Stranger Things Party Ideas

The Best Stranger Things Party Ideas:20 Mind-Blowing Stranger Things-Themed Party Ideas!

If you’ve got a little Demogorgon fan in your household or you’re just as obsessed with Hawkins, Indiana, as I am, then you’re in for a treat. It’s time to dive into the supernatural world of Stranger Things Party Ideas and throw a party that’ll have everyone saying, “Friends don’t lie!” From Eleven’s favourite waffles to flickering fairy lights, we’ve got the ultimate guide to hosting a party that’s bound to transport your guests to the Upside Down. So, grab your walkie-talkies and let’s get started!

10 Fun Stranger Things Party Ideas

10 Fun Stranger Things Party Ideas

1. Welcome to Hawkins!: Set the scene right from the get-go with an ’80s-inspired Hawkins welcome sign. You can easily craft this using cardboard, acrylic paints, and a dash of nostalgia. Hang it on your front door to give your guests a taste of what’s to come.

2. DIY Friendship Bracelets: Channel your inner DIY queen and set up a friendship bracelet-making station. Provide colourful threads and beads for guests to create their own unique wristbands, just like the kids in the show.

3. Stranger Things Trivia Hunt: Wrap up your party with a Stranger Things trivia hunt. Hide clues around your party space that lead to pop culture questions and ’80s references. The winner gets bragging rights as the ultimate Hawkins expert!

4. Dungeons & Dragons Corner: Transport your guests to the world of D&D, just like the kids in the show. Set up a corner with board games, character sheets, and dice for an authentic gaming experience. Don’t forget to add a few figurines for added flair.

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Stranger Things Party Foods Ideas

Stranger Things Party Foods Ideas

1. Eggo Extravaganza: Recall the time when Eleven practically sustained herself on Eggo waffles. Create a waffle station complete with various toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, strawberries, and syrup. Let guests customize their own stack of Eggo goodness just like Eleven would.

2. Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Stand: Transform your dessert table into a Scoops Ahoy ice cream stand! Serve up sundaes with a variety of toppings and sprinkle in references from the show. Your guests will feel like they’re in the Starcourt Mall.

3. Demogorgon Cake Delight: No party is complete without a themed cake! Go all out with a Demogorgon cake featuring its iconic flower face. If baking’s not your thing, consider ordering a custom cake from a local bakery.

4. Upside-Down Photobooth: Create an Upside Down-inspired photo booth using black streamers and twinkling fairy lights. Guests can strike their best Eleven poses while clutching a box of Eggo waffles. Snap those photos for lasting memories!

Stranger Things Party Decoration Ideas

Stranger Things Party Decoration Ideas

1. Alphabet Wall Banner: Create a banner with the iconic alphabet wall letters and hang it as a focal point in your party area. You can use black paper or cardboard with white letters, and add some Christmas lights around it for an extra touch of authenticity.

2. Flickering Fairy Lights: Hang strands of flickering fairy lights around the party space to mimic the eerie, supernatural atmosphere of the Upside Down.

3. Demogorgon Silhouettes: Cut out Demogorgon silhouettes from black cardboard and strategically place them around the room, lurking in unexpected corners for a fun scare.

4. Hawkins Laboratory Signage: Design signs and labels that mimic the Hawkins National Laboratory. You can label food and drink stations, bathrooms, and different areas with a touch of science-fiction flair.

5. VHS Tape Backdrop: Create a backdrop using cardboard and paint to look like a giant VHS tape cover featuring Stranger Things imagery and the show’s logo.

6. Eggo Waffle Garland: Craft a garland made of paper Eggo waffles. You can string them together with twine and hang them across the room as a tasty decoration.

7. Upside-Down Entrance: Use streamers in shades of grey and black to create an “upside-down” entrance. This can be a fun way to transition from the regular world to the Stranger Things universe.

8. Bicycle Centerpiece: Place a vintage-style bicycle as a centrepiece to pay homage to the kids’ adventures around town. You can even hang a string of lights around the bike for added visual appeal.

9. Hanging Christmas Lights: Hang multicoloured Christmas lights in a zigzag pattern across a wall or ceiling, replicating the iconic communication setup from the show.

10. Scoops Ahoy Banner: If you loved the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour from Season 3, consider creating a banner with the shop’s name and logo. Hang it above your dessert or ice cream station.

11. Stranger Things Posters: Print and frame posters of scenes or characters from the show to place around the party space.

12. Character Standees: Create life-sized standees or cutouts of the main characters like Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and more. These can serve as great photo opportunities for your guests.

13. Demogorgon Tentacles: Use black and red streamers to create hanging tentacles reminiscent of the Demogorgon’s appearance in the show.

14. Vintage Arcade Setup: If you have the space, consider setting up a mini arcade area with ’80s-style video games, just like the gang enjoyed in the show.

15. Upside Down Tablecloth: Use a black tablecloth with white string lights underneath to create a mysterious Upside Down effect for your food or dessert table.

Remember, the key is to capture the essence of the show’s nostalgic ’80s vibe, supernatural elements, and iconic imagery. Mix and match these ideas to create a unique and exciting Stranger Things atmosphere that your guests will never forget!

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What to wear to a Stranger Things Party – Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Attending a Stranger Things party is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner ’80s nostalgia and pay homage to the show’s characters and themes. Here are some outfit ideas that will help you stand out and fit right into the world of Hawkins, Indiana:

1. Character-Inspired Outfits:

Eleven: Rock Eleven’s iconic look with a pink collared dress, a blue jacket, a white scrunchie, and a box of Eggo waffles as a prop.

Dustin: Emulate Dustin’s style with a colourful baseball cap, a retro graphic tee, a backpack, and a toy Dart plushie.

Steve Harrington: Pull off Steve’s cool vibe by wearing a fitted jean jacket, a bandana tied around your head, a striped tee, and sneakers.

Joyce Byers: Dress up as Joyce with a plaid shirt, high-waisted jeans, and a string of Christmas lights as an accessory.

2. ’80s Fashion:

Bright Colors: Opt for bold and bright colours that were characteristic of ’80s fashion. Think neon leggings, vibrant windbreakers, and colourful accessories.

Denim on Denim: Create a classic ’80s look by pairing denim jeans with a denim jacket or vest. Don’t be afraid to rock some denim on denim!

Leg Warmers: If you’re going for a workout-themed outfit, leg warmers paired with leggings or a leotard can give you that ’80s aerobics class vibe.

3. Hawkins High Spirit:

Hawkins High T-Shirt: Wear a t-shirt with the Hawkins High logo on it to show your school spirit.

Varsity Jacket: Go all out with a letterman-style varsity jacket to represent your “school” affiliation.

4. Stranger Things-Themed Accessories:

Christmas Lights: Wear a strand of coloured Christmas lights as a necklace or bracelet to reference the show’s communication method.

Walkie-Talkie: Clip a walkie-talkie to your outfit for an authentic touch.

5. Group Costume Ideas:

The Party: Gather your friends to dress up as the kids from the main group – Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will – for a true ensemble costume.

Scoops Ahoy Crew: If you’re attending with a group, consider dressing up as characters from Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream shop from Season 3.

Remember, the key to a Stranger Things party outfit is embracing the ’80s aesthetic, incorporating references from the show, and having fun with your look. Whether you’re going for a character-specific costume or a general ’80s vibe, your outfit is sure to be a hit at the party!

Stranger Things Themed Party Final Note

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a binge-watching night, or just the pure awesomeness of Stranger Things, these party ideas will ensure your gathering is as memorable as uncovering a new supernatural mystery. So, grab your Dungeons & Dragons gear and channel your inner Eleven it’s time to host a Stranger Things extravaganza that’ll make you the talk of the Upside Down! Remember, friends don’t lie, and neither do fabulous parties.

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