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Toy Story Party Ideas – How to throw a Toy Story themed party

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If you are throwing a Toy Story-themed party for your little one, read on! You’ll find all the Toy Story party ideas you need to make a memorable and fun one! Plus these tips and tricks are sure-fire to elevate your party game to infinity and beyond!

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Undoubtedly, there is a lot of preparation that goes into throwing a kid’s birthday party. Keeping the kids entertained from start to finish is a big task! For more than 20 years, Woody and the rest of the Toy Story gang have been winning the hearts of kids. Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, Toy Story is the ideal theme for your little one’s next birthday party.

Toy Story Invitation

A catchy invitation will give guests a hint of what to expect at your party. Making it vibrant will build up the kids’ excitement for the celebration. Invitations should contain important factors, with the party’s date and time. Include an RSVP so you can stay on top of your guest list.

Toy Story Party Decor

Color is critical to setting up a themed party. Toy Story party ideas stem from vibrant yellow, red, and blue as the main colors to stick to. Add a hint of brown and orange because that’s Woody’s color.

Use a common scene in the movie as your backdrop. If it’s an indoor party, use Andy’s room or Pizza Planet. You can use Sid’s backyard or Sunny Side Daycare if it’s an outdoor celebration! If you’re doing Andy’s room, these Andy’s room drawings from Pixar Planet are a wonderful extra to your design.

Toy Story Party Centerpiece

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Spice up the kids’ tables with colorful Toy Story centerpieces. It can be as simple as a pail and balloon with character cut-outs and ribbons. Another unique Toy Story Party idea is to get those small gumball machines and paint them as Toy Story characters. This is one way to keep your guests entertained as the party goes on.

Another good option is a balloon arch in the Toy Story colors. See how to make your own here.

Toy Story Party Favors

Fill your party bags with goodies for your guests to take home. Include enjoyable items like stickers, mini figurines, Toy Story balloons, gummy bears, and slinkies. Set the bags out on a separate table for your guests to pick out once the party is over!

Make fun loot bags for every beloved Toy Story character. Dress up plain green loot bags with googly eyes and paint an alien smile. Let your guests have so much fun getting theirs from a makeshift claw machine.

Toy Story Food and Snacks

Your Toy Story décor should extend to the dining area. Punch up your food table with Toy Story tablecloths, napkins, paper cups, and plates. Your Toy Story centerpiece comes into play here, bringing kids’ tables to life.

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What’s a Toy Story party without the famous pizza from Pizza Planet, right? Whether it’s a lunch, snack, or dinner party, you can never go wrong with pizza. Add some Hamm’s Ham and Cheese, Slinky Dog Hotdogs, Mr. Potato’s chips, and Alien Green Punch.

Toy Story Cake

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A birthday party isn’t complete without a cake! This is the most essential part of the party as the guests gather around and sing the birthday song. This is where you can highlight your kid’s favorite character. The design opportunities are limitless. Whether you’re celebrating a brave cowboy, an adventurous space ranger or a fun Forky, Toy Story cakes are all great to have.

Toy Story Dessert Table

There’s plenty of room for creativity in making sweet and colorful stuff for the dessert table. This is the part where kids will surely hang out a lot so make sure to create batches to replenish them throughout the party.

Toy Story Party Games and Crafts

Keep smaller kids preoccupied while waiting for the party to start with a Forky Ornament and Toilet Roll Spaceship craft. You can hang them as party decor and will double as souvenirs that they can take home once the party is done.  For an outdoor sport, you can recreate Midway Mania with these exciting games from and Shoot targets until you run out of marshmallow bullets or punch all the plates that you can to get the fantastic prizes inside!

Toy Story Party Ideas Final Note

A Toy Story party is one of our favorite kids party themes! Bright, colorful and full of fun, your little ones will love this party!

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