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Party Games For Teens – 20 Fun Party Games That Teens Love

When it comes to parties, teen parties can be particularly tricky when planning activities.  This is because teens fall in that in-between stage where they are not children but also not adults yet. Sometimes knowing what activities they may like can be challenging, but don’t worry, we have some ideas for games that they will actually think are cool!  Whether you are planning a party for teen girls, teen boys or a co-ed party,  keep reading for our list of party games for teens.

Outdoor Party Games for Teens

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Here are some game ideas that need just a little more space!

Capture the Flag

All in all, this is a great team-building game.  The objective is to capture the opposing team’s flag.  Firstly, divide the teens into two groups and hide each of their flags somewhere.  Secondly, have teams decide who is playing defense or offense and blow the whistle to start.  Then, players tagged by opposing players are sent back to their home base or are captured.  The first team to return safely to their home base with the other team’s flag wins


Choose one or a few individuals to become “fugitives” and then have them hide on the property.  Next, the other players go searching for them.  If tagged, fugitives become hunters until there is one last fugitive remaining.  Take turns and have fun!

Ghosts in the Graveyard

Ghosts in the graveyard is like tag but spookier!  This game is great for a large backyard with a backlight and is played at night.  Choose someone to be a ghost and get them to hide while the rest of the group stays in a designated safe space under the light.  Then everyone counts such as “One, O’clock, two o’clock” and so on until 11 o’clock.  Finally, they yell Midnight and run to find the ghost. Whoever finds the ghost yells “Ghost in the graveyard” and everyone runs back to the safe zone while the ghost tries and tags as many people as possible.  Lastly, those tagged become ghosts until there is one survivor.  Think of it as What Time Is It Mr. Wolf but with a spooky twist!

Scavenger Hunt

In short, look at a park, neighborhood, or around your own yard for items for party-goers to find.  Later, create a checklist, or better yet, make it a “selfie” scavenger hunt. Teams will need to snap a picture to prove they found each item.   

Indoor Party Games for Teens

These party games for teens are perfect for indoor fun!

Hide and Seek

Basically speaking, this is not just a game for little kids!  Pick someone to be “it” and have other players hide around the house.  Whoever is it will then look for them.  To make it more of a challenge, turn the lights out!

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare has been a common teen game for decades! Either write Truths (ie. Tell us your celebrity crush) or Dares (ie. Perform the Macarena) beforehand or have each guest write some suggestions and put them in two bowls.  For an added pop, place suggestions inside of balloons and then have guests pop them at random and see what they need to do.

Escape Room

escape room kit for teens

Whether you create one in your house or visit an official location, an escape room is often a super fun time!  It will test their puzzle skills, patience, as well as their teamwork abilities.  Additionally, they will create memories to last a lifetime!

An Escape Room kit is a great way to have an Escape Room party at home. Check out this one called Rebel Revolt, which is perfect for a teen party! From $29, Lock Paper Scissors.

Two Truths and a Lie

If the party consists of teens who don’t know each other, this could be in fact a great ice breaker!  Each guest writes down two true things about themselves and then a fabricated thing.  Take turns reading them out loud. Next, have the other party goers guess which is true and which is not.

Would You Rather?

Each party-goer says two scenarios. They can be ridiculous, scary, or even silly. Would you rather eat toenails or beetles?  Would you rather wear the same outfit every day for a year and shower, or not shower for a year? Whatever they come up with, it will cause laughs as well as discussions for sure!    

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery game is perfect for any party!  Whether you create your own story or buy a premade kit, guests will have a blast dressing up and being in character as they try and solve the mystery.  In summary, it will be a memorable night (just ensure it is age-appropriate)!


party games for teenagers

Twister is another game on our party games for teens list!  Create your own board with cut-out colored shapes and place them on the ground. You could also use your own bought game.  Spin and see who can stay up the longest! Twister, in essence, will put anyone’s coordination and flexibility to the test.

Cookie Face

The game with a delicious reward!  Have guests lay down and place a cookie on their eye.  Then, with only using the movements from their face, they need to try and get that cookie into their mouth before their opponents.  First one to do so wins, but in the end they will all win a cookie!

Wink Murder

Wink Murder or Wink Assassin is a game for four or more players.  A “murderer” is selected either by someone who will be a moderator or by drawing cards. This is a secret.  Next, guests walk around the room making eye contact with each other.  The murderer will then wink at different people who will then act out their demise.  If a player catches on, they can say “I accuse…” and the person’s name.  Keep going till the murderer is caught!


Another classic game!  Discuss categories as a group and have everyone write down ideas on separate pieces of paper that correspond with the topics.  Once done, place them in a bowl and take turns acting out the ideas while other players guess. You can play as a group or get separated into teams for a friendly competition!

Candy Game

This game generally speaking is fun and yummy!  Spread out a lot of candy like Skittles or M&Ms on a table.  Each player has a straw and a cup.  The object of the game is to transport as many pieces of candy using only the straw into your cup.  Whoever has the most candy once all off the table of course wins!


To start, have everyone sit in a circle or at least close enough together to whisper to the next person.  Then, have someone start by speaking a message to the next person.  That person then whispers it to the next and so on.  The very last person then says the message out loud and everyone will see how well they communicated.

Board Games

For some teens, board games are not only fun but the best kind of games! Bring out your favorites to play or ask guests to also bring their favorite games. This is awesome for a smaller number of guests.  

Noisy Party Games For Teens

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Sometimes a little more noise is needs for some extra big fun!

Karaoke Relay

If your group is into music, then this may be a game for you!  Have someone play DJ. You then can break into teams or play individually.  Play 10 seconds of a song and see who can guess it correctly the fastest.  You could also pick a decade of music or a specific band. Have fun guessing!

Name That Tune

If your group is into music, then this may be a game for you!  Have someone play DJ and break into teams or play individually.  Play 10 seconds of a song and see who can guess it.  Pick a decade or a band and have fun guessing!

Do That TikTok Dance Challenge

Similar to Name That Tune, this teen game idea would entail playing a popular song from TikTok and have guests perform the dance best to their ability.  Teens are really into TikTok trends these days, therefore this could be a real hit!  Perhaps later, everyone can make a video together or create their own dance!

Party Games for Teens – Final Note

In conclusion, the next time you are planning a party, consider this list of party games for teens.  From classic to outside to music-based, there is something for every group.  Also, no matter how “cool” teens may be, there is always time for fun and making memories!  These games will absolutely help do that!  For more ideas, check out our party ideas here.     

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