best 2nd birthday party themes and idea

Best 2nd Birthday Party Themes – 15 Fun 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

best 2nd birthday party themes and ideas

Celebrating your child’s second birthday is such fun and 2nd Birthday party themes are adorable! It’s their first party as a proper toddler and they can really enjoy it.

It’s time to focus on your adorable little one and make a party that they’ll love and remember for years to come.

There are so many sweet 2nd Birthday Party themes around, we have narrowed down our favorites. You might have gone all out on your baby’s First Birthday, but this year your little one can join in with more of the fun!

Keep it child-friendly

Remember, a second Birthday Party is all about your child so there has to be a kid-friendly theme and kid-friendly food, and you guessed it! Child-friendly activities. Make sure there are loads of snacks, you know how much your little one eats, and multiply that by the number of toddlers and you have a lot of food.

Make sure the food is finger foods and not too messy but also not too sugary. The last thing you want is a load of hyperactive toddlers! Check out our Healthy Cake ideas for the cake.

Activities are king

Set up a few stations so that your toddlers can wander from activity to activity. At this age their attention span is pretty short – it’s 5 minutes max. Keep the activities simple and make sure there are toys and a toy area for the toddlers to go to when they want a break from the schedule.

This is not the time you want to teach your child how to share, so ensure that there are enough supplies to go around!

Sensory play is important at this age so think about including some activities that stimulate their senses!

How to minimize the mess

A second Birthday Party is all about your child and frankly, children are messy beings and we love them for it! But maybe not so much after a horde of toddlers have just left and you know have to clear up the mess. Plastic covers are your friends here. Make sure all potential disaster points are covered. Do not have food in beautiful carpeted areas. Do not color on a non-covered table.

And don’t have a party going in and out of the garden if you have carpet, because, mud stains. And if you don’t fancy the event at home, here are some fun ideas on alternative places to host your child’s party.

Now, let’s look at some gorgeous ideas for second Birthday Parties! We have some real treats for you today.

Best 2nd Birthday Party Themes

Two-ti Fruiti Second Birthday Party

two-ti fruiti birthday party

First up we have this pretty take on a Two-ti Fruiti birthday theme. Jacqui Marino of Deets & Things has a fabulously fresh offering to kick-start our list of 2nd birthday party themes with a fruit fest.

The colors are pastel rainbow style which is perfect for your newly two-year-old. The invites are fruit-themed, fruit-shaped, and fruit colors, soft tissue paper floats everywhere and adorable pineapple decor is everywhere!

Paper pineapples, golden pineapples, and floral bouquets top off this 2nd birthday party theme. Go for pastel pinks and blues for a special touch.

Construction Themed Party

2nd birthday party ideas

Next on the list, we have this Construction Party by Cupcake Express. Orange and yellow, kid-friendly colors, pop out in the details whilst muted navy backdrops keep the vibe sophisticated.

Custom cookies with construction machines dot the tables while hard hats and caution tape kick things up a notch. Yellow and orange jelly beans next to yellow and orange cupcakes keep the focus on the food, which is where the children’s eyes will certainly be! Wrap a few boxes in orange and yellow and viola! Easy height, color, and centerpieces!

Team this idea with a construction challenge. Paint lots of cardboard boxes and kitchen towel rolls, in bright colours. And then let the children have fun constructing cardboard castles! Cute and Chic children’s style? Yes it can be done!

Shark Birthday Party

shark second birthday party

Keeping with the nautical vibes, our next 2nd birthday party theme idea by Deets and Things is a shark-inspired bash. If you’re not too sick of the song, this is a brilliant homage. Blue bases and green details are the way to go here.

The real steal here is the cute sea creature cookie pops (Frost Your Cookie), covered in blue frosting and the shark cake by Sweet Deetails with it’s fin on top!

Firefighter Birthday Party

firefighter party

Why not celebrate your toddler’s love for fire engines with a Firefighter style 2nd birthday party theme? This gorgeous set up from My Little Party even has firefighter hats for your little ones to wear!

Red and yellow are the colors of the day here. And the Fire Engine cake finishes things off nicely!

Dinosaur 2nd Birthday Party

dinosaur birthday party

Next up we have this cute Dinosaur-themed party by Say I Do To Details. Perfect for a little dinosaur enthusiast, this colorful party theme is fun for kids of all ages.

Two Sweet 2nd Birthday Party

second birthday party themes

This cute 2nd Birthday Party theme is full of gorgeousness. Styled by Clique Balloons, an ice cream-themed cake tops the table with pastel goodness!

A pretty balloon arch adds height to the decor and shows off the pretty pastel color theme.

Milk and Cookies 2nd Birthday Party

milk and cookies party ideas

When you’re looking for ideas for your 2nd birthday party, you have to ask yourself what your toddler loves the most? For many toddlers that means milk and cookies and Jen Carver of Banner Events has just amazed us. Is this sophisticated chic or what – but it’s so kid friendly!? Exactly, the two are not mutually exclusive and we love the way the colour palette and the materials here all work together to create an adorable 2nd birthday party! Rustic chic meets kid heaven!

Circus Themed Party

circus party ideas
Photo credit From The Heart Events

Of course, a Circus themed party is a perfect choice for a 2-year-old. It combines bright colors, balloons, wild animals, and all the craziness of being 2! Plus it’s a fun theme for both girls and boys. And the adults get to enjoy the nostalgia too. Roll up, roll up to this adorable Circus themed party.

Vintage Carousel Party

carousel party
Photo credit From The Heart Events

Now this Carousel party idea also has a vintage feel to it, but with more of a carnival or funfair feel. If your little one likes the magic of a carousel, then this could be a great 2nd birthday party theme to explore. And you can go super pretty and girly like this Carousel party set up, or swap out the pink for a less feminine feel.

Pirate Party

pirate party ideas

Which toddler doesn’t love the pull of the sea? The allure of the pillage and treasure hunting lifestyle enthuses this 2nd birthday party theme with adorableness! Treasure map cupcakes and pirate-themed printouts of little pirates or messages adorn the rough, coarse table cloth here. Gold coins and trinkets fall out of treasure chests (gold painted tissue boxes).

The invites are on scrolls and rolled-up pieces of paper suffice as the decor along with your child’s favorite pirate toys. Give everyone a black pouch for their goody bags and let the quest begin!

Kick this 2nd birthday party idea up a notch by placing blue sheets on the floor to create a sea area for the little ones to sail on. Pin the tail on the crocodile seems quite appropriate for this 2nd birthday party. Styled by Decuir Details and Designs.

Bunny Party

bunny themed party ideas
Photo credit Cutie Pie Events

Next up, a Bunny theme! Small children and baby animals are a great combination, so how about a Bunny themed party to add to the cuteness! A bouncy castle and miniature chairs with bunny stickers really add to the fun. This Best Bunnies Party idea is perfect for Spring or Summer.

Cocomelon Party

cocomelon party ideas
Photo credit Artbysaw

If your child likes Cocomelon, then this is a fun and colorful party theme. Go for bright rainbow colors, balloons and styling to bring this party alive. And add some character cut out for the Cocomelon elements. And include some healthy, rainbow colored party food for healthy snacks. Check out our feature on how to host a Cocomelon party here.

Outdoor 2nd Birthday Party Themes

Paddling Pool Party

second birthday party pool party

Little kids love making a splash so our next idea for a 2nd birthday party is just that. Fill several paddling pools with water, you can add different extras to each one, from balls to fish to glitter! This 2nd birthday party would take place in your backyard and printable cutouts of the sea and pool items can decorate the area, make sure to sit the adults out of the splash zone!

You could combine this idea with a themed food table from one of the previous ideas on our 2nd birthday party inspiration list.

Mud Party!

mud party for toddlers

Toddlers are always getting muddy. So give your child the greatest gift you can – allow and encourage them to get dirty! Instead of filling the inflatable pools with water, fill one with water, but another mud and another with foam!

It’s outrageous, it’s adorable, the kids will love it and it’s certainly something different and special. But do make sure that the floor is covered with plastic sheets!

Paint Party!

paint party second birthday

Of course, most 2-year-olds like to paint! So why not embrace their creativity by throwing a painting party. Now, this is not for the faint-hearted! Just remember your aprons and old clothes!

Easels and paintbrushes are your theme here. Let the kids wear little berets and allow their creative spirits to run wild.

Fairytale Party

2nd birthday fairytale

Turn the whimsical to the maximum with our last idea for an awesome 2nd birthday party. Have all the fairy tale characters come together. Spread the tables with Rapunzel’s hair accessories, Cinderella’s shoes, and some pumpkins, mice can run along between elves and shoes and sparkly wands. Glitter and cutouts will turn a woodland tablescape into fairy tale land.

For activities, read some fairy tales to the children and hold up objects and see if the little ones can work out which item is from which story. And let the kids come dressed up as their favorite princess or hero for a truly wonderful 2nd birthday party.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas – Final Note

Of course, 2nd birthday parties are so much fun because now your child is old enough to participate and join in and the bash just got bigger. Children are the heart of imagination and wonder. And it’s such fun to choose from the variety of 2nd birthday party themes.

So let’s celebrate the magic of childhood with fun and fancy, with sophistication and style, and most importantly – with fun and flair.

And for the Ultimate List of 150 Party Themes, check out this post!

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