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How to plan a Child’s Party – Easy children’s party ideas

how to plan a childrens birthday party

Parties are often a lot of fun, especially for kids!  Whether a birthday, holiday or graduation celebration, planning and organizing a party can seem like a daunting task for parents.  There are a lot of details to think about, but have no fear, we have some tips to make it easy.  Keep reading for our steps on how to plan a children’s party!

How to plan a children’s party

Set the date and time

When thinking about how to plan a children’s party, not only do you need to pick a date, but you also need to pick a time too. There are some things to keep in mind, however.  For instance, if this is a First birthday party, consider your little one’s nap schedule.  Perhaps also keep the party short like only 1 to 2 hours. If you are planning a party for an older child, afternoons of course are a great time of day!  Depending on the activities planned, anywhere from 2 to 4 hours would be the perfect amount of time.  For teens, consider an evening party.  Glow in the dark parties are often a hit with this age group.  You could also make the party a sleepover and set up adorable tents!

When picking the day, consider who you are inviting as well as if there are any special occasions that may conflict with certain people coming.  If renting out a venue, sometimes it costs less during the week than on the weekend  Ultimately, pick the time and day that works best for you and your family.    

Choose a venue

There is an abundance of options when it comes to choosing a venue for your children’s party.  Ideas include hosting in your own home, meeting at a local park or garden, renting an indoor play place or going to a local movie theatre.  Not only think about the time of year, the age group, the number of guests, the activities you hope to do, your child’s interests but also your budget when brainstorming ideas.  If booking a venue, ensure you give yourself time to secure the perfect date, especially for popular locations. 

Choose a theme (if appropriate)

how to plan a childrens party

Another idea to consider when thinking about how to plan a children’s party is incorporating a theme into the party. Depending on the occasion, a theme can be integrated throughout the event.  From the décor to the food to the favors, a theme can tie the vision and experience all together. There are so many party themes to chose from but here are a few ideas below:

First Birthday Themes

Themes for Girls

Themes for Boys

Themes for older children

Without a doubt, a theme would add to the overall experience to any children’s party!

Write a guestlist and send invites

how to plan a kids party

Once you know the day, time and theme, it is time to work on your guest list.  Depending on the occasion and age of the children, determine if this is a drop-off party or if parents will also be invited to stay too.  It is important to keep in mind if your guests know each other or what their personalities and interests are.  This is especially important when coming up with activities to include everyone.  Finally, it is important to remember that sometimes less can often be more when it comes to kids’ parties.  Even a party with a few close friends can be amazing!  Once the list is final, send out invitations.  These could be through regular mail, e-mail, a Facebook event, or by text. Just double-check you have everyone’s contact information before you send it.

Plan your activities

Part of planning a children’s party is to determine which activities if any, will happen during it.  What you do during a first birthday party will greatly differ from hosting a party for older children who may be doing a hike or painting-themed party.  When planning activities, consider first the amount of time you have.  If you are hosting a shorter party, maybe only 1 or 2 activities are needed.  If you are planning a sleepover party, you may want to have several activities planned to keep the kids entertained.  Don’t forget to chose age-appropriate activities. Lastly, if it is a family event you are planning, think of things the adults can take part in too.  Kids versus parents games perhaps?

Plan your menu and drinks

how to plan a childrens birthday

A big part of any party is the food and beverages that are served.  When planning your menu, first keep in mind of any dietary requirements for your guests as well as allergies.  Also think about if you will have light snacks and appetizers or will serve a full meal.   Secondly, consider how your theme may tie into your food and drinks.   Perhaps make cute food labels that go with your theme or chose certain colored foods.  Thirdly, make a list, shop, prepare and serve! 

Write a party schedule

No matter the size of your children’ party, it is important to have a schedule figured out ahead of time.  This is especially important if you are having others assist in keeping the party on track. Furthermore, a plan will ensure all the elements you have in mind can be executed and will keep the flow of the event going at a nice pace. 

An example of a schedule is below:

1:00pm – Guest arrive.  Offer drinks and say hello.  Free play for the children.

1:30pm – Activities and games time starts.  Activity 1 (pin the tail on the donkey)

1:45pm – Activity 2 (musical chairs)

2:00pm – Activity 3 (pinata)

2:15pm – Serve cake and snacks

2:45pm – Open gifts

3:00pm – Give favours and guests leave. Thank guests for coming.

Remember your schedule is more of a guide and is not set in stone.  Children are often unpredictable so don’t stress if you don’t follow your plan perfectly and things come up. 

Organise party favors and prizes

A nice way to end a party is to give out party favors.  For example, consider something small or practical and relates to your theme.  Add a little note thanking your guests for attending.  If you are having a children’s party with games or a competition, prizes may also be a nice touch and could encourage participation.  Both favors and prizes add to your children’s party but ensure they are appropriate for your guests. These guys are our go-to supplier for favors as they sell party favors and bags for almost every occasion under the sun!

favor boxes for kids party

Prepare thank you cards

Once your party has ended, it is important to promptly send out thanks you cards to your guests.  During events like baby showers, designate someone to help keep track of who gave what so it is easier to send notes later.  It is appreciated when someone’s gift is specifically mentioned in a thank you card as many people put a lot of thought into the gifts they give.  Keep it short and sweet!

How to plan a childrens party final note

After all your planning and organizing, it is time to enjoy the party!  Children’s parties can be busy but they are also times when wonderful memories are created with family and friends. Therefore, ensure you take lots of pictures or have someone else capture these moments for you.

So now you know how to plan a children’s party!  We hope the above tips make you feel more confident when planning the next children’s soiree in your life.  At the end of the day, if the children have a blast, that is all that matters.  Enjoy yourself too! 

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