6th birthday party ideas

6th Birthday Party Ideas Your Little One Will Love

It may be hard to believe, but your little one is turning 6 years old!  Time sure does fly.  This is a great age because they are more independent, but are still young enough that they need your help.  They are also still excited to hang out with you and he or she may now be attending school regularly. If you are looking for ways to celebrate their 6th birthday, look no further!  Here are our 6th birthday party ideas that your little one will be excited about!

General 6th Birthday Party Ideas Tips

When planning your child’s 6th birthday party, ensure the theme is aligned with your child’s interests.  At this age they tend to have real friendships so see who they want to include.  Also, many parents may drop off their child to the party, however not everyone is comfortable at this age yet so ensure you connect with each parent and see who plans on staying.  Pick a date, set a menu and have fun planning!

6th Birthday Party Ideas

Circus Theme

circus party ideas
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A circus theme is never a bad choice when it comes to parties.  With bright colors like red and white, along with gold for some vintage flare, your party will feel like it’s in a big top!  Serve traditional circus snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and pretzels.  Organize activities like a “tight rope” walk or let everyone try juggling like a circus clown.  No matter what it will be one of the greatest parties on earth!

Race Car Party

Is your little one into racing cars?  If so than consider hosting a race car or vintage car party for their 6th birthday party.  Start with hanging black and white checkered flags around the room and fun signage like “Speed Limit” or “Ready, Set, Go.”  Next add a red and blue balloon arch and consider cupcakes with vintage race cars on them.  Another idea is to create a fun backdrop for photos with inflatable tires or a race track background.  Lastly, have guests paint or design their own cars to take home. Have a vrooming good time!

Superhero Theme

In short, you can not go wrong with a superhero themed party!  Whether you pick a hero from the DC or Marvel universe or make it a generic superhero party, your little hero and their sidekicks will be pumped!  If agreeing on a specific hero as your theme, choose colors that match their look to use in your décor and tableware.  Additionally, pick activities that relate to superheroes. For example, who can complete the obstacle course and save someone the fastest or make your own cape and mask.  No matter what it will be a super party!

Unicorn Party

unicorn party decor
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For a more whimsical theme, chose a unicorn party.  Soft colors of pink, purple, yellow and blue with a tad of gold sparkle for your décor will create the perfect atmosphere for a unicorn vibe.  Serve cupcakes with pastel colored icing and sparkly sprinkles as well as cotton candy.  Some game ideas include pin the tale on the unicorn and unicorn ring toss.  Finally, create a beautiful backdrop for your little unicorns to take pictures wearing their own horns they made.

Park Party

party in the park decorations

A park party is a perfect choice for any active 6-year old’s birthday.  Not only will it save you from having to possibly clean your home but it will offer plenty of space and fresh air for your party goers.  Often parks have picnic tables you can use or plan to bring blankets and chairs for your group.  Pack some healthy party food and you are all set. Activities could include a game of soccer, flying kites, blowing bubbles or even playing at a playground.  For winter birthdays, find a park with a hill and throw a sledding party with hot chocolate.  Not to mention, if having a large group, check with your community regarding picnic shelter rentals.  Enjoy celebrating in nature!


Do you have a child who loves science, technology, engineering or math?  If so, then throw them a STEM party! From SLIME to building structures to conducting experiments in the kitchen, there is so much you can do with this theme.  To add to the theme serve drinks in plastic beaker bottles or make a periodic table banner.  For more STEM party ideas check out this post

Painting Party

painting party for 4th birthday
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Another one of our 6th birthday party ideas is to hold a painting party!  This theme is perfect for any child who loves to do crafts and be creative.  This party can be easily tailored to any age group and can vary in difficulty.  Firstly, decide what you will paint as a group.  Will you have an instructor, follow a YouTube video or let them do whatever they like.  Secondly, gather all the supplies for everyone including a canvas, paint, paintbrushes and smocks. Finally, see what the little Picassos come up with!

Olympics Theme

This theme is perfect for any sport loving kids!  Have guests chose a country and then “compete” in age-appropriate activities.  Take inspiration from the winter and summer Olympic games or come up with your own activities like balancing challenges or obstacle courses.  Create Olympic rings with hula hoops or pool noodles and give out play medals after each activity. Have a “superfoods” party food menu to complement the theme! Go team!

Indoor Playground

 For younger kids, an indoor playground or play place is always a hit!  These places are often very clean, contained and offer a variety of activities and party rooms.  From slides to tunnels to climbing walls, there will be so much to do for your child and their guests.  Choosing to host at a venue like this also means no cleaning for you and not weather dependent.  Sounds like a win!

6th Birthday Party Ideas Summary          

In conclusion, there are so many 6th birthday party ideas out there and the above are just a few of our top ideas.  When planning, always keep in mind what your child enjoys doing, who they want to invite and of course location and timing.  You can be as elaborate as you wish but remember that as long as your little one has fun, that is truly what they will remember.  For more of our party ideas click here.  Enjoy celebrating your 6 year old!    

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