When to have a Baby Shower

If you are wondering when to have a Baby Shower, you are not alone! Many Moms-to-be are not sure when is the best time to have a Baby Shower. Read on for our tops tips for when to have a Baby Shower.

when to have a baby shower

When to have a Baby Shower

Generally, the best time for a Baby Shower is considered to be somewhere at the beginning to the middle of your third trimester. In other words, somewhere around 6-8 months into your pregnancy.

Many Moms-to-be find this to be a good time for their energy levels meaning they are feeling excited about socializing. Usually, a Baby Shower is around 2-3 hours long, so leaving it too late unto your pregnancy could mean your energy levels aren’t up to it!

Best time to have a Baby Shower

Ideally, you want to be far enough along to have a good-sized bump for your Guests to admire!  Around 7 months is a great time for your bump to be beautifully rounded! And hopefully without you feeling too uncomfortable as can happen towards the end!

And don’t worry too much about the time of year your Baby Shower fall in. After all, there are gorgeous Baby Shower themes for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Infact you could even throw an Easter, Halloween or Christmas Baby Shower if you wanted!

Allow time to set up your Baby Registry

You also want to have had time to organize a Baby Registry and add to it all of the Baby items you will need. This means your Guests can easily buy you Baby Shower Gifts that you actually need. There’s a lot of essentials that new Baby needs and a Baby Shower Gift registry is a great way to get organized.

Don’t leave it too late!

If you plan your Baby Shower too close to your due date, you might run the risk of your little one arriving before your shower! You could then change your party into a Sip and See Party, but you would miss out on your Baby Shower! This has happened to a few Mamas I know!

Another problem with leaving your Baby Shower until your new baby is almost here is making sure that you have all the things you need. Baby Showers are great for all the Baby essentials, but there are often bits and pieces that you aren’t gifted and will need to buy. It’s great to have a few weeks to be able to sort out these things before your baby comes, especially if they are larger items.

The best time to have a Baby Shower depends on your circumstances

Many Moms-to-be have work commitments or family or holiday arrangements that must be taken into account when planning their Baby Shower. Sometimes, if you are hosting your event at a venue, you may be limited by the dates they can offer. Some Mom’s Showers are limited by the dates that key family members or best friends are available. If Christmas falls within the period you might want to have your Baby Shower, you may decide to opt for an earlier or later shower. This way you will be able to spread out the celebrations and not exhaust yourself!

In short, many Mamas need to be flexible when planning their Shower and ultimately the best time for a Baby Shower is a personal choice.

best time to have a baby shower

When should you have a Baby Shower?

We asked our community what they thought about the best time to have Baby Shower. Here’s what they said…

For me around 7 months was ideal. I did that with my first son. I wanted to not feel tired and have time to get the stuff I still needed. Also, I wanted a good size bump for people to enjoy. It’s funny how much people enjoy your bump! Cassie H.

Having mine in late April. I’m due at the beginning of June. I’m a teacher and in a testing grade at that so May is a super hectic month being testing time and the end of the year so that’s why I decided to have my Shower in April. Alesia D.

With my last pregnancy, we decided to do it at 36 weeks because my middle daughter was born at 37 weeks but I end up having an emergency c section at 35 weeks the day before my Shower and we had to cancel it. Barbara H.

Around 6 weeks before the baby is due. I’m due May 14 and having my shower on April 5. I chose the ‘April showers bring May flowers’ theme because it just makes sense lol. Sarah H.

“Seven months was the perfect timing for me…”

I’m having mine at 31 weeks March 21st. I just chose the month and worked off my parents/parent in law schedule. I also am having a c section in may so I didn’t want it to be too late. Then we have time to purchase items and set up ready for bub to be here. Naomi B.

March 21st so I will be exactly 6 weeks from our due date. Kirsty B.

Seven months was the perfect time for me. I wanted to allow enough time after the Shower to buy any other Baby things we still needed. And at seven months I wasn’t too tired either so it was a good time. Claire S.

Mine was organized by work colleagues at 34 weeks. It was the last week of the school term. It was actually a surprise so I didn’t have any say in the timings! Jane S.

Mine was at 32 weeks which was the best time for a Baby Shower for us. Our bub was born 5 weeks early so I am glad we didn’t wait any longer! Katy P.

I had a surprise Shower organized by a good friend. It was 2 weeks before the baby was due.  I nearly didn’t go as I didn’t know it was actually a party. I thought it was just a catch up for a cup of tea and canceled at the last minute as I was feeling so tired! She had to let the secret out to get me to get ready and get round there!! Liz E.

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