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Going Away Party Ideas – 10 ideas for the best Leaving Party

Thinking of going away party ideas can be daunting. These are sentimental activities because it’s hard to say goodbye to people you care about. Yet it’s also a chance to make your loved ones feel special.  Spend some memorable time together that you will treasure for a lifetime. Check the ideas that we’ve compiled below and throw the most fun going away party ever!

Going Away Party Etiquette

Do you need to give a gift to the person leaving? Absolutely! Before launching you’re going away party ideas, remember these factors when deciding on what to give.

  1. Don’t bring something your loved one won’t need. Most of the time the person leaving is packing up and getting rid of a lot of stuff already.
  2. Ask. They might be something they need for travel or in the new place they’re moving to. Give something that they can use.
  3. Give them something to remember you by. Something compact and easy to store that they can easily take with them wherever they go.

Going Away Party Ideas Top Tips

going away party themes

1.   Create a guest list.

This is a top priority as this will determine a lot of other factors like venue, theme, and food. Know how many people will attend the party. Categorize them through friends, family, schoolmates, and workmates.

2.   Decide on a theme.

A theme will help your party be organized and fun. This will help you cement the going away party idea you have in mind. Décor, costume, and even food will all be based on your theme. Choose something close to your guest of honor’s heart.  If you’re sending your son off to college, host a party with the future school’s color. If someone’s moving to Miami, host a beach party theme. Check out our ultimate list of party theme ideas here.

3.   Decide on food.

Whether it’s a potluck, catered, cooked, or ordered food, the main goal is to get everybody fed.  Serve your food buffet style so you won’t need servers. Make sure there’s plenty of food for second and third helpings. If it’s a whole day affair, then the food’s got to be more!

4.   Plan activities for your guests.

Depending on your theme, create a list of stuff that your guests can do to keep them entertained. Prepare games, and a program to follow through. A photo booth is a failsafe option for any type of party. You can rent a photo booth or just create your own with a backdrop and some props.

5.   Elect roles

Like any other party, it will be very stressful if this is only handled by one person.  Talk to everyone involved and have separate people in charge of food, guest list, décor, music, etc. Making the party a collaborative effort will make your guest of honor feel more loved.

Going Away Party Ideas – Our Favorite Going Away Party Themes

Color-Themed Going Away Party

Can’t think of a unique going away party idea just yet? This is one of the easiest and last-minute options even for a rushed party. And it is also great if your guests aren’t into theme-based parties. Plus this is also saving time and effort on preparation while still giving the party an organized feel.

Check out these color coordination suggestions that you can try:

  • Flag Colors (of the country your guest of honor is traveling to)
  • School Colors (of the school you’re sending your child off to)
  • Classic Black and Gold
  • Simple White and Black
  • Earth Toned Cream and Neutral

Packing Party

packing party

This is the most practical and low-key type of party. You come into your friend’s place and help them out with packing their stuff. Alleviating the stress of organizing everything before moving day is sometimes the best gift that you can give to a friend. Make packing time memorable by popping a bottle of champagne and ordering pizza after.

Going Away Picnic Party

going away party idea

Picnic parties are simple and laid back, yet memorable. It’s versatile as you can set it up practically anywhere – at a winery, a nearby park, or even in your backyard. Champagne, sandwiches or cold beer, and pizza are great food to bring to a picnic party. Prepare everything in advance like picnic mats, plates, cups, and tissue paper. And if the weather is not on your side, an indoor picnic can work just as well.

Luau Party

Throw a luau-themed party if the person leaving is outgoing and charismatic and would love a fabulous party. This is perfect for huge crowds, with the venue being beachside or poolside. Food also overflows with mouth-watering delicacies like roast pigs, summer salads, and a tiki bar! Check out these fun luau ideas here.

College-Themed Going Away Party

If your child is going to college, this is the perfect theme to make them feel how much you support their choice. It’s also a great way to get them excited (and less sad) to leave and start a new phase in their life. Invite friends, family, and former and future schoolmates! Decorate with the college’s logo, sports jersey, and even mascot!

Military Send-Off

military send off party

This theme is solely for a loved one leaving for military service. Let them know how proud you are of them by inviting your closest friends and family to this unique party. Decorate with military emblems and colors, and give military-style gifts. Also, the best gift that you can give at this event is care packages that your loved ones can use as they start training.  

Sailing Away Party

Throw a sailboat-themed party if your loved one will leave for his work with the ocean. (Coast Guard, Navy, etc.). Serve a seafood menu, sing sailing songs, and decorate anchors, captains’ wheels, and have everyone dressed up as sailors! “Pin the rudder on the sailboat” is one fun game that you can do to keep everyone entertained.

Bon Voyage Party

For a loved one going away for a long vacation, this is a party to wish them fun and enjoyment. You can also use this theme even if the person is simply moving away and not on vacation. Bon Voyage parties are unique, especially with décor. Travel signs, globe lanterns, world maps, and banners are a must.

Future Destination Party

ideas for a going away party

‘Out with the old and in with the new’.  Get your loved one excited about what’s waiting for them at the place or country they’re moving to. Decorate your venue accordingly, including famous food from the future place, famous landmarks, and music. This will let you and your loved one enjoy a piece of the place together even for a brief moment. Who knows, maybe one day you can visit them to experience the country for real?

Virtual Going Away Party

Many companies nowadays operate online and rarely see each other in person. If a co-worker is leaving the company to pursue a different career, you can still throw them a party – virtually! Going away party ideas don’t need to be always in person. It’s like your usual zoom meetings but grander and more fun! This way you can also show your appreciation for what the person has contributed to the group and your support for their future endeavours.

Film a video tribute

Have the rest of the group create individual video messages and weave them into one touching video clip. Use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to add background music and fun transitions. This is something that you can send as a gift from the whole team and your coworker can always rewatch it whenever they miss your group.

Display Personalized Zoom Backgrounds

During the virtual party, ask your teammates to make their backgrounds a tribute to your leaving coworker. Use photos you have with them, or use their favorite movie, character, or color. This will be a fun ice breaker as you start the party and will probably keep a conversation going throughout.

Play Virtual Farewell Party Bingo

This is a fun customized Bingo card specially created for a farewell party. It’s interactive and will surely have every one the time of their life playing. Give each teammate this link to a card generator from teambuilding.com. Get everyone to listen to conversation cues and mark off their cards until someone is declared a winner.

Going Away Party Ideas Final Note

With these going away party ideas in mind, no matter who shows up, and even if little mishaps occur, your party is going to be one for the books. You’ve put time and effort and it will surely be much appreciated.

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