Best Gender Reveal Boxes

Ready made Gender Reveal Balloon Boxes!

Are you awaiting the arrival of a new Baby? If so, you’ve probably been SO excited to find out the gender! If you are planning a Gender Reveal Party, we have our top list of the Best Gender Reveal Boxes.

Of course, Gender reveal parties are a huge trend right now because they are such a special day! Getting to have your family and friends find out at the same time, seeing your reaction and everyone’s eyes lighting up! It is definitely a day to remember.

What is a Gender Reveal Box?

Put simply, a Gender Reveal box is a box in which you (or the host), hides pink or blue helium balloons. Then, to announce your Baby’s gender, you open the box and watch as the pink or blue balloons float out and make the big reveal!

Best Gender Reveal Boxes

If you want buy a ready made Gender Reveal Box, there are some great options available.

So, here are our top ready made Gender Reveal Boxes.

Our first option is this Gender Reveal box, which is a good size at 18 x 18 x 24″ and can hold 7-8 inflated balloons. It comes with “no peeking” stickers to seal the lid and has Congratulations printed on the inside!

Now, this option requires a little DIY! But don’t worry, it’s still super easy! Simply grab a large box, download this cute Pink or Blue Gender Reveal Box sign, cut out and stick on! Simple!

Now, if black is your thing, then this black Gender Reveal box is 17 x 17 x 24″ and will hold 8 inflated balloons. The color scheme is bold and eye-catching. Plus it works well with most Gender Reveal themes.

If you are looking for a luxury option, check out this Gender Reveal Balloon Explosion box! It comes complete with heart, marble and pearl balloons with the option of an “It’s a Girl” balloon too. Plus it’s a big one, at 50 x 50 x 50″!

Finally, this petite Gender Reveal Box is a good option if you want a smaller sized box. At 7 x 7″, it can stand easily on a tabletop so it works well for a more intimate reveal.

Can I make my own Gender Reveal Box?

You sure can! And it’s super easy! Check out our 2 min video below for how to make your own DIY Gender Reveal Box!

So, there you have it! Above all, we hope this was useful and that you are now ready to on with your Gender Reveal party!

For more ideas on how to reveal your Baby’s Gender, read our best Gender Reveal ideas.

And we hope you have the best Gender Reveal Party ever!

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