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An exciting age for many children is when they turn ten years old.  There is something special about being two “whole hands” old and it is an age they often look forward to.  Even though ten year old’s are considered tweens, some may still be childish in nature while others may have become more mature all of a sudden.  When it comes to celebrating your child turning double digits, here are some exciting 10th birthday party ideas to consider. 

10th Birthday Party Ideas That Kids Love

During your birthday party brainstorming, ask your birthday boy or girl what they would like to do and who they would want to include.  This will help determine which route to go.  This age is very independent and party times may range from a few hours to all day or night, so the ideas are endless! 

1. Cooking Class

10th birthday ideas cooking class

This is a terrific idea if your child is interested in cooking and would enjoy learning more techniques and recipes.  Firstly, look into local organizations that offer on-site cooking classes. Secondly, if that isn’t an option, investigate online classes where a chef can teach via Zoom or even think about having someone come to your home to teach in person. Lastly, gather the needed ingredients, hand out aprons and get cooking!  Leftovers can also make a great party favor!

2. Sleepover

If the party will consist of a few pals, than a sleepover party may be a great option to celebrate.  Sleepovers with small groups are ideal so a lot of space isn’t needed.  Plus it will be a better bonding experience with a few close friends.  Set up the sleepover zone in a living room, basement or even outside in a tent.  Ensure you plan for dinner, breakfast and lots of snacks too. Our healthy party foods for kids has some great ideas. For things to do at a sleepover that kids will love, check out our post here for more exciting ideas.

3. Harry Potter Theme

harry potter party food ideas
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If your child is a “Potterhead”, then another one of our 10th birthday party ideas is to throw a Harry Potter party! Take inspiration from these amazing books by making your space magical with faux hanging lights. Guests can then drink Butterbeer under them. To keep with the theme, use a sorting hat to see who belongs to which house and then play some friendly games as teams.  Give each wizard a wand to take home and have a blast!

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4. Spa Party

party ideas for spa party
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An additional way to celebrate turning the big 1-0 is by having a spa party!  Being pampered is always nice and your child and their guests will feel so relaxed and special after some TLC.  One idea is to take the group to a professional spa for mani-pedis or you can bring the spa to you. There are so many spa party ideas for you to implement yourself too. Don’t forget a face mask!  

5. Karaoke

Does your child love to belt out a tune or pretend they are on stage? If so, a karaoke party may be the perfect choice for a 10th birthday party!  Even if you don’t have a proper karaoke machine, you can still have guests take turns singing to songs.  For added fun, have the party goers dress up in fabulous costumes and prepare dance routines. Another idea would be to pick songs that relate to a certain theme like Disney or hits from the 1990’s.  No matter what songs everyone sings, there will surely be epic performances!

6. Escape Room Game

escape room diy for kids

An escape game is a super fun idea and can be easily done with this Egyptian themed Escape Room Kit which will transform your living room into ancient Egypt!  Setting up is super easy. The first step is to download the game kit and print the clue cards as standard 4×6 photos. or you can print the game on normal paper.  Before the party, follow the step by step instructions to place the clues around your home and garden. When the kids arrive everything’s ready to go and set up, so there’s no need to stress about getting everything done at once. Good luck escaping!

7. Movie Night

Do you have a movie buff for a child? If this is the case than pop the popcorn and plan a movie night!  Invitations could be designed like movie tickets setting the scene. You could set up a little concession stand with drinks, chocolate, candy and of course pop corn for your guests to enjoy.  Ensure you create a super comfortable space for everyone to sit with throw pillows, chairs and blankets. 

For warmer weather days, consider hosting it in the back yard.  Set up a screen or white sheet and use a projector to show the film. In short, the party will for sure get two thumbs up!

And if you have a movie theater nearby, then consider taking a small group of friends out to see the latest kids film instead.

8. Craft Party

craft party ideas for 10 year olds

A craft party is ideal for anyone who is into DIY or just being creative.  Take into account the skill level of those attending and determine what project(s) your birthday child wants to do with their pals.  Next, gather the necessary supplies for everyone.   From making jewelry, to canvas painting, to building bird houses to doing paper crafts, the ideas are a plenty. Have fun!         

9. Laser Tag         

Laser tag is a great option for a birthday party for any kid who loves video games but also being active.  Guests will have fun running around a glow in the dark facility trying to tag each other with laser beams.  Play as teams or as individuals and see who has the highest score at the end!  A lot of laser tag companies do birthday party packages so look into that too and get thinking about your code name.

10. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt can take a while to set up, but is a great game that often takes quite a bit of time at a children’s party. Set out your clues and get your guests to work in teams to solve them. You can theme it to your party and have a prize for the winners.

11. Scavenger Hunt

Similar to a treasure hunt, but in a scavenger hunt, guests are given a list of things to find. This works really well in an outdoor party setting, for example a garden, park or woodland. You can use a nature inspired theme to have the guests hunting for all kinds of goodies. Put your guests into teams of 3 or 4 and set them loose with their list of what to find. The winning team is the one who comes back first with all of the items found.

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12. Tea Party

Combine a classic tea party with some fun kids party games for a good old fashioned afternoon tea event your ten-year-old will love!

13. Slime Making Party

slime party

Get your Slime party started with a “Slime Lab” where the kiddos mix up their very own colorful concoctions. Set up different stations with glitter, beads, and even glow-in-the-dark options for that extra wow factor. Then, hold a “Slime Olympics” with contests like the “Stretchiest Slime” and “Biggest Bubble.” Of course, don’t forget the slime-inspired snacks like “Slime Popcorn” (green popcorn with a touch of edible glitter) and “Slime Jello Cups” with gummy worms wriggling on top. See our best Slime party ideas here.

14. Video Game Party

ideas for a gaming party

Gaming parties have become a wildly popular way to celebrate special occasions, captivating the hearts of both kids and adults alike. These high-energy gatherings transform living rooms into virtual playgrounds, offering an interactive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional celebrations. From competitive races in Mario Kart to epic battles in Super Smash Bros., the selection of games is as diverse as the guests themselves. A gaming party not only fosters friendly competition but also encourage teamwork and camaraderie, creating memories that last a lifetime.

15. Star Wars Party

star wars party activities

A Star Wars party is a surefire hit for kids who love thrilling adventures and imaginative play. With iconic characters, epic lightsaber battles, and journeys to far-off galaxies, it’s a chance for young minds to step into a world of heroes and villains, where anything is possible. Whether they dream of being a brave Jedi, a cunning Sith, or a clever droid, a Star Wars party lets them live out those fantasies surrounded by like-minded friends.

10th Birthday Party Ideas Conclusion

In summary, turning ten is a very special age, therefore we hope these 10th birthday party ideas give you some inspiration on how to celebrate. Whether you do something grand or keep it small and intimate, your 10 year old will remember this day for years to come. For more party ideas check out our other blog posts.  Have fun kicking off a new decade with your child! 

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