How to throw a Tea Party Baby Shower

Wondering how to throw a Tea Party Baby Shower? Then read on!

A Tea Party Baby Shower is one of the prettiest Baby Shower themes around and loved by Guests!

baby shower tea party

Follow our guide to plan the perfect Tea Party Baby Shower. In addition, this theme also works really well if you are planning a smaller Baby Sprinkle party!

Tea Party Baby Shower Decor

This is the perfect theme for pretty pastels and delicate florals and works equally well with subtle colors or brighter hues.

However, I like to choose the tableware first and then base the color scheme around that.

Best Baby Shower Tea Party Tableware ideas

If you have (or can borrow) any vintage cups, saucers and plates, these will be perfect! A Tea Party Baby Shower needs the prettiest tableware you can get your hands on, so beg, steal, and borrow! Also, charity shops can be great places to pick up some bargain plates. And if they don’t match, no problem! It just means you get more pretty designs!

tea party baby shower tableware


If you can’t get hold of any vintage China, these gorgeous paper plates and cups are a great option. I love the pretty colors and the variety within each pack, including napkins.

tea party baby shower plates


Other pretty additions to the table include:

tea party tea set china tea party cake stand


Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations

Set the scene for the party with a Tea Party Baby Shower themed invite in matching colors to your décor. These pretty invites are one of my favorites…

"A Baby Is Brewing" - Whimsical & Funny Baby Shower Invitations in Navy by Four Wet Feet Studio.

Dress Code

I like to include the phrase “Please wear your best tea party attire” on the invite to encourage pretty tea dresses and florals.

tea party baby shower


Tea Party Baby Shower Food

I love creating the menu for a Tea Party Baby Shower. It’s actually very simple to follow a traditional high tea menu.


Your choice of thinly sliced white or brown bread, crusts removed. My favorite fillings include

  • cheese and pickle
  • ham and mustard
  • egg mayonnaise
  • thinly sliced cucumber

tea party baby shower food


Warm scones, jam, and cream are a must after the sandwiches. Homemade scones are divine or go shop-bought and warm them up in the oven before you serve.

For the cake, a Victoria Sponge cake is a great option. This gorgeous recipe is for the most delicious cake which is super simple to make.


What to drink at a Baby Shower Tea Party

baby shower tea party teapot

Tea is a must but not let that stop you from being adventurous. After all, there are lots of different teas you can serve including:

  • English Breakfast Tea (my personal favorite!)
  • Earl Grey
  • Rose Tea
  • Mint Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Lemon Tea
  • Iced Tea

Baby Shower Games

What’s in the Basket?… For this easy DIY shower game, first, find a wicker basket with a lid or use a cloth to cover the top.  Next, fill the basket with 8 to 10 baby goodies (think bottle, onesie, diaper cream, hairbrush) and then pass the basket around. Then guests should try to identify as many items inside as they can by touch only, (no looking) and write them down. When everyone has had a turn, compare lists to see who identified the most correctly. Bonus: When the game is done, the Mama to be leaves with all of the goodies.


How big is Mommy’s tummy?… Test your guests’ estimating skills with this fun guessing game. Using string, ribbon, or even toilet paper, have each shower guest guestimate the circumference of the expectant mom’s baby bump and cut a piece of the string (or ribbon or toilet paper) that will wrap around her belly. Then, whoever gets the closest wins.


Baby Predictions… Use these Baby Prediction cards to find out your Guests guesses about your Baby’s vital stats!

baby predictions cards

Click here for more Baby Shower Game ideas.

Tea Party Baby Shower Favors

These pretty floral favor bags are perfect for putting your favorite candies or chocolates in for your Guests to take away.

tea party favors

Alternatively, these ceramic tea bag dishes from Kate Aspen are super cute and a lovely reminder to the Guests of your party for years to come.

tea bag dish

For even more pretty Tea Party ideas, check out our Pinterest Board here. 

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