Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party – Best Gender Reveal Themes

If you are looking for ideas for a Gender Reveal Party, then you are in the right place!

A Gender Reveal Party is one of the most exciting parties to throw. After all, we all love finding out the gender of a new arrival and celebrating a pregnancy with the parents-to-be. As much as we love old wives tales, to actually share the moment of finding our a baby’s gender is so special!

And there are so many fun Gender Reveal ideas for the big reveal, but you can also theme your party lots of different ways.

Best Themes And Ideas For A Gender Reveal Party

There are lots of pretty Gender Reveal Party themes to choose from. Of course there is the traditional Pink or Blue, but there are so many more options! So we have put together our top 15 Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party to help you pick the best Gender Reveal Party theme!

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are

Now if you are a nursery rhyme fan or love anything twinkly, a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Gender Reveal is a good option.

Gender Reveal games and Gender Reveal food all add to the fun!

This can be a glam affair by adding pretty touches of gold and silver. Or go for pastel pinks and blues for a softer, more whimsical feel like party stylist Paper Porcelana has done here to create this stunning setup.

Or go slightly more rustic with the chalkboard style backdrop. Either way, a Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal is sure to be cute!

2. What Will Baby Bee?

What Will Baby Bee is one of my favorite ideas for a Gender Reveal Party. This theme works especially well in the Spring and the Summer but is also a year-round favorite.

Go to town with the Bee styling with Bee cupcakes, honey pots, yellow flowers and greenery. If you can take this party outdoors, it works even better!

Add an oversized balloon arch like Wow My Party has done in this amazing setup for a big pop of color and height.

3. He or She, What’s the Scoop?

Now this is a gorgeous ideas for a Gender Reveal Party in the summer. Hire an ice-cream cart and have your guests choose strawberry or blueberry ice cream to cast their vote before you make the big reveal.

This pretty setup by Events Ivy showcases how to really embrace this theme!

And go for soft pastels and muted tones to create a pretty color scheme.

4. Ties or Tutus

If you want to move away from the traditional pink and blue, then Ties or Tutus is a good idea for a Gender Reveal. Just pair cute ties with pretty tutus for a twist on the traditional.

5. Buck or Doe

Buck or Doe is a great Gender Reveal Party theme for the Fall, for outdoor enthusiasts or for those wanting an animal-based theme. You can stick with pinks and blues or bring in a bit of camouflage to really get the outdoors vibes going!

Add some greenery and rustic wood party decor to really set the scene for this Gender Reveal Party.

6. Taco Bout a Baby Gender Reveal

A Taco Gender Reveal is a real fiesta party. Go bold with a bright and beautiful color scheme and add some gold for real shimmer and sparkle. Serve tacos with simple fillings and delicious fruit punches. Executive Chic Events have nailed the styling here their gorgeous setup! For more Taco Bout A Baby Party ideas, check out our feature here.

And make sure you reveal your Baby’s gender with a Pinata! See here for how to make your own.

7. Navy and Pink Gender Reveal

Our next idea for a Gender Reveal party, is this stylish Pink and Navy option. Adding navy into the mix adds a touch of grown up glamour and depth to the color scheme.

Continue the navy into the food with navy cupcake cases, favor boxes and florals. Neema and Co have created this upmarket and sophisticated party set with with some little touches of gold.

8. Little Mister or Little Sister Gender Reveal

Little Mister or Little Sister works well for a Gender Reveal theme for a second child. Set the pinks and blues against a black background like this cute Gender Reveal box, or soften it with more rustic browns and beige.

Make your own simple Gender Reveal box with our easy to follow guide.

9. Cupcake or Stud Muffin

A Cupcake or Stud Muffin Gender Reveal works well as a tea party type event. Simply ask your Guests to choose a cupcake (for girls) or a muffin (for boys) to cast their vote before you make the big reveal.

Of course, a Gender reveal cake is perfect for this party, check out the best Gender Reveal cake ideas here.

10. Beards or Bows

For this Gender Reveal party theme, get your Guests to vote with their mouths! These cute Beards and Bows cookies from Sugar and Heart Bakery set alongside the pretty chalkboard, make a great voting station for your Gender Reveal.

11. Touchdowns or Tutus

Touchdowns or Tutus is a fun theme for a sporty family. Simply contrast the styling with ballet accessories and football gear to make a Gender Reveal your friends are sure to remember!

12. Little Prince or Little Princess

Little Prince or Little Princess is always popular in the year a Royal baby is born! However, it’s pretty spot on for most parents who are welcoming their previous arrival.

Of course, you can go for full on glamour with this theme, think crowns, thrones and elaborate styling. If that’s not your thing, you can par it back a little and go more low key. Basic Decor and Treats have nailed the styling here with a navy and pink theme.

13. Waddle it be?

Now, Waddle It Be can be themed two ways. Either go with a duck theme, like this stunning Waddle It Be cake by De la Creme Studio. Or go with a Penguin theme like this cute option below.

Of course the Penguin theme works best for a Winter party and you can style it up with snowflakes, twinkly lights and your favorite wintry decor.

14. Team Pink or Team Blue

Another good one for sports fans or those with a competitive streak, Team Pink or Team Blue encourages some friendly competition among your guests. Remember to add some fun Gender Reveal Games for some team activities.

15. Staches or Lashes Gender Reveal

Another great option is Staches or Lashes. And you can style this traditionally but it also works well with a more contemporary color scheme. Check out our Staches or Lashes feature for more ideas.

16. Classic Boy or Girl

If themes aren’t really your thing, go classic with a simple Girl or Boy theme! Both of these pretty outdoor setups take all of the fun of the Gender Reveal to your backyard. And perfect for the summertime!

17. Harry Potter Gender Reveal

harry potter gender reveal party

If you are Harry Potter fans, then a Harry Potter themed gender reveal is great fun! Use the sorting hat to help announce the baby’s gender, or mix up a potion in a huge cauldron for the big reveal.

18. What’s The Scoop Gender Reveal

A What’s The Scoop Gender Reveal is basically an ice cream theme so works great in the warmer months. Serve your Guests pink and blue ice cream, they can make their predictions via their choice. And make the big reveal with a Gender Reveal cake.

Whichever theme you go for, remember to include some fun Gender Reveal games, an exciting Gender Reveal and maybe a cake. Of course, a Gender Reveal Party is always a party to remember, so get your cameras ready and enjoy the fun!

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