best baby shower themes for girls

Best Baby Shower Themes for Girls 2023! 30+ Prettiest Ideas

best baby shower themes for girls

Are you looking for Baby Shower ideas for girls? If it’s time to welcome a new baby girl, then what better way than with a Baby Shower! After all, there are so many sweet baby girl Shower themes. So to make the planning easy, we’ve put together our best Baby Shower themes for girls.

Our top Baby Shower themes for Girls

1. Pretty Pastel Baby Shower

theme baby shower for girl

Now, this a such a pretty baby girl Shower theme. And who doesn’t love pastels for baby girls? In addition, this Pastel-themed Baby Shower is great for a Spring or Summer Baby Shower.

Simply stick to a pastel-toned color palate in muted colors. Add soft, gentle tones with a little bit of greenery to add a little depth. The naked tiered cake is lovely in its simplicity and one of our favorite girl Baby Shower cake ideas. Check out our DIY cakes feature for how to make your own.

2. Sweet As A Peach Baby Shower

A Sweet As A Peach Baby Shower is one of our favorite girl Baby Shower themes! Plus, it works so well as a First Birthday party theme, a Baby Shower theme or even a Sweet Sixteen! And a great excuse to reuse all of that pretty decor!

Pretty, bright, fun, and festive, you’ll find many colorful ideas to help make your Peach-themed Baby Shower just perfect here.

3. Ice Cream Baby Shower

best summer baby shower themes
Scoop cake @oakmontbakery | Photo Kristen Duke Photography | Ice cream cake @thecakeroom_miami

Now, this Girl Baby Shower theme works great as a Baby Shower or a Gender Reveal. A great Summer Baby shower theme, what pregnant Mama doesn’t like ice cream! Remember to go to town on the cake and let it be the highlight of your table.

4. Carousel themed Baby Shower

If you are looking for a theme that goes all out with vintage details and pretty carnival styling, then this Carousel party could be for you.

There’s all the fun of the fair with this pretty Carousel theme. In addition, the pastel colors keep it very feminine, but you could always go for bright tones or blues to make it work for a boy Baby Shower.

5. Under the Sea Baby Shower

Just think shimmery blues and pinks teamed with fish and mermaid accessories and you will have the perfect Under the Sea Baby Shower. Add some Mermaid themed cupcakes and continue the color themes into the food and desserts and you will have an adorable girl Baby Shower.

Undoubtedly a great girl Baby Shower theme, check out all the details of this Under the Sea party here.

6. Little Pumpkin Baby Shower for a Girl

Soft, sweet, and seasonal. If your Baby Shower is in the fall, this is the perfect way to welcome your incoming Cinderella!

If your Baby Shower is falling in the Fall, check out our gorgeous Fall Baby Shower themes here.

7. Boho Baby Shower For Girls

Nest up, one of the all-time favorite Baby Shower themes for girls, a Boho Baby Shower!

Just relax and enjoy the laid-back vibes of picnics, flowing dresses and a gentle breeze! And don’t forget, if the weather isn’t kind, you can always do Boho indoors. Just set up a Boho picnic area in your living room!

Simply serve a beautiful grazing platter for your Guests to nibble at, along with bubbles to sip on. Of course, non-alcoholic for the Mama to be!

8. Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Now, this gorgeous Peter Rabbit Baby Shower by Artsy Party Styling is just so precious!

This soft and sweet Peter Rabbit Baby Shower will be fun for kids and nostalgic for all of the adults. Plus, bigger than life-size cutouts of your favorite characters really bring the idea alive and it’s the perfect backdrop for a springtime party.

If Peter Rabbit is your thing, check out all of the pretty pictures from this party here.

9. Mommy to Bee Baby Shower

If you are looking for a girls baby shower theme that steers away from the pinks, then this could be the one! BEE-utifully styled, this Mommy-to-Bee baby shower is sweet as honey! Remember, yellow and black are the colors of the day, but soften them with browns and creams for a more vintage feel.

Also, this theme works really well as a Gender Reveal. Why not throw a Baby Shower and Gender Reveal in one with this pretty theme. Check out our Mama to Bee Party feature here for heaps more ideas and inspiration.

10. “Up and Away” Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

Inspire your little girl to dream big and let her know that she can be whatever she wants to be before she’s even born. For this Baby Shower girl theme, just think pretty pastels, soft delicate colors, and lots of matt balloons.

Up, up and away is such an inspiring theme for a Baby Shower. And it can be tailored to your own color preferences.

Check out our Up and Away Party feature here for more inspiration for this gorgeous theme.

11. Little Princess Themed Baby Shower

princess baby shower ideas

If you want a girl Baby Shower fit for a princess, then this is the perfect baby shower theme!

And this girl Baby Shower theme goes all out. Of course, pink or purple are a must but balance this out with golds and silvers. In addition, drape gold and pink material over an armchair to create a throne for the mom-to-be. But make sure she also has a crown or tiara to match!

Serve sandwiches cut into the shape of a crown, along with fancy teas. Also create frosted cookies in the shape of a bow, tiara, or royal rattle for this princess theme. And a fancy cake is a must for this girl Shower theme, check out our pick of the best girl Baby Shower cakes here.

12. Floral Themed Girl Baby Shower

So, there’s a baby girl in bloom! And flowers never go out of style! So it’s safe to say that this is a timeless theme that’s relatively easy to decorate if you’re able to get your hands on some lovely fresh (or fake) flowers.

In addition, this theme is also great for an outdoor shower, a Summer Baby Shower. Or even a Drive-by Baby Shower!

13. Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower 

If the thought of tea and cakes fills you with joy, then this is the perfect Baby Shower theme to welcome your new baby girl! Get all of your friends and family together for an afternoon and celebrate with a Tea Party themed baby shower.

best baby shower themes for girls

Of course, we all love a Tea Party Baby Shower that the Mama-to-be will love.! After all, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon and is pretty easy to set up!

Just think of traditional tea, scones and cakes. Then add some vintage china and pretty lace tablecloths and you are ready to go!

And you can ask your Guests to wear their best tea dresses!

14. Farm Girl Baby Shower

Next up in our Baby Shower girl themes, Farm Girl! If you love the outdoor life, then this rustic theme could be a great choice.

If you can, throw this Baby Shower outdoors. Or even in a barn! This way you can get the real farm vibes going. And remember to ask your guests to wear their best farm girl outfits!

More Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

15. Pink Woodland Baby Shower for a Girl

pink bunny baby shower ideas
Credit Ms.Laine Events

Next on the list, this sweet Woodland Baby Shower is a great example of how to make a classic Woodland theme more feminine.

Always use soft pastels and muted tones to create a gentle vibe for this sweet baby Shower.

And add a matching balloon arch for more height and color.Check out our Bunny and Friends Party feature here for more ideas and inspiration.

16. Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower for a Girl

Another classic, a Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower can easily be styled for a girl or a boy.

And this pretty version features soft pink and purple pastels amongst metallics for some shimmer.

Don’t forget to add pretty fairy lights to add to the ambiance. And go starry-eyed for Star Shaped cake toppers and décor!

17. Tropical Themed Girl Baby Shower

If your Baby Shower is in the Summer, or you live in tropical climes, this theme is perfect! Just think hot summer days and even hotter colors!

And a Tropical themed Baby Shower is a perfect choice for a Summer Baby Shower and works well outdoors if you can!

Remember to ask your Guests to wear their best tropical attire for this one! If your Baby Shower is falling in the Summertime, check out these other gorgeous Summer Baby Shower ideas here.

18. Storybook Baby Shower

storybook baby shower ideas
Photo Credit Pink Pistashio

A Storybook Baby Shower is a perfect theme for a family who loves books and loves to read. And you can choose a particular favorite book to base your theme on. Or if your prefer, just have a general “book” theme.

But the best thing about this Baby Shower theme, is you can ask Guests to give a book as a gift. This way you build up a beautiful library of children’s books for your little one before they are even born!

19. Flamingo Baby Shower

Another good one for the summer! Escape to a flamingo paradise with this cute Flamingo Baby Shower theme.

And the hot pinks are perfect for a Summer Baby Shower and work really well with green leafy foliage.

If you can, set this up outdoors to really get the Summer vibes going.

20. Aloha themed Baby Shower

aloha themed baby shower

Lastly. this Aloha themed party was actually a First Birthday. But it can work equally well for a summer Baby Shower theme. With hints of Moana, tropical palms, and pineapples, this Aloha theme will really put a smile on everyone’s face.

21. Dr Seuss Themed Baby Shower

dr seuss themed baby shower for girls
Photo credit 2BalloonChicks

If you are or someone you know is expecting a little “Who” of their own and love these stories, consider having a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower! “The places you will go” is a pretty theme which can be perfectly styled in delicate pastels.

22. Safari Themed Baby Shower For a Girl

If you like the idea of a Safari baby shower theme, then keep it soft and gentle with these pretty pastel shades. What is cuter than baby animals to get everyone in the mood to celebrate your new baby girl!

23. Teddy Bear Baby Shower

we can bearly wait ideas
Photo credit @nedordecor

A Teddy Bear Baby Shower is a super cute idea for a baby girl. Tie it in with a “We Can Bearly Wait” sign, and you have a baby shower theme to love!

24. Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

A Pooh Bear baby shower is a lovely idea for a girl or a boy. You can style the colors to suit your scheme and your guests will love the cute reminders of their childhood!

25. Pink and Grey Baby Shower

This is a cute shower theme for your little ballerina. Go for pinks and greys to add a little originality to the overall pink theme.

26. Mediterranean Themed Baby Shower

This is such a pretty idea for a baby shower and such a nice change to the classic baby shower color schemes we see.

27. Baby Q Baby Shower

If your baby girl’s baby shower is planned for the summer, then a Baby Q is a fun idea. Host a BBQ in your backyard and celebrate your new baby with some sausages and burgers!

28. Swan Baby Shower

The pretty and delicate idea for a girl baby shower is based on swans. Go for pretty oinks and white to bring this theme alive.

Ideas for a Girl Baby Shower Final Note

Planning a baby shower for a new baby girl is the ultimate in fun! Read our article about How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower here. And remember, however you choose to celebrate the arrival of your new baby girl, we wish you every happiness at this special time!

For more Baby Shower ideas, check out our Baby Shower pages here.

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