It’s a Super Mario Birthday Party: Level Up the Fun for Your Little Gamer!

If your kiddo can’t get enough of that lovable Italian plumber and his Mushroom Kingdom adventures, then you’re in for a treat. Today, I’m sharing some fantastic Super Mario party ideas that will take your little one’s birthday bash to the next level! So grab your power-ups and let’s embark on this fun-filled adventure.

Super Mario Party Decorations

super mario party ideas

Mushroom Kingdom Entrance: Welcome your guests with a life-sized cardboard cutout of Mario and Luigi at the entrance. Add some colorful balloons to create that iconic Super Mario vibe.

Power-Up Wall: Decorate one wall with giant cardboard power-up items like Super Mushrooms, Super Stars, and Power Flowers. You can even make your own or find printable templates online.

Mario Kart Race Track: If you have the space, create a mini Mario Kart race track using colored tape or chalk. Provide toy vehicles and let the kids have their very own Mario Kart races.

Question Block Piñata: Craft or buy a question block piñata and fill it with candies, coins, and small Super Mario-themed toys. Let the kids take turns smashing it to reveal the treasures inside.

Character Cutouts: Place cardboard cutouts of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and other beloved characters around the party area. Kids will love taking photos with their favorite characters.

Piranha Plants: Craft paper Piranha Plants and place them around the party area. You can make them pop out of green pipes or hang them from the ceiling for a whimsical touch.

Question Block Decor: Create giant question blocks from cardboard or foam board and hang them as decorations. You can even add LED lights inside for an authentic glowing effect.

Brick Wall Backdrop: Make a backdrop that resembles the classic Super Mario brick walls. This can serve as a great photo booth area or as decoration behind the dessert table.

super mario birthday party ideas

Super Mario Balloon Bouquets: Complement your Super Mario decorations with themed balloon bouquets featuring characters like Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. Balloon sculptures of Power Mushrooms and Super Stars are also fantastic additions.

Pipe Decorations: Hang cardboard or inflatable green pipes around the party space. You can even make them functional by using them as holders for balloons or party favors.

Yoshi’s Egg Centerpieces: Create Yoshi’s Egg centerpieces using painted styrofoam balls or real eggs with colorful designs. Place them in small flower pots filled with green Easter grass for a delightful touch.

Super Mario Party Food

super mario themed birthday party

Power-Up Pizza: Serve pizza and label it as “Power-Up Pizza.” Use black olives to create mushroom eyes, and voilà, you have mini Super Mushrooms on every slice!

Yoshi’s Eggs: Create Yoshi’s Eggs by dipping hard-boiled eggs in green food coloring. Use food-safe markers to add faces and spots. They’ll look just like the eggs from the game!

Super Star Cookies: Bake star-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with yellow icing to resemble Super Stars. Edible glitter or sprinkles can add extra sparkle.

Toadstool Treats: Make Toadstool-shaped rice krispie treats by molding them into mushroom shapes and adding white icing spots.

Coin Candies: Provide gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins as a nod to the coins Mario collects during his adventures. They make for great party favors too!

What to Do at a Super Mario Party

mario party ideas

Super Mario Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course with Super Mario-themed challenges. Include activities like jumping over “pipes,” crawling through “caves,” and collecting “coins.” The kids can compete against each other or work together to conquer the course.

Play Super Mario: If you want to make your Super Mario party into a gaming party, then set the kids up on the multiplayer for some racing fun.

Super Mario Bingo: Create Bingo cards with Super Mario characters, items, and power-ups. Use small Super Mario figurines or stickers as markers and call out the items for a fun game of Super Mario Bingo.

Super Mario Craft Station: Set up a craft station where kids can make their own Super Mario-themed crafts. Provide materials for creating paper plate masks of their favorite characters or designing their own Super Mario level.

mario brothers birthday party ideas

Super Mario Karaoke: Organize a karaoke session with Super Mario theme songs. Let the kids sing along to iconic tunes like the Super Mario Bros. theme or “Jump Up, Super Star!” from Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Movie Time: Create a cozy movie-watching area and screen episodes of the Super Mario Bros. cartoon series or play Super Mario video game cutscenes. Popcorn and snacks are a must!

Super Mario Party Ideas Final Note

With these Super Mario birthday party ideas, you’re ready to embark on a gaming adventure that will leave your little one and their friends beaming with joy. It’s-a party time!

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