party ideas for teen girls

Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Girls (that she will love!)

party ideas for teenage girls

Celebrating a birthday is an exciting time for anyone, even teens!  Though they may have outgrown themes of childhood or may not always want to hang with their parents, teenagers still want to have fun as they did as kids!  But birthday party ideas for teen girls can be tricky! If you have a young lady in your life looking to celebrate her birthday, then keep reading!  Here are some birthday party ideas for teen girls including some fun Sweet 16 options. Plus if you are looking for gift ideas for your teenage girl, check these out!

Original Birthday Party Ideas for Teen Girls

1. Backyard Campout

backyard campout party for girls

If your teenage girl loves the great outdoors, consider hosting a backyard campout.  This is not only a great way to enjoy the fresh air but will make a great memory.  Have the girls set up tents to sleep under the stars. And as the sun sets and the night gets colder, light a fire and serve smores. Get into teams and have a fort making competition. Play some teen party games and you have a fun idea for a chilled-out Sweet Sixteen party.

2. Sleepover Party

girls party sleepover

Another one of our fave birthday party ideas for teen girls is the Sleepover. A girl’s sleepover party is the stuff dreams are made of. Especially when they are as pretty as these adorable Sleepover Tent Parties. What’s more fun than a cozy night in to celebrate a teenage girl’s birthday than a sleepover party! And check out this post for our favorite fun things to do at a sleepover.

3. Escape Room Party

DIY escape room kit for kids

An Escape Room kit is a great way to have an Escape Room party at home. The kids work in teams of two or more to solve puzzles and challenges and ultimately solve the mystery of the game. It’s a super fun way to host an original party that really involves all of your guests, gets them thinking and working together. Check out this one called Rebel Revolt, which is perfect for a teen party! From $29, Lock Paper Scissors.

4. Spa Party

birthday party ideas for teen girls

A spa-themed party is a wonderful choice for anyone who likes a little rest and relaxation.  While guests soak their feet in warm water, serve cute little sandwiches and cucumber water.  Next, manicures and pedicures for the birthday girl and her friends! 

Another idea is to have everyone make their own face masks while listening to relaxing music.  Getting pampered will feel amazing! This idea works for younger teens and older teens alike. You can even glam it up a little to create a spa-themed Sweet 16!

Check out our Spa Party for Girls feature here.

5. Glow in the Dark Party

birthday party ideas for teen girls

Now, one of the most original birthday party ideas for teen girls is this one! Glow sticks, coupled with neon paint will help any space rock in the dark!  Ask guests to wear bright colors to your Glow in the Dark Party. When they arrive, hand out super cool glow-in-the-dark bracelets or glasses to complete the look.  A black-light would make things pop even more in a dark setting.  To end the event, have a dance party!! This can also be a great alternative to a traditional Sweet 16 party!

6. Hiking Party

hiking party for teens

For nature lovers, a hiking party may be the best theme!  Firstly, chose a hike and invite your guests and remind them to remember to dress for the outdoors.  Secondly, pick your route and pack some delicious snacks and drinks for you and the guests. Lastly, have the birthday girl lead the way and perhaps throw a scavenger hunt into the mix.  A hiking party is a stellar way to enjoy the outdoors and nature, but also bond as a group.

7. Karaoke Party

karaoke party

Girls just want to have fun and sometimes that includes singing and dancing! A karaoke theme party is an awesome choice for those who love to perform. Set up a stage with a cool backdrop and lights for guests to feel like a star! Take turns belting out tunes while the others dance the night away!

8. Pool Party

pool party for teenage girls

For hot summer birthdays this is super cool birthday theme! If you don’t have a pool, head to the beach or use a blow-up pool for your guests to enjoy instead.  In addition, you could use a sprinkler and have a water balloon fight!  Serve lemonade in mason jars with coloful straws while hot dogs and burgers cook on the grill. Check out these water play ideas for kids of all ages!

9. Mamma Mia themed party

Give your teens the time of their life with a fun Mamma Mia themed party. If your teen girl is anything like my daughter, she will love all things Mamma Mia! Opt for a pretty blue and white-themed Grecian style party and Mamma Mia themed fancy dress. Take inspiration from the movie, blast out the best Abba soundtracks, and let your teens be Dancing Queens!

Shop the look, check out our favorite Mamma Mia themed party supplies here.

10. Boho Backyard Picnic

If the weather is nice, how about throwing a Boho backyard picnic. All you need for the Boho vibes are blankets, pillows, pallets to be used as tables, and lots of fresh flowers. You can even have guests make flower crowns to add to their Boho-chic looks!

11. Indoor Picnic

If you love a picnic but are worried about the weather, then no problem!  An indoor picnic can be just as fun as an outdoor picnic. To start, think of the theme you want and then use items from around your home to create a cozy setting.  Play some low key teen party games. Plus, it can be held rain or shine so you don’t have to have a plan B!

12. Harry Potter Party

harry potter party dessert table
Photo credit @mymagicalmemoirs

If your teen girl (like mine) loves Harry Potter, then this is such a fun theme! Make potions, cast spells, watch the movies, the ideas are endless. Check out our Harry Potter themed party ideas for more.

13. Carnival-themed Party

A carnival theme is perfect for the girl who loves excitement!  Set up different stations with traditional carnival games such as ring toss, skeet ball, and balloon pop.  A carnival is also not the same without face painting or sweet treats like popcorn or cotton candy.  Decorate your space with pretty streamers and balloons for added fun!

14. Masquerade Party

party ideas for teen girls

A masquerade party is elegant as well as mysterious! Ask guests to arrive in masks or create your own together. For added drama, hang up curtains and place flameless candles around. In addition, gold and deep purple would add some regal touches, and don’t forget some feathers and a photoshoot area.  It will surely be a fancy time and works great as a Sweet 16 Party theme!  

15. Craft Party

craft party for teen girls

Many teens are into making their own unique things these days as we certainly live in a DIY world.  From making jewellery, to sewing their own scrunchies to painting their own signs. To sum up, the options are endless!  This party would let your birthday girl and her guests get creative and have something nice they made to take home!

16. A Mystery Party

In a word, a mystery party is epic.  To start, search for an age-appropriate mystery party game for your teen’s birthday and then narrow it down based on their interest. These games can be found online or in a toy or game store.  There are usually character bios to give out prior to the event and furthermore, encourage everyone to show up ready for their role.  This party could be held over a meal and is ideal for any one into games and theatre!

17. Aloha-themed Party

aloha birthday decorations
Photo credit Hello Pretty Events.

Bring the feel of Hawaii anywhere by throwing an Aloha party!  Flower leis, grass skirts and drinks in coconuts would make this party feel like a vacation.  Not to mention, pineapples, surfboards and Hawaiian shirts. Finally, learn how to do the hula and perform as a group for the birthday girl!

Shop the look, see our favorite Aloha party supplies here.

18. Volunteer Party

Perhaps the young lady in your life wants to give back to her community.  Ideas could include arranging a neighborhood clean-up with garbage bags, collecting donations for the food bank, as well as writing letters to seniors in nursing homes.  Another idea is to ask for donations to a charity of her choice in lieu of gifts.  No matter the choice, it will be a party that does good, but also be a special memory for her and her friends.  

19. Tie Dye Party

A tie dye party is a super groovy theme! T-shirts, socks, pillowcases, and towels could all be great tie-dying options.  Learn different techniques for making different patterns together.  Once the items are drying, serve colorful cupcakes to enjoy!

20. Baking Party

A baking party is not only going to be fun but also delicious!  Whether it is cookies, cupcakes or pastries, a baking-themed party would be a blast.   Give guests their own aprons to take home and have them work together in creating something yummy.  Offer different decorating options so everyone can get inspired.  Lastly, while everything is baking, see how fast the birthday girl and her guests can work together to clean up!

21. Social Media Party

tiktok party table
Photo credit Trinidad Ruiz

Social media is very much part of teen lives these days, so why not make it a theme?  Have the group learn Tik Tok dances and create memorable content for years to come.  You could also create a photobooth for guests to take photos with the birthday girl.  Lastly, come up with an original hashtag to use so they can share pictures together after the party. Check out our post on TikTok party ideas for more.

22. Game Night

Get all of her friends together for a fun evening of board games. Make it a fun party with pizzas, birthday cake and a great party playlist.

23. Outdoor Movie Night

Hire in a projector and play a favorite teen movie in your very own outdoor theater! Add to the party deco with some festoon lighting for a teen’s birthday party to remember!

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas Final Note

These birthday party ideas for teen girls are only some of the many theme options out there.  Pick what she likes and enjoys and go from there.  Just because she is a teen, doesn’t mean she can’t have a super cool party for her and her friends to enjoy!

And if you are looking for the best gift ideas for teenage girls, check out our best teen girl gift recommendations here!

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