ways to announce pregnancy on social media

Ways to announce your Pregnancy on social media

You’re pregnant! Congrats! Now you might be thinking about ways to announce your pregnancy on social media!

It’s such an exciting time. Among all the joy and anticipation, comes the lovely warm moment -telling your loved ones you’re expecting. With so many people to tell, comes the question of who to tell and how?

You only get one reveal, so make it one to remember! Read on to find out our favorite ways to announce your pregnancy on social media!

When to announce your pregnancy on social media?

Many parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester — around week 13 — to tell friends and family about their pregnancy.

Several factors influence why people wait until this time to share the news. Firstly, pregnancy can be a precarious thing. Often, couples decide to wait until the three-month mark has passed before they share their special news far and wide.

Secondly, nine months is a long time. Savoring the news with your partner can be really special, if you have time to share the news, it can be fun to keep it your little secret.

Still, the most important part of your decision should revolve around what makes you the most comfortable.

How not to announce your pregnancy

Remember, your partner comes first if they don’t find out along with you. Then comes the grandparents, uncles and aunts and your bffs. Work mates and the entire Instagram come last.

You can inadvertently hurt real friends if they only find out at the same time as the internet. Your boss will probably be miffed if they find out after the entire office.

Bear in mind that many family members will appreciate being told your special news in person, especially those close to you.

Keep those pointers in mind and then let your creativity run wild with our top pregnancy reveals!

Best ways to announce your pregnancy on social media

Baby Coming Soon Onesie Flat Lay

How to announce pregnancy on social media

We love this little pitter-pattering, “baby coming” onesie. Create a cute flat lay with a baby toy or pair of tiny socks to make a cute social media pregnancy announcement! Many parents also announce their baby’s gender on social media too. Check out these cute Gender reveal ideas.

Dog Pregnancy Announcement

dog pregnancy announcement

Who doesn’t love dressed up dogs? Tie this pregnancy reveal bib around your dog and let them run around spreading the joy for you. What better way to announce your baby, then with your other precious little one? For more dog announcement ideas, check our post on Gender Reveals with dogs. Lots of the ideas work well for a pregnancy announcement too!

Digital Pregnancy Announcements

digital pregnancy announcement
social media digital pregnancy announcement

It’s easy to craft the perfect post to reveal your pregnancy with these downloadable images. And they are even personalized with your Baby’s details! Check out these super easy, super professional and fun templates. A very cool way to do a social media pregnancy reveal.

Pregnancy Reveal T-shirts (for the whole family!)

ways to announce your pregnancy on social media

We love these sweet t-shirts.

Get the whole family dressed up in them, take a cool pic and post to social media! That way, the entire family is involved in the reveal. Siblings love to be involved. We even created a whole post about involving siblings in your reveal, check it out here. Plus you all look super cute!

Baby on board pregnancy reveal hat

Working along the same lines as the t-shirt reveal, spruce up your pregnancy announcement with a helping hat.

Pop on the hat and find a pretty location for a photo. Just remember to tilt your head down so we can see the wording!

 Quarantine baby

Ok, this isn’t really different from the t-shirt reveal, but this t-shirt is so adorable it had to get it’s own mention. Combing the world’s love of friends with the realities of quarantine, if it doesn’t bring laughter, your loved ones need to watch some Friends, yesterday!

Mom and Dad are getting me a human

Let your dog do the work again, with this sweet slate. Have some doggy treats on hand to get your four legged friend pose with this cute sign. For more adorable dog ideas, check out our Gender Reveal with Dogs post.

At the end of the day, sharing your good news with the world is exciting. Telling loved ones is even more delicious. Make the most of the opportunity to have some fun and double the delight!

How did you reveal your pregnancy? Share with us your fave pregnancy announcement – or the horror stories where word got out to the wrong people first.

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