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Easter Baby Shower Ideas – 11 pretty Easter themed Baby Showers

Congratulations on your upcoming new addition!  This is such a wonderful time in a new parent’s life and a Baby Shower celebration may need to be planned!  If you are expecting a spring baby, then Easter is a great time to hold a Baby Shower to celebrate your little one.  Spring and Easter are often associated with new life and is a time of beauty and a new start and therefore perfect inspiration for a Baby Shower!  Read on for some of our Easter Baby Shower Ideas!


Easter Baby Shower Themes

Blossom Baby Shower

With Easter time, there are often blossoms blooming, so why not make that a theme for your baby shower?  Cherry blossoms especially are stunning and would make any space breathtaking with their pretty petals.  Place blossoms with other flowers you wish to use in vases on the table and around the room. 

Chose décor and table wear to match to bring it all together.  If serving a cake, have the cake decorated with blossoms on it.  Your guests will be wowed by the beauty that blossoms will bring to your baby shower.    

Yellow Floral Baby Shower

easter themed baby shower
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A yellow floral baby shower is cheerful which is the perfect vibe for welcoming a new baby! Chose yellow flowers like sunflowers and Gerber daisies to decorate your space and perhaps even make the Mom to be a flower crown.  Add soft yellow paper flowers or lanterns to brighten the room. 

Don’t know the gender of the new baby? No problem because yellow is a terrific neutral color!    

Rainbow Rabbits

easter baby shower ideas
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This shower theme is as cute as a cottontail!  Bunnies often are associated with spring and are also adorable!  Pair bunnies with rainbows and you have yourself a sweet Easter baby shower theme.  Create a backdrop with charming rabbits on it, along with an assortment of colorful flowers and greenery. 

You could also create your own rainbow rabbit garland to decorate the space by cutting out bunny silhouettes using different colored paper and stringing them together. Next, add fluffy tails for a 3D effect.  Serve rainbow-colored cupcakes or cake pops for guests to enjoy! Your rainbow rabbits theme will be a hit!  

Spring Florals

rainbow baby shower
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When we think of Easter, we often think of gorgeous shades of pastels.  Soft pink, purple, yellow and blues, are all lovely.  Adding beautiful floral arrangements in these colors, in addition to similar colored table wear, will not only create a stunning display, but add some sophistication to your event. 

easter baby shower idea
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Furthermore, if you are a gardener, consider taking flowers from your own garden to make the arrangements more personal or ask guests to wear similar hues. This would make a great group photo!  

Peter Rabbit

peter rabbit baby shower easter
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Another fun Easter baby shower theme is to find inspiration from Peter Rabbit! Whether you are a fan of the character who stars in Beatrix Potter’s childhood classics or not, it is an adorable and fun theme.  Take ideas from the books and decorate with tulips, baskets of garden veggies, and of course carrots! 

With greenery, a picket fence, and characters from the stories, your space will certainly transform into the English countryside.  In addition, Peter Rabbit is perfect for a boy, girl or a gender-neutral theme!        

Butterfly Baby Shower

butterfly baby shower
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This shower idea is perfect for celebrating a baby girl during Easter time.  Butterflies are an excellent example of transformation, and no one could argue that becoming a new mom or dad is a special transformation in itself.  The pink and purple balloons and flowers, along with the butterfly accents makes this theme both magical and darling.      

We Can Bearly Wait

We can bearly wait baby shower
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Everyone will come out of hibernation to attend this incredible Baby Shower theme!  “We Can Bearly Wait” is the perfect play on words and will definitely describe everyone’s excitement!  Place cuddly teddy bears around your space and backdrop.  Greenery and white flowers will make the atmosphere more spring-like. Incorporate balloons in similar colors, as well as brown and blue or pink if you know the gender.  This theme is simply sweet and will surely be teddy bear-rific!           

Easter Bunny Baby Shower

easter bunny baby shower
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Often when one thinks of Easter, we think of the Easter Bunny!  The Easter Bunny usually brings treats and hides eggs for children around the world.  He also makes a splendid Easter shower theme idea.  Decorate using stuffed bunnies, lovely spring flower arrangements and not to mention eggs! 

Easter eggs are always a wonderful addition to any Easter theme.  Place them around your food table or use chocolate-colored eggs to add to your cake or cupcakes. In addition, consider having a photo booth where guests can wear bunny ears for a photo.  No matter what, it will surely be a fun event!

Little Bird Baby Shower

little bird baby shower
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A tell-tale sign that spring and Easter are coming is when you start hearing the beautiful sound of birds chirping!  This baby shower theme is marvelous and spring-like!  Place decorative trees in your shower space and place cute bird ornaments on them.  For more of a cartoon look, find wall decals of branches and birds as well. 

Incorporating spring hues like green, blue, and pink into the décor will definitely make it a beautiful baby shower!

Mama to Bee Baby Shower

Everyone will buzz about this fun Easter baby shower theme!  Bumblebees emerge when spring arrives, pollinating all the lovely new flowers.  This is an adorable theme for a baby shower because it is bright and cheery!  Firstly, decorate with black and yellow balloons.  Secondly, offer delicious cookies that are in the shape of beehives, bees, and flowers. Thirdly, give little jars of honey as your baby shower favor and you have yourself a sweet shower!    

Easter Egg Hunt Baby Shower

easter party ideas
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Make your baby shower more of an experience by making it also an Easter egg hunt!   As a baby shower game, hand each guest a mini-basket and have them collect eggs around the room like the Easter Bunny himself.   These could be plastic, wooden or chocolate eggs.  The guest with the most eggs collected wins!

Additionally, for a spring feeling, add Easter-themed signage and bright colors using flowers, balloons and table wear.   

Easter Baby Shower Ideas Conclusion

In summary, Easter is a wonderful time for a baby shower, especially if you feel inspired by all things spring.  From pretty colors to garden vibes to cute little bees and bunnies, to sum up, any of these Easter baby shower ideas will have the parents to be and their guests hopping with excitement! 

For more baby shower ideas, please check out our shower themes for girls, boys and other spring shower ideas.  Enjoy this special time celebrating before your wee rabbit arrives!  

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