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Quinceanera Themes – 14 gorgeous Quinceanera ideas

A Quinceanera is not only a very important time in a young woman’s life in many Latin cultures, but it is also a grand party.  Similar to a Sweet 16 celebration, this event is held in honor of her 15th birthday.  There is a religious aspect to the event but also it acts as a rite of passage from childhood to womanhood.   Feast, family, friends, as well as dancing, are all components of such an event.  A Quinceanera is a big party, and who doesn’t like a party?  To make your Quinceanera stand out, consider incorporating one of these fun quinceanera themes below!   

Best Quinceanera Themes

Princess Theme Quinceanera

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A young girl wants to feel like a princess during her Quinceanera.  A beautiful ball gown and in addition a tiara, are often on their must-have list.  A princess-themed Quinceanera is a popular choice. This quince theme could include all things pink and pretty, as well as sparkles galore!  Don’t forget a thrown for the celebrated princess to sit on and get her quince court to dress in their finest attire

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Paris Theme Quince

Another popular theme for a Quinceanera is Parisian Quinceanera themes.  This theme is not only romantic but chic too. Incorporate decor inspired by the Eiffel Tower or set the venue up like a Parisian café.  In fact, add flower arrangements and candles as a centerpiece to add to the ambiance.   

Masquerade Theme

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If looking for a little mystery, a masquerade ball is the perfect choice for a quinceañera party idea! To sum up, everyone in attendance will wear a mask, showcasing their personalities.  Furthermore, a masquerade party is often dramatic with beautiful drapery and candelabras.  Feathers and beads also add to the effect.   

Black and White Theme

Nothing says classic like a black and white event!  Have guests wear these shades for a classy look. Top hats coupled with long black gloves for the ladies would be stylish.  Feather boas are fun too!  Finally, add black lace accents to white linens and enjoy the classic atmosphere!

Great Gatsby Theme

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What about a roaring 1920’s inspired event?  For those who love this era or books such as the Great Gatsby, this could be perfect! Decorate with a black and gold color scheme and add a vintage feel with fringe, beads as well as with headbands and vests.

Winter Wonderland Theme

Another beautiful quinceañera theme is a Winter Wonderland.  Whether the birthday girl is born during the winter months or not, this theme is elegant for any time of year!   Colors could include white, silver and pastel blue and of course sparkles!  To finish, add snowflakes and white lights for extra excitement.

Under the Sea Theme

If the birthday girl is a fan of the ocean, then an under the sea theme may be right for her.  Firstly, picture a room full of beautiful blue shades including turquoise.  Next, sea shells, in addition to pearls and starfish, will bring the party to on the ocean floor! 

Garden Party Theme

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Similarly, to a quinceañera, spring represents new beginnings and growth.  A garden party theme is a lovely way to celebrate such an occasion.  Flowers, as well as greenery, would bring this party to life.  Consider including butterflies and birds into the décor.  Lastly, ask guests to wear fascinators or big hats for a tea party feel!

Country Western Theme

Not every quinceañera has to be fancy or lavish!  If you are looking for a more casual theme for example, a country-western theme may the best pick.  Cowboy boots, jeans and plaid would be great for guests to wear to get into the spirit.  Drinks served in mason jars while there is a barbeque and corn roast helps sets the tone.  Sunflowers and hay bales would be a nice touch too!

Hollywood Theme

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Without a doubt, the glitz and glam of Hollywood never gets old!   Not just the birthday girl will feel like a star at a Hollywood quinceañera.  Ask guests to wear their most fancy gear and also lay out a red carpet for their arrival for extra glamour.  Additionally, hire some “paparazzi” to capture the nights special moments!

Fairy Tale Theme

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Perhaps the young lady celebrating her quinceañera is a fan of stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or also Alive in Wonderland.  If so, a fairy tale theme would be a great choice!  Add elements of these stories to your event like tea cups seen in Alive in Wonderland.  Pick pastel palettes for your décor and make it whimsical!

Favourite Book Theme

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Generally speaking, inspiration for a theme can come from anywhere!  If the birthday girl is a big fan of popular literature like Harry Potter, consider that a theme for her quinceañera.  Guests can wear capes, while the room is decorated with floating candles.  Or if she is a fan of a certain movie like the Descendants, pull color ideas from what the characters wear like deep purple and royal blue.  Or go for an old fashioned classic like Alice in Wonderland.

Mermaid Theme Quinceanera

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A mermaid theme quince lends itself so well to the prettiest green, blue and shimmery dresses and a grown up take on a mermaid party is easy to do.

Mardi Gras Quince Theme

If you are looking for an elaborate quince party idea, then this is certainly one where the birthday girl and her guests can get into the costume side of things. Think feathers, headdresses, gold and silver shimmers for a night to remember.

What makes a good Quince theme?

When it comes to Quinceanera themes, if you can dream it, you can do it!  These themes for quinceañeras will make this special event even more memorable for the birthday girl and her guests. In short, it will be an event to remember!    

How to choose a Quinceanera theme?

Always take into account the birthday girl‘s interests and wishes. She may have strong ideas about what kind of theme she would like for her Quince so bear that in mind. If she is keen for a traditional Quinceanera and keen to dress up in something special, then there are so many beautiful themes to choose from. Just remember to send out those invitations early so your Quince court has plenty of time to plan their outfits!

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