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Baby Shower Invitation Wording, How To Write A Baby Shower Invite

A new baby is an exciting time for not only the parents to be, but also all their friends and family.  Often, when a baby is coming, a Baby Shower is thrown to celebrate the new addition and show love and support to the parents.  No matter who is hosting the event, a Baby Shower invitation is an important item to create and send out to potential guests.  If you are wondering what Baby Shower invitation wording to use, keep reading.  We break down some ideas to help you write the perfect Baby Shower invitation!

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette 

baby shower invite wording

Before creating a Baby Shower invitation, there are some key pieces of information that must be determined before you start. These details should be ironed out weeks if into months before the intended date.  Below are some items to consider.

The Date

The date of the shower is one of the most important pieces of information for guests to know so they can mark it on their calendars!  A Baby Shower is usually within the 3rd trimester for the Mom-to-be.  See how she has been feeling and go from there.  It may be better to host the Shower one to two months before the due date to give the Mom plenty of time to get ready for baby as well as allow her to rest as she gets farther along.  

Picking a weekend day may also be best to ensure most people can attend, especially if travel is involved. If doing a virtual Baby Shower, the date may be more flexible but ensure you pick a time that works for most guests. 

The Location

what to write on a baby shower invitation

Sometimes it may be easier to determine where the Shower will be held before even picking the date to ensure the space is available.  Firstly, figure out the number of guests you plan to invite. Secondly, decide if you will host at someone’s house or will need to rent a space.  Thirdly, pick a date that works for the Mom to be and book it!

The Time  

Next you need to decide on time.  Baby Showers are usually between 2 and 3 hours in length. This allows enough time for mingling, gifts, games and food.  Decide if you want to host the Shower over a meal like brunch or keep it more as an afternoon thing with snacks to enjoy.

Your Baby Shower Theme

Whether you are sticking to pink or blue or doing a baby animal or Dr. Suess Shower, having a theme is always fun!  Once chosen, use the theme to inspire you when it comes to your invitation design and wording.  If you can do a play on words, even better! There are so many fun themes to choose from, you can even tailor the theme to the time of year, for example a Fall Baby Shower.  

Your Baby Registry Details

In addition to the event details, including where the Mom to be is registered is an important piece of info to include.  This will allow guests to easily find what she needs. For some examples of baby registries check out our Best Baby Registries post.  Similarly, perhaps the Mom to be is into thrifting or recycling items so maybe you may want to include that they welcome gently used gifts too.

Host & RSVP Date

One last thing to mention is your Baby Shower invitation should include an RSVP date.  Chose a date that will give you enough time to prepare everything for the Shower based on the final number of guests.  You also need to say to whom to RSVP to as well as a way to do so.   

Other Details You May Want To Include

Some Baby Shower invitation wording may include some other details too.  

You may want to include details of a Diaper Raffle.  If this is the case, for sure check out our diaper raffle wording ideas to get you started.

Furthermore, some Baby Showers will ask guests to bring their favorite book instead of a card.  Guests can write sweet messages to the little one that can be read for years to come.  This is a nice way to grow the child’s library too.  Below is an example of what you can include:

“Just one last request, and we hope it’s not hard. Please bring baby a book instead of a card. By signing your book we will remember and share, your special gift, even when you’re not there!”

When To Send Out Your Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower invitation wording ideas

Whether this is a Baby Shower for friends, family, co-workers or a combination of many, send the Baby Shower invitations out with as much notice as possible.  Connect with the parents to be on who they wish to attend and gather any contact information you require.  If doing a paper invitation, you will need their home address.  If doing a evite, their e-mail or social media information will be needed.  With enough time, this will ensure guests can plan ahead in order to make it as well as give everyone something to get excited about!

Where To Buy Your Baby Shower Invitations

In theory you can purchase Baby Shower invitations from almost anywhere from dollar stores to party stores.  You can also order them online from awesome companies like Minted who allow you to choose from many designs as well as customize your invites with ease. For other Baby Shower invitation ideas, check out our post here.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Now onto Baby Shower invitation wording!  Baby Shower invitation wording can be short and sweet, rhyming, funny and anything else you chose.  Always ensure you include who the Baby Shower is for. 

Examples may include saying  “ You are invited to celebrate_____” or “A shower in honor of_____.”

You must also include the date, time and location etc. mentioned above.  Here are some ideas for Baby Shower invitation wording:  

Baby Girl Baby Shower Invitation Wording

tutu excited baby shower invite

A little girl is so lovely to celebrate.  When looking for wording to include on the Shower invitation, think of pink, pretty and sweet!

its a girl baby shower invite wording

Baby Boy Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Expecting a little boy to join the crew? Then, consider using these boy shower invitation wording ideas!

its a boy baby shower invitation

Gender Neutral Invitation Wording

If the gender of the baby is a surprise or you just want a more neutral theme, keep your shower invitation wording gender neutral like these ideas below: 

sunshine baby shower invite

Multiples Invitation Wording

twins baby shower invitation

If the baby shower is for more than one wee one, then consider using one of these ideas for their baby shower invitation:

Couples Shower Invitation Wording

how to word a baby shower invitation

Not all Baby Showers have to be for the ladies only! Some parents to be may opt to host a co-ed Baby Shower to celebrate with the ladies and the lads in their life.  The following are some ideas if you chose this route:

Sprinkle Shower Invitation Wording

Sometimes families who already have a child, chose to have a “sprinkle” instead of a shower.  A Baby Sprinkle is a way to welcome the new addition but also give any items the family may still need like diapers. A Diaper Raffle is a great idea you could include at a Baby Sprinkle! Here are some examples of wording for a Baby Sprinkle:

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Summary

When it comes to Baby Shower invitation wording,  you can be as classic or as creative as you chose to be. Keep in mind who the Shower is in honour of, who the guests are and the theme of the shower. 

As long as you have the key details such as the date, location and time included, you don’t need to stress, just have fun with the wording you chose! 

For more tips on planning your Baby Shower please visit our post here. Enjoy this special event and congratulations on the little one!

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