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Baby Shower Themes – The Ultimate List Of 200 Baby Shower Themes

If you are planning a Baby Shower, then no doubt you are looking for a theme to tie your party together. Having a theme for your Baby Shower is a great idea. It helps create continuity between your decorations, food and activities. Plus a good Baby Shower theme is always fun! If you are looking for the ultimate list of Baby Shower themes, then read on! We have over 200 Baby Shower themes to help you get started.

Does a Baby Shower need a theme?

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A Baby Shower doesn’t always need a theme, but a theme really helps tie together the party. A good Baby Shower theme keeps the decorations, food, cake, games and invites unified and often creates a more “put together” look for your Shower.

Plus, choosing and planning a theme for your Baby Shower is a lot of fun and can be a reflection of your personality or interests. And there are so many adorable Baby Shower themes to choose from.

What are the best themes for a Baby Shower?

The theme you choose may be dependant on your tastes, interests, whether you are having a boy or a girl, or whether you want your Baby Shower to be gender neutral.

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

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If you know you are having a girl, you might want to tailor your theme accordingly. Of course, most Baby Shower ideas can be adapted to have a more feminine vibe, so here is our list of our favorite Baby Shower themes for girls.

easter baby shower ideas
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Baby Shower Themes For Boys

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If you know a baby boy is on the way, then you may be looking for a Boy Baby Shower theme. And there are so many to choose from! Read on for the best Baby Shower theme ideas for boys and get ready to swoon over these cute Baby Shower theme ideas.

Baby Shower Themes Gender Neutral

Now, if you didn’t find out the gender of your baby, or want to keep it a surprise from your Baby Shower guests, you will be looking for a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower theme. These themes tend to be more balanced in terms of color scheme, allowing for either a boy or a girl! In fact, some of the prettiest Baby Shower ideas are gender neutral, as the color schemes are generally more subtle. Here are our favorite Gender Neutral Baby Shower themes for girls AND boys!

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Classic Baby Shower Themes

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There are some adorable Baby Shower themes that have stood the test of time and are still going strong. If you are looking for a classic Baby Shower theme from yesteryear, then read on for our best classic Baby Shower themes.

Spring Baby Shower Themes

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If you are lucky enough to be hosting your Baby Shower in the Spring, then why not take inspiration from the season and go for a Spring theme. After all, Spring is the perfect time of year to be celebrating new life. So read on for some gorgeous Spring inspired themes for a Baby Shower.

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Summer Baby Shower Themes

If your Baby Shower falls in the Summer, then you have so many more outdoor options open to you. If the weather is in your favor, consider a garden party or picnic. Here are our favorite ideas for a Summer Baby Shower, to make the most of the warmer weather and long days.

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Fall Baby Shower Themes

Fall is a lovely time of year for a Baby Shower. The traditional colors of fall lend themselves to pretty color schemes of browns and creams. Plus there is a nice chill in the air with the change of season. Here are our top ideas for a Fall Baby Shower.

Winter Baby Shower Themes

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Winter is a special time of year. So why not embrace the season with these festive options for a Winter themed Baby Shower. And even if’s it’s cold and wet outside, you can still have a fabulous Baby Shower, cosy and dry indoors.

white winter wonderland baby shower ideas

Halloween Baby Shower Themes

Now if Halloween is your thing, you may want to consider a Halloween themed Baby Shower. Albeit unusual, it is increasingly popular and is certainly an original theme to go with. Here are our favorite Halloween Baby Shower ideas.

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Christmas Baby Shower Ideas

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If your Baby Shower falls over the Christmas period, then why not plan for a Christmas theme. The time of year will add to the festive feel and your guests will love another excuse to celebrate the season.

rustic baby its cold outside baby shower
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Easter Baby Shower Themes

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If you are planning a Baby Shower at Easter, then one of these ideas is a great idea. Afterall, everyone loves the Easter bunny and a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt.

Theme Ideas for a Character Baby Shower

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Another great theme option for a Baby Shower is a favorite character to base your theme around. Here are the top Baby Shower character ideas for a fun Baby Shower theme.

dr seuss baby shower

Baby Shower Themes By Color

Sometimes you may not want a specific theme, but are keen to choose a color theme. And of course this can work equally well. So here are our top list of gorgeous color combinations that work perfectly for a Baby Shower.

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  • Navy and Gold
  • Green and Gold
  • Gold and Silver
  • Pinks
  • Blues
  • Yellows
  • Pastels
  • Rainbow
  • Rose Gold
  • Peach
  • Whites
  • Greenery
  • Fall tones – browns and golds
  • Mint and Pale Pink

Funny Baby Shower Themes

Sometimes you might just want to go all out and do something a little different! If that’s the case, check out these funny Baby Shower theme ideas that are sure to delight your guests.

Who picks the theme for a Baby Shower?

Who picks the Baby Shower theme can depend on who is hosting the shower. Sometimes, the host will select a theme that they think the parents-to-be or the Mom-to-be will like the most. This could be a favorite color theme, a favorite animal, character or favorite Baby Shower theme in general. Other times, the host may ask the Mama-to-be to choose a theme, and then plan the Baby Shower accordingly.

What is the most popular theme for a Baby Shower?

Not surprisingly, the most popular themes for a Baby Shower are the classics. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is one of the all time favorite nursery rhyme Baby Shower themes. Moon and Stars is another popular variation of that theme. 

A traditional pink Baby Shower for girls and blue Baby Shower theme for boys is another popular theme that there are so many pretty variations of. 

More recently, Oh Baby has become a popular theme, with a Baby Shower tea party following closely behind.

How do you create a theme for your Baby Shower?

The key to creating an effective theme for your Baby Shower is to allow the theme to shine through all the areas of your Shower. For example, a backdrop can be used behind your dessert table to really identify your theme. Then your theme colors can be continued into your dessert table using table cloths and table decorations, decor and flowers. Colored balloons can carry the theme into the corners of your room and your table centerpiece will also feature your theme.

Baby Shower Themes Final Note

We hope this list of Baby Shower ideas ideas has helped you narrow down your choices, and given you some theme ideas for consideration. At the end of the day, pick a theme that resonates with you and that you love. After that, everything will fall into place!

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