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Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas – 15 ideas for a Harry Potter party

If you are planning a Harry Potter themed party, then look no further for Harry Potter birthday party ideas!

A Harry Potter party is one of the most fun party themes to create! And you get to recreate all of the details from the books. If you (or your child) loves Harry Potter, then read on for the best Harry Potter party ideas that your guests will love!

Harry Potter Party Drinks Ideas

butterbeer for harry potter party
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Undoubtedly, Butterbeer is one of the classic Harry Potter party drinks. If you are making if for kids, just adapt the recipe to this one.

harry potter party drinks
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Another fun drinks idea is Polyjuice potion. You can make a family friendly version and serve it in mini jars with cute labels.

harry potter party decor
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Harry Potter Party Ideas – Decorations

hanging candles for harry potter party
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If you want to really create a scene, then hang faux candles using clear string from the ceiling to recreate the floating candles in the Great Hall. And when the sun goes down, this will look especially magical!

harry potter party signs
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Another great way to set the scene for your Harry Potter party, is signage. Use signs and posters from the party entrance, all the way around the party to continue your theme.

styling for a harry potter party
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In addition, you can include some Harry Potter styling items on your dessert table. These cute books were a DIY effort, made from free templates from Canva, printed out and secured around books. And don’t they look great!

guest book for harry potter party
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Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas – Food

harry potter party dessert table
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There are so many fun Harry Potter themed food ideas, like these Golden Snitch cupcakes. If you are keen to make your own, check out this recipe.

food ideas for harry potter party
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Or go for a smaller Golden Snitch truffle version like these ones!

harry potter party desserts
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Another option is these cute mini cauldron cakes. Either way, they all make a perfect addition to your Harry Potter dessert table.

harry potter party food
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Often, a popular addition to a Harry Potter party, is a Honeydukes candy shop! In addition to the popular Chocolate Frogs, there are lots of other candy options you can include. Exploding Bon Bons, Queen Bee Whizzing Fizzbees, Jelly Slugs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans are some other ideas.

harry potter party jelly snakes
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For more Harry Potter party food ideas, check out our blog post here.

Harry Potter Party Styling Ideas

harry potter party food ideas
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A Sorting Hat makes for a great centrepiece, and this one from Amazon even talks! For an easy color scheme, stick to the traditional red, yellow and green of the Harry Potter house colors.

harry potter party decoration ideas
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And to really bring your styling together, a huge Harry Potter backdrop really sets this scene. Simply pair it with a color themed balloon arch, and you have the perfect set up for your Harry Potter party.

harry potter party ideas
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