healthy party foods for kids

Healthy Party Foods for Kids – Superfood Party Treats everyone will love

healthy party food ideas for kids

Healthy party foods for kids are all the rage! If you are planning a children’s party, you are sure to be thinking about the party food. And although we all like the occasional sweet treat from time to time, no one wants their child full of sugar-filled foods by the end of a party.

There are so many tasty and pretty healthy party foods for kids (and adults too). And not only do they look great and taste great, but your little one will not be off the wall by the end of the party!

So read on for our pick of easy-to-make, great-tasting, and party-worthy healthy party foods for kids! These are sure to inspire you! Plus the kids will love them!

Healthy Party Foods for Kids

Rainbow Vermicelli Rolls

rainbow vermicelli rolls
Photo credit Rachel Nordhus

First up, these eye-catching rainbow rolls! These rainbow rolls will certainly add a splash of color to your table. And if you roll them small, they are a perfect hand-sized snack for the kids! These beauties are filled with mung bean vermicelli-colored noodles, carrots, cucumber, red capsicum, lettuce, mango, avocado, and cilantro. Consider a Rainbow theme to your party to complete the vibes!

Fun Fruit Salad

If you are looking for a fun way to include some fruit at your party, then look no further! Sarah, from Edible Food Art for Kids is the genius behind this fun Cow Fruit Platter. Undoubtedly, this would make a great statement at a party! Plus it’s full of kid’s fruit faves!

Berry Cheescake Bars

healthy party food for kids
Photo credit Teriann Carty

If like my kids, yours love berries, then these Berry Cheesecake Bars will go down a treat! Plus they are super easy to make, gluten and dairy-free! Simply cut into tiny squares for smaller children. Grab the recipe here.

Pistachio Cookies

pistachio cookies
Photo Credit Harriet at Vibrant Foodie

Next, these pretty cookies from Vibrant Foodie make a great party treat. Perfect for a summer party or a tea party, they are packed food of goodness! Plus they are gluten-free and vegan. See the recipe here.

Chia Seed Pudding Parfaits

chia seed pudding parfait
Photo credit Crystal Higgins

Now, these pretty puddings not only look super pretty but are a healthy treat that kids love. If you are looking for a kid’s party superfood, then this one is for you! These colorful coconut chia seed puddings are colored with @rawnice natural spirulina & beet powders. You can see Crystal’s Chia Seed pudding recipe here.

Rainbow Crudites

rainbow crudites
Photo credit Naturally Zuzu

Take inspiration from this colorful vegetable platter by Naturally Zuzu. Serve with hummus and beetroot dip, rosemary sprigs, and edible flowers for extra fun.

Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

vegetable rolls for kids party food
Photo credit Teriann Carty

If you are looking for a savory healthy party snack that fits well into little hands, then look no further. These pretty rice paper rolls can be filled with any of your favorite vegetables. These ones are made with fresh mint and basil, cucumber, red cabbage, roasted tofu, red pepper, radish sprouts, rice paper wraps.

Cotton Candy Ice Pops

cotton candy ice pops
Photo credit Christine Goldenemitte

If you are hosting a Summer party, then these pretty ice pops will go down a treat! Made with coconut yogurt, spirulina and beetroot, non only do they look beautiful, but they taste great too. Remember to have a bowl of ice ready to serve them on. And get them out of the freezer at the last minute! See the recipe here.

Vegan Very Berry Popsicles

vegan berry popsicles

If you are looking for a cooling treat for your little party guests, then these Very Berry Popsicles by Marie at The Rawberry are a great option. Made with coconut yogurt and blueberries, these are a perfect party treat for a warm afternoon! Grab the recipe here.

Nice Cream Jars

pink and blue healthy ice cream
Photo credit Healthy Living Ellie

If your child’s party is in the summertime, then these Nice cream jars are a great treat! Not only do these pretty ice cream jars look divine, but they are super healthy too! Here’s the recipe from Healthy Living Ellie…

Funny Fruit Platter

heart fruit platter for kids party
Photo credit Food Bites

If you want to include a fruit platter in your kid’s party foods, then make it a super cute one like this! Heart-shaped cutters add to the fun, as do chocolate-dipped strawberries with googly eyes. This one is sure to be a favorite!

Rainbow Cheesecake

rainbow cheesecake
Photo credit Delighted

This No-bake Rainbow cheesecake is a great idea for a healthy children’s birthday cake. Colored with superfoods, this is quick and easy to make. Check out the video here.

Tangy Lemon Bars

tangy lemon bars
Photo credit Nutritious Cravings

If you like lemons, you’ll love these tangy lemon bars! Plus they are no-bake and only need simple ingredients. Check out the recipe here.
And if you want them to look extra cute, add marzipan bumblebees to bring out the summer feels!

Mini Pancake Platter

These cute mini pancakes are absolutely perfect for tiny hands. Add some fruit and dipping sauce and this platter will be cleared in no time! Get the full recipe here.

Coconut Toast

coconut toast
Photo credit Ami at The Sunkissed Kitchen

These papaya toasts are a fun snack that kids love! Plus they’re super easy to make. And if you have kids, you can get them to use the cookie cutters to make the stars!

Check out the recipe here.

Rainbow Sushi

rainbow sushi
Photo credit Jega @ The Mum My Kids Need

Sushi is often a children’s favorite. And what better way to glam it up for a party food, than these naturally colored sushi rolls. See how to make these here.

Agar Milk Jellies

agar milk jellies
Photo credit Delighted

Now, these little beauties are a healthy take on marshmallows. And kids love them! Plus they are quick and easy to make and they look adorable! Grab the recipe here.

Healthy Party Foods for Kids – Final Note

Hopefully, these healthy party foods for kids have given you some great ideas for pretty and tasty superfoods to serve at your children’s party.

For more party ideas, check out our party pages here.


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