tropical baby shower ideas

Stunning tropical-themed Baby Shower

This tropical Baby Shower by Foreva Events is so pretty and summery. Perfect for a warm summer’s day, this theme has feel-good written all over it!

tropical baby shower

The green tropical foliage makes an amazing backdrop to all of the vibrant pops of color in the balloons and flowers.

This theme is so versatile and can be used with any of your favorite colors. It’s great that the décor is bold and bright even though you don’t need to add too much and it can be set up in any location.

baby shower donuts

I love the laid back feel of having punch and donuts and the cute but simple party favors. This party would make anyone want to relax and have fun.

balloons for baby shower

The Details…

Party type: Baby Shower

Color Scheme: Use bright greens as your base and add lots of fun and bold colors.

Favorite décor ideas:

  • The tropical foliage used as a backdrop and on all of the stationary ties everything together.
  • Also, the beautiful balloons add height and make a great spot for photos.
  • The flowers used throughout the area are gorgeous.
  • The simple sign with white and foliage is a nice way to start the party but not take too much away from all of the other amazing decorations.
  • Especially sweet are the personalized notes for the baby from the guests are a very thoughtful idea.
  • Lastly, add some fresh pineapples as décor to really bring in the tropical feeling.
baby shower punch

Gorgeous food ideas:

  • Have some light summery drinks like punch or lemonade.
  • Fun treats like a tower of donuts, chocolate, and macaroons.
  • A simple cake topped by colorful flowers.
  • A spread of easy to eat foods like tropical fruits, olives, and cheese.
tropical baby shower cake

Theme tips:

  • Firstly, use tropical foliage for your main background and on your sign.
  • Also, add the same foliage in all of your stationery.
  • Next, bring in all of your favorite bright colors with balloons and flowers.
  • Finally, have fun to eat snacks and desserts to keep with your summery theme.
tropical baby shower favors

Thank you to Foreva Events for this fun and happy Tropical Baby Shower!

Photography: Soda Wedding Photography, Florist: Floral Envy Designs, Stationery: Urban Weddings, Bar: Gathering Events, Desserts: Hansel and Gretel Cakes,

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