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Vintage Vroom Party – Classic Vintage Cars Birthday Party

Is your little one’s birthday coming up? Does your little one love cars, especially vintage? Looking for inspiration for birthday themes, decor, and more? Look no further! A Vintage Vroom Party could be the perfect theme!

vintage cars party ideas

It’s no secret that many kids love cars, racing, and all things associated. And while birthday parties are fun, themed parties are even cooler. All you need is a little help with cool props, themed food, and decor that work together to make it memorable.

Vintage Vroom is such a great theme for a kids’ party. Not only will it take you back in time, but it will also give you plenty of ways to turn up the fun.

Let’s find out how Letty Diaz of BlownAway by lettyplusthree worked her magic and put together a Vintage Vroom party for kids!

How to Plan a Vintage Vroom Party

Here’s how you can recreate Letty’s cool Vintage Vroom party:

Let There Be Cake

car themed cake for car party

How awesome does this vintage car-themed birthday cake look? Very cool indeed! The most important thing about a birthday party is the cake, of course. Keep the cake’s design simple by choosing classic details such as monochrome checkered flags. You can also opt for vintage emblems and race cars in fun colors.

car themed cupcakes

Place the cake on a table with fun add-ons. These could include vintage car-themed cupcakes, napkins, sugar cookies, flags, and badges. Kids will not be able to contain their excitement when they see these cool party treats and favors!

Car Themed Party Balloons for the Win

vintage vroom party ideas

A party without balloons is like a cake with no candles, right? Balloons have a way of anchoring the decorative elements of a birthday party. Choose colors such as bright red, pastel blue, deep black, and classic white to make your Vintage Vroom party-themed balloons pop (not literally!)

balloons for car themed party

Convey cute messages to your birthday boy or girl or feature words or phrases that can highlight your vintage car-themed decor. You could also turn up the fun and experiment with different balloon shapes. Kids love numbers, characters, or objects. Finally, scatter air-filled or helium balloons across bare walls and nooks.

Vintage Vroom Party-Perfect Cutlery

vintage vroom party

Vintage Vroom party car-themed tableware will bring out the decor of a birthday party. Look how cool the napkins, cutlery, and plates look against the themed backdrop. Moreover, kids will be stoked when they see how awesome the place looks!

Also, if you wish to go plastic-free, switch to biodegradable tableware. That way, you can contribute less to plastic waste.

Vintage Vroom Party Epic Photo Booth

vintage cars party

A vintage car-themed backdrop creates the perfect spot for kids to gather and cut a birthday cake. You could use the same spot as a photo booth. Have kids pose with cool trophy-shaped props or checkered flags, for instance. Tire-shaped decor and race track flooring can create an authentic look too. We promise that kids will not be able to get enough of this spot!

What an amazing party the kids had. Thank you to Letty from BlownAway by lettyplusthree for sharing this gorgeous vintage cars-themed party with us!

There are a ton of cool theme party ideas waiting for you to explore. In the end, a birthday should be one heck of an unforgettable experience for kids and your guests!

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