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Gender Reveal Backdrop Ideas – 10 Fun Backdrop Styling Ideas

Using a fun and vibrant backdrop for your Gender Reveal party can help set the mood for your celebration. It’s an easy addition that conveniently lets you style your event, add a theme, and follow certain color schemes. And there are so many Gender Reveal backdrop ideas to choose from.

You can use it as a centerpiece to highlight a particular area or to tactically hide a section of the wall that doesn’t go with your decor. While drive-by Gender Reveal ideas have started becoming mainstream, traditional celebrations still hold their charm.

Below are some fun Gender Reveal backdrop ideas to level up the party vibes.

1. Banner Gender Reveal Backdrops

Banners look great behind gift tables or dessert areas and are easy to install since they’re only one piece. They come in a variety of themes, colors, and styles.

If you’ve decided on a specific theme for your gender reveal party, you can easily choose a design that matches it. Alternatively, you can also order one with a custom design.

Get inspired: Sunflower Gender Reveal Party Backdrop

bee gender reveal backdrop

With this sunflower and bee-themed gender reveal party backdrop, you can sprinkle some cuteness and sunshine over your celebration! Made from wrinkle-resistant, heavy-duty vinyl, the pattern on this banner is charming and vibrant.

It’s portable, durable, comes in different sizes, and can be folded up for other parties in the future.

Pro Tip: Further spruce up your space by adding yellow and black balloons around it.

2. Streamer Backdrop

streamers backdrop for baby shower

With a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns, streamers are an easy way to transform any drab wall into a gorgeous backdrop. From bubblegum pinks to neon blues to sunshine yellow, the color options for streamer backdrops are endless.

Choose colors that go with your theme. You can use multi-colored streamers if your party has more than one color. For additional styling, twist them into spiral threads or add paper flowers and other cutouts to the threads.

Get inspired: Check out this one from Amazon for our fave option.

3. Geometric Metal Backdrop

gender reveal backdrop ideas geometric stand

Geometric backdrops have always been popular at weddings. They’ve recently found their way into baby showers and gender reveal parties as well. Although they come in different shapes and sizes, circles and hexagons are the most popular choices.

Embellish the large metal frame with flowers, balloons, and other decor related to your theme. Consider hanging tealights, string lights, bolts of fabric, and other design elements to make it even more festive.

Get inspired: Check out this one on Amazon.

4. The Curtain Backdrop

gender reveal backdrop ideas gender reveal curtain

Curtains are great for covering up less than desirable areas on your walls. They’re also simple, inexpensive, readily available, and easy to create.

With curtain backdrops, there’s no limit to the customizations and decorations you can create. While the pink and blue color combination is the most preferred option for gender reveal parties, you can also embrace other colors like rose-gold and navy blue.

If you won’t be placing a curtain backdrop against a wall, consider sheer curtains that won’t completely hide the area beyond it. Complement well-lit areas with thicker curtains that are in the shade of your party’s colors.

Another option to consider are classic white curtains. While colorful and vibrant curtains are en vogue, don’t underestimate how a plain white backdrop can offset more colorful party decorations like balloons, letter cutouts, and flower garlands.

Get inspired: Pink and Blue Gender Reveal Curtains

5. Boho Backdrop

boho gender reveal backdrop ideas

Bohemian backdrops are a recent trend and for good reason — they can fit almost any occasion. They look great in photos and are extremely eye-catching and appealing.

For a bohemian-inspired gender reveal, a macramé backdrop is perfect for inspiring a boho party vibe.

You can hang a clothesline, embellish it with beautiful green branches, and add colorful flowers as accents. Add some letter cut-outs on top and you’re good to go.

If you find dream catchers beautiful, you can artfully arrange them for yet another Boho-inspired look.

6. Nature Backdrop

boxwood backdrop ideas for gender reveal

If you’re a nature lover, this one’s for you! While this backdrop works for outdoor settings, you can also use it to bring a touch of nature indoors, especially during months when the weather or the season won’t allow you to hold a party outside. It also goes great with safari, jungle, and zoo-themed parties.

A green rug or a poster is inexpensive but for more realistic-looking greenery, you can purchase boxwood panels or tiles from Amazon. Boxwood panels are excellent nature-themed backdrops. They bring with them a lavish and lush feel. Not only are they easy to assemble and arrange, but you can reuse them for other parties.

7. Wooden Backdrop

gender reveal round backdrop

Looking to incorporate a rustic theme to your gender reveal party? This Baby Elephant Backdrop by Lofaris is one of your best options. Although it’s made of polyester, the printing is so excellently done that the white lettering and design looks like it’s on top of actual wood.

All you have to do is wrap the ready-made sheet around the wooden panel and you’re done! To add more contrasting textures to the backdrop, add balloons, flowers, string lights, and other design elements.

8. Paper Flowers Backdrop

pink and blue paper flowers backdrop

Beautiful, vibrant, and colorful, there is no substitute for flowers when it comes to eye-catching background decor options. They not only conceal less attractive portions of your wall but also offer fabulous photo opportunities.

Although slightly more expensive than other decors, the final effect makes it worth the extra cost. If you have a specific theme in mind, you can work with a florist to choose the perfect flowers and colors for your backdrop.

If you’re allergic to flowers but still want a floral backdrop, you can always opt for artificial floral backgrounds or even paper flowers.

9. Twinkle light backdrop

light curtain backdrop

If you’re planning to host your gender reveal party in the evening, a twinkle light backdrop is a gorgeous and enchanting option. You can find twinkle lights in any online or retail store in different lengths and bulb shapes. You can either hang the lights on your wall or buy a backdrop stand and drape it with a sheer curtain and string lights.

For a more appealing look, you can use other decorative items like flowers and balloons to wrap the lights around for added ambiance.

10. DIY Gender Reveal Backdrop Ideas

gender reveal balloon arch

While there are several options when it comes to DIY gender reveal backdrop ideas, balloon arches are among our favorites. Not only are these fun and eye-catching, but they’re simple and cost-effective too. Since balloons come in various colors, they can easily fit into your preferred theme. For a more impressive effect, you can combine it with other decor items like cherry lights.

Get inspired: Check out this one on Amazon for just $15.99


A backdrop is a great way to set the scene and bring your theme to life. We hope the options we provided help you in your gender reveal decor planning and preparation. For more gender reveal ideas, check out our other articles.

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