first birthday ideas for girls

First Birthday Ideas For Girls

best first birthday themes for girls

Sweet First Birthday Ideas for Girls

If you are looking for the best First Birthday ideas for girls, but aren’t sure what theme to choose, don’t worry! We have done the hard work for you!

Of course, throwing your baby girl’s first birthday is a wonderful experience! Celebrate the princess in your life with our favorite ideas for girls’ first birthday parties. A first birthday is a very special celebration and the perfect time to begin some meaningful birthday traditions.

For all the dos and don’ts for planning your Baby’s First Birthday, read our How to Plan a First Birthday feature here. If you are planning a First Birthday party you might want to consider a Smash Cake or a First Birthday time capsule.

If you are looking for the best themes for a baby girls First Birthday, then read on!

Our top themes for the First Birthday ideas for Girls

Peter Rabbit First Birthday Party

Peter Rabbit Baby birthday party for Girls

Artsy Party Styling 

First off, who doesn’t love bunnies? Undoubtedly, a Peter Rabbit party will bring smiles to everyone who attends. Mrs. Puddleduck adds her charm to this storybook-themed first birthday party.

Of course, your little girl will be enchanted by the pretty balloons and colorful figures and flowers. It’s fun times filled with sweet giggles and laughs as you hand out fresh alfalfa sprout-filled baskets to your guests! Plus some baby appropriate healthy treats will also be included. After all, Peter Rabbit was quite the vegetarian!

Check out more pics from this sweet party here.

Aloha Themed First Birthday Party

first birthday ideas for girls

Hello Pretty Events

Next on the list, Aloha and welcome to tropical party time!

Now the bright colors alone will entice smiles from all who attend. How can your little girl resist the funny looking Flamingo and pretty flowers? Simply greet each guest with a Lei, and ask them to wear tropical prints or Hawaiian shirts to complement the festive scene. They will feel transported to the islands with fresh fruit bowls and punch to enjoy while listening to Polynesian background music. Add to the relaxed vibe with “pineapple” donuts and hula dancer figurines.

See more of this cute Aloha party here.

Sweet As A Peach First Birthday

Celebrate your Baby girl turning one with a Sweet As A Peach Party. This is such a pretty theme for a Baby’s first birthday. Plus you can make a Peach-inspired Smash Cake to match! Decorate with peachy tones, pretty flowers, and balloons. You can make this as low-key or as fancy as you like! This is also an adorable theme for twins. After all, what’s sweeter than twin girls turning one!

Whole Lama Fun First Birthday

whole lama fun party ideas

Our Nest Handmade

Next up, it’s a baby llama mama first birthday party for your baby girl!

Festive fans and lines of colorful tassels will adorn any room. Of course, children love these soft and cuddly creatures so place some stuffed llamas within reach and let the fun begin. Cactus shaped cake pops will make for sweet treats. Even create a background of bamboo or wood fencing so all those llamas won’t escape! With the addition of lots of pastel balloons, you can’t go wrong. And this llama themed party will be a joyous celebration of your darling girls first birthday.

Farmers Market First Birthday

twins first birthday party ideas
Photo credit Rootsoutwest

If your family love the countryside, then the rustic vibe of this Farmers Market First Birthday party might be for you. Dress the babies in gingham playsuits and get outdoors for some farm-inspired fun!

One-der Woman First Birthday Party

Wonder Woman First Birthday Party

Lemon & Lime Event Design

Now your little girl will be One-der Woman on her first birthday! Complete with wristbands and a cape, your daughter will be hero of the day. And your little guests can choose their color and fly around the room while feeling their superpowers.

A cityscape will provide the background where these little heroes can do good deeds for those in need. Place extra large balloons in strategic areas to accentuate the extra fun these sweet ones will bring to the party atmosphere. And for her first birthday, this one will surely create some special moments.

Winter One-derland First Birthday Party

winter wonderland party for girls

Bizzie Bee Creations. 

Now this Winter Wonderland party works great in the cooler months! Create a warm luxurious scene for your baby girl’s first birthday whether or not it really is cold outside. The snowy soft atmosphere will spread warmth and cheer to celebrate the special occasion.

Remember to use wintery colors for the decorations and mix in some flameless candles to create a magical ambiance. And the atmosphere joyfully heats up when baby digs into her first birthday cake!

Check out more Winter Wonderland inspo here.

Lil Pumpkin First Birthday Party

Next up, lots of Pumpkins for your Lil Pumpkin! Remember, pumpkins aren’t always for Halloween! Scattering various sized, and shaped pumpkins at your daughter’s first birthday party is a unique and creative concept. And mini pumpkin-flavored cupcakes and treats go well with the theme. 

Gather several pumpkins together on the table with some flowers and flameless candles for the centerpieces. Then cluster some large pumpkins together, give the little guests each a tiny pumpkin to hold, and have a lil Pumpkin themed photoshoot!

Farm Girl First Birthday Party

farm girl first birthday party
Photo credit Lusso Event Styling

Oh my, a Farm Girl First Birthday Party, how cute! For your little girl’s first birthday party, celebrating with a farm theme is so much fun! Understandably, most children are enamored with animals and farm animals have a special attraction.

A big pink barn transports the imagination to looking inside the farmyard home. Little soft toys can be handed out to play with and make-believe. Simply add in animal sounds for even more smiles!

Mermaid First Birthday Party

From seashells to starfish, you are guaranteed to make a splash with a fun mermaid themed first birthday party! You will want aqua balloons galore for this to give that ‘under the sea’ feel.  A tiered cake with sea life decorations and a mermaid topper makes a wonderful focal piece and vases filled with sand and shells add to the beachy feeling. Pass around mermaid and sea turtle-shaped cookies for a snack.

If it’s summer, you can set up a water splash station with a sprinkler and turn on the bubble machine. Check out our Mermaid Party Ideas post for more.

Sunflower First Birthday Party

1st birthday party for girls

@crispfesteria | Cookies @besweetcookieco

You’ll see bright, sunny smiles when your guests arrive to this sunflower themed party for your daughter’s first birthday. From the cake to the canapés, sunflowers will fill the room.

Children are naturally drawn to the warmth that sunflowers give. Decorated cookies and treats keep the cheery style going throughout the party. Pin a sunflower with your little girls’ name to each of your guests. And play pin the petal to the sunflower and enjoy this memorable day.

Tutti Fruitti First Birthday Party

Next up, how about throwing the juiciest party on the block! After all, a fruit theme is so pretty and gives your event a healthy twist. Plus your baby girl will make a perfect little mess with her fruit-decorated smash cake

From fizzy fruit punch to parfaits, your guests’ palettes will be quite satisfied. Simply set pineapples on the tables to make sweet centerpieces. Even place bowls of berries around as tasty little bites, and add a tropical touch by decorating the backdrop with banana leaves and fern fronds. Then add big bunches of light and bright colored balloons to tie the look together!

Alice in One-derland

Fall into Alice’s One-derland with a One-derful whimsical themed first birthday party for your little one!  Stacked teacups, topiaries, clocks, and fairy lights will transport your guests to a dreamy world of imagination. Add lace doilies, big bouquets of flowers, and strands of pearls add a touch of elegance. Even have the adults wear quirky Mad Hatter hats for fun.

If you like finger foods, then serve bite-sized cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and tea. Remember, everyone enjoys a tea party. And no one will want to be late for this very important date!

Check out our Alice in Wonderland party feature here for more ideas.

Princess Themed First Birthday Party

Princess First Birthday Party

Catch My Party

Next up, one for the princesses! And throwing your little girl a princess-themed birthday party is the desire of many parents.  After all, all little girls are princesses, especially on their first birthday. And this royal themed party will be fit for that memorable day.

If pink is your thing, then go all out! Pretty in pink, the castle, peony and rose flowers plus balloons complement the festive atmosphere. Simply add some stars and the magic begins! Little girl guests can wear tiaras to share in the fun. And a luscious pink rose petal cake makes for some great photos when the birthday girl takes her first royal bite!

Final Note

Finally, there are heaps of sweet First Birthday ideas for girls.

Make sure you choose one that works for you and your budget. Of course, our First Birthday Party on a Budget post will help with that! Remember, your Baby will be thrilled just to be around her family and friends!

Whichever way you go, your beautiful little girl will be the belle of the ball, and your guests will be dazzled!

Just remember to take lots of photos! Or create a First Birthday time capsule to commemorate the event!

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