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Halloween Tree Ideas – 3 Tips to Create Your Own Halloween Tree

If you are looking for the best Halloween Tree ideas then look no further!

If you’re one of those people who can’t wait to decorate your holiday tree, you’re in luck. Instead of counting down the days until the winter holiday season, put up a Halloween tree, and extend the season of tree displays.

What is a Halloween Tree?

halloween tree ideas
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The tradition of a Halloween Tree is believed to have been started by an Ohio man named Jack Milroy, who came up with the idea in 1948. His wife was a school teacher and had used a Christmas tree for her classroom, so he thought that she would be able to use it again for her students for Halloween.

black and white halloween tree
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Halloween trees are traditionally decorated with black and orange crepe paper, twine, and sometimes tinsel. Some people also hang small toys from the branches.

3 Tips to Create Your Own Halloween Tree

Sally Skellington Halloween Tree
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Here are three tips to help you create a spooktacular Halloween tree.

1. Decide on your tree location

Halloween trees look festive indoors and outdoors. If you prefer an indoor tree, consider placing your ghoulish tree in a window where neighbors and passersby can share the fun Halloween spirit.

pretty halloween tree ideas
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Ready-made artificial Halloween trees are also available from home and discount stores, like this one from Amazon, $28.99.

ready made halloween tree

If you normally have a Halloween display on your porch, add a new feature with a dedicated Halloween tree that fits your outdoor theme. Place your tree in the middle of a fake cemetery or open casket display to help illuminate your other decorations.

small halloween tree ideas
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When a new tree isn’t in your holiday budget, decorate one or more of your outdoor trees in Halloween-themed ornaments. Outdoor trees and shrubs with interesting branches make great bases for ornaments once the leaves have fallen in autumn.

One fun option is this Halloween Tree Wrap Ghost, $16.99 from Amazon.

halloween tree wrap ghost

Special faces and arms are available to attach to wider outdoor tree trunks. The decorations make everyday trees look alive and ghoulish, and you can make your own DIY versions to save money. We like this Witch Wrap, $25.99 from Amazon.

halloween tree wrap witch

Another fun option is some tree-hanging decorations. These hanging Skeletons from Amazon make a great impact!

skeleton tree ideas

2. Choose your Halloween Tree colors

spooky halloween tree ideas
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Halloween revelers are decorating their standard winter holiday trees for the trick-or-treat season, whether the trees are silver, pink, red, or traditional green. But, you can also buy dedicated Halloween trees in a variety of colors.

pink halloween tree for kids
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Some of the more traditional Halloween tree colors are orange, black, and purple. But if those aren’t your thing, why not go for a brighter option like this child-friendly pink tree by Making Main Street.

pink halloween tree
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Another cute idea is this pretty pink tree by My Pink Dream. Especially good if you have small children, this cute setup with ghost decor is was less ghoulish than some!

Some versions of Halloween trees are pre-lit, so you can just plug and go. You can also pick up separate string lights in purple and orange to decorate your tree. Or, choose string lights in shapes like bat wings, skulls, and witches’ hats for even more ghoulish tree fun.

indoor halloween tree

3. Decorate your Halloween Tree

the best halloween trees
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Your imagination is the limit when it comes to decorating your Halloween tree. A simple set of eyes and mouth can turn an orange tree into a giant tree-shaped jack-o-lantern.

For a Halloween tree you can use until Thanksgiving, pick lights and decorations in the shapes of autumn leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins, and ears of corn.

Or go mystic with a Fortune Teller-themed tree like this one by Crafty Lumberjacks!

fortune teller halloween tree
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Go for the scary look with round eyeball ornaments on a blood-red tree. Additional popular Halloween tree ornament ideas include spiders, skeletons, bats, cauldrons, and cobwebs.

tabletop halloween tree
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Make a cheerful candy-themed tree covered in Halloween treat bags. For a darker Halloween theme, cover your tree in cobwebs and add decorations with spooky words like “Eek!”, “R.I.P.”, and “Beware!”, which you can make yourself or buy at the store.

If space is an issue, then you can use a smaller, tabletop tree. Add it to your Halloween Porch decor for the best of both worlds!

Halloween Tree Ideas – Final Note

Find more scary and festive ideas for Halloween here. Give your family and your neighborhood a bright, boo-worthy reason to smile this October with your own original Halloween tree display.

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