diy baby shower decorations

DIY Baby Shower Decorations (that are stylish and affordable)

A new baby on the way is without a doubt an exciting and special time for the parents to be and their loved ones.  A Baby Shower is often an event thrown to celebrate such an occasion.  If you or someone you know is planning a Baby Shower, you know that the themes and decoration ideas are endless, therefore could become overwhelming. 

If you love to DIY, have a budget in mind or just need a few stylish ideas, we got you!  Here are some of our top DIY baby shower decorations!

diy baby shower decorations ideas

10 DIY Baby Shower Decorations That Are Pretty and Affordable

Balloon Arch

diy balloon arch decorations

Top of the list for DIY Baby Shower decorations is a balloon arch. A balloon arch always adds a “WOW” factor to any party. Plus it makes a great backdrop idea, and they are easier to make than you think. 

When creating a DIY balloon arch first consider the shape you want to make it.  For example, an L or U shape.  Then, choose your color scheme and any additional accents you wish to include like flowers. Later, purchase your balloons, a balloon pump, fishing line, a blunt sewing needle, and hooks.  Finally, blow the balloons up and start to assemble by threading the fishing line through the balloons into the shape you desire and place the balloons where you want. 

Voila, you are done! Find all the details for how to make a Balloon Arch here.

Baby Clothes Bunting Decorations

baby clothes bunting diy baby shower decorations

Another good idea for DIY Baby Shower backdrop is bunting.

Pretty Baby clothes make super cute DIY Baby Shower decorations!  Consider a Baby Clothes Bunting at your Baby Shower.  Basically, find a rope or sturdy string, some pretty clothespins, and a variety of baby clothesTiny baby socks together with sleepers and onesies would make the perfect baby clothes garland for your shower. Mix and match colors or stick to one. Either way, it will be adorable! 

pretty clothespins

Garden Flower Arrangement

diy flowers for baby shower

Love flowers? Well, guess what, you don’t need a florist to help with flowers for your Baby Shower.  You can make your own garden flower arrangement. 

Firstly, you need a vase and some floral wire or floral tape to help keep the stems in place.  Secondly, gather some garden greenery from plants or shrubs.  Thirdly, find a few large focus flowers along with some medium-sized flowers and accent or filler flowers. Next, start with placing the greenery in the vase followed by placing the focus flowers on both edges and in the center.  Finally, add the medium-sized flowers and then fill in any holes with the smaller flowers.  Beautiful, quick easy, and versatile!    

Diaper Cake

diy baby shower decorations diaper cake

A diaper cake is a great DIY baby shower decoration idea!  All you need is an old paper towel roll, rubber bands, and around 60 newborn diapers.  You may also want to have a few additional accents or ribbons to tie in a theme or add some color. 

The first thing to do is roll up all the diapers and secure them with rubber bands. Using the paper towel roll, place rolled-up diapers around it and then add an additional ring around those diapers and the paper towel holder. You can use a pretty plate or board as a base. Eventually, you will add other layers to the diaper cake and secure it.  Finally, decorate! 

If you want to buy a ready-made decoration kit for your diaper cake, this one is only $9.99 from Amazon is pretty and comes in 3 different color schemes.

diaper cake kit

You could also try making a diaper wreath to match.  A fun and practical piece of décor!  

Watercolor Balloons

DIY watercolor balloons are a unique and pretty spin on traditional balloons.  All you need is a helium tank, ribbon, water, acrylic paint, paint plate, paintbrush and of course, white balloons.

Once balloons are blown up, flip the balloon over so the knot is facing up.  Dip your brush into water (to thin the paint) and then the paint and paint part of your balloon to about halfway up.  Continue to paint your balloons with different colors, overlapping them as you go to give that watercolor effect.  Once complete, tie a ribbon on the end, let them fully dry, and then decorate.

No Sew Bunting Flags

no sew bunting flags

Another creative and simple idea is No-Sew Bunting Flags.  These flags are the perfect way to add a pop of color and fun to any Baby Shower!   Don’t have fabric?  No problem!  Printed paper is a more economic way of making this and is available at any local craft store. 

Once you have your paper, measure out your flags to the size you want.  Then cut out your flags, attach them to ribbon using a hot glue gun, and hang them up!  Super cute and simple! 

Giant Baby Blocks

These giant baby blocks are a wonderful addition to any Baby Shower decorations and cheap to make!  All you need is ABC letter templates, cardstock, cardboard boxes, and some spray paint.  In summary, with a little bit of time and effort, you will have these awesome baby blocks that can be used for photo ops or to decorate the gift table.    

Flower Garland Wall Hanging

flower garland for baby shower decorations
Various fresh herbs hanging on a leash

Another easy yet beautiful DIY baby shower decorations idea is a flower garland wall hanging. These garlands can basically dress up any mantel, be hung in a door frame, or make the perfect backdrop. 

All you need is a long twig or branch, a variety of dried flowers or sprigs, twine and something to cut with.  Start with tying the flowers or greenery together using the twine, making garland that will dangle down.  Then tie each garland to the branch.  Fasten knots using the twine on either end of the twig and hang up your beautiful DYI wall hanging where you see fit! Beautiful DYI wall hanging where you see fit!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

tissue paper pompoms
Cute tissue color pompoms for a party or festive event

Tissue paper pom poms are not only a cost-effective way to decorate, but they also really add a magical ambiance to any Baby Shower! Now you can DIY these yourself from scratch, but they are cheap and easy to buy ready-made and all you have to do is assemble them.

Wishes for Baby

Often Baby Showers also have games and activities for the guests to do.  Why not take an activity and turn it into part of the decorations? A Wishes for Baby wall would be a wonderful way to add to the décor but also allow guests to give advice or share their hopes for the new baby and their parents. 

Have pretty pieces of paper cut out for guests to write their messages on with colorful pens.  Tape them to a wall or have them hang on garland using clothes pins. Remind the Mom to be to take them home to cherish after the Baby Shower.

DIY Baby Shower Decorations Final Note

So when the time comes and you are throwing a DIY Baby Shower, consider these DIY Baby Shower decoration ideas.  They are fun, frugal and will definitely add to any event.  Enjoy the special day celebrating your baby!

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