big reveal!

Gender Reveal Ideas Final Note

So there you have it, our best original Gender Reveal ideas to reveal your baby’s gender at your Gender Reveal party! However you do it, it’s sure to be a moment you will treasure forever! Gender Reveals are the best!

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