where to have a gender reveal party

Where to have a Gender Reveal Party?

Where to have a Gender Reveal Party is something we all wonder when planning our baby’s reveal!

Gender Reveal Parties are the fun, trendy way to discover some exciting news and share the excitement with family and loved ones. It’s an excuse to have a big bash or just to get creative and drum up some anticipation.

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Today we’re going to talk about where to have a Gender Reveal party. Follow our step by step guide to help you plan the best Gender Reveal party!

Best place to have a Gender Reveal Party

You need to think about your guests and make sure not to inconvenience them too much. Just as you wouldn’t ask them to come to a big bash at 9 am on a workday, so too you shouldn’t make them drive too far. Try to think about where everyone will be coming for and try to come up with somewhere that’s central for everyone.

Gender Reveal Party Venues

Think about how much value you’re receiving for your money. If you’re choosing to hire a venue, don’t just jump on the cheapest price you can find. What are you getting for that price? Are wait staff and cleanup services included? If you’re already splashing out on hiring a venue, a slight increase in price might save you a lot of time and effort in setup and cleanup. Once you’re already paying, why not pay a little more and be able to relax and enjoy the party?

Wherever you decide to have your Gender Reveal party, you should come up with a guest list first. Once you’ve decided how many people you’re catering for, only then can you start to look for a venue that’s appropriate. For example, 50 people in a restaurant is pretty pricey, but unless you have a big house, it’s a little squashed. On the other hand, you don’t want to hire a barn for 10 people and have the party feel very lonely and quiet.

Decorating your venue

A very important point to keep in mind when planning your Gender Reveal Party, is what allowances your venue of choice makes for decoration. If you want a theme or gender quotes and cool decorations, it’ll be a massive disappointment if your venue won’t allow you to bring in your own.

There are often restrictions on food as well. When my fiance proposed to me he was so disappointed when he broke out the champagne and a waiter came running up to confiscate it. If you’ve ordered a Gender Reveal cake or cupcakes, you don’t want the money to go down the drain, so check the terms and conditions carefully.

Many venues won’t be too hot on you making a mess so you can’t plan big, messy gender reveal ideas. More suitable Gender Reveal ideas for an indoor venue are a Gender Reveal balloon box or a Gender Reveal cake. Perhaps save the Gender Reveal Egg Smash or Gender Reveal Pinata for an outdoor space!

The venue of your choice may offer a menu which is great. But if you want a Gender Reveal cake, Gender Reveal cupcakes or cake pops, or even a Gender Reveal lasagne (yes that is a thing) then you need to ask if the venue will accommodate you or allow you to bring your own.

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Hosting a Gender Reveal Party at your house

where to have a gender reveal party

The obvious choice, if you’re throwing the party then it’s simple and easy. You can do whatever you like and don’t have to stress about getting anywhere. It can also be more cosy and intimate, a special place for a special moment. Plus you can serve all of your own fun Gender Reveal food ideas. On the other hand, you will have to deal with all the mess afterwards.

Hosting a Gender Reveal Party at a friends house

If a friend is organizing the Gender Reveal party, then their house can be a good choice for where to have a Gender Reveal party. It’s more convenient for them and they’re already doing you a favour. On the other hand, this means you’re lumping them with all the mess and even if you set up yourself, you’re still piling on the stress.

Having a Gender Reveal Party Outdoors

where to have a gender reveal party

The great outdoors, mother nature’s loving embrace, or whatever you want to call it. Fresh and floral and fun. Who doesn’t love a great garden party? It adds a whole level of vibrancy to the whole event! Unlike your local park, you can do whatever you want in your own garden. An outdoor Gender Reveal is perfect for the more messy Gender Reveal ideas. For example, smoke cannons, paint bombs, pinatas or the Gender Reveal Egg Smash!

Can I have a Gender Reveal Party at a park?

Kick the nature idea up a notch. Sometimes it’s the best thing to get out and about. You won’t be able to decorate too much and there will probably be observers watching you. But nature itself is your canvas!

Check the local laws to find out what you can and can’t do in your local park. You might be surprised.

Always have a Plan B

The skies are grey and the raindrops are flooding the area. The local park, the destination of choice is completely flooded and overrun by carnivorous electrified ducks, now what?

Always make sure to have a backup plan. Make sure your house or a friend’s house is available on the day, at short notice, in case things go awry.

Can I have a Gender Reveal Party at a Restaurant

gender reveal explosion cake

Of course, and there are lots of benefits! For example, no cleanup, no mess, no hassle, turn up, and enjoy. It’s not as personal as throwing your own themed bash. But can be very classy and as long as your loved ones are there, it’s always intimate. If you can afford it, it’s definitely the easiest option and you don’t have to worry about the menu! Plus, many restaurants will make you a Gender Reveal cake.

Hosting a Gender Reveal Party in a barn

Be very careful with this idea. A couple in Arizona shot a flaming arrow at a target to reveal the gender of their baby. But instead, the target exploded. They started a wildfire that burned 47,000 acres and took 800 firefighters a whole week and $8 million to put out. Plus they landed themselves with a fine in the tens of thousands.

So be smart and safe, don’t play with fire near a forest or long grass. But a farm or a barn is a rustic and whimsical answer to the where to have my gender reveal party dilemma.

Final thoughts

It’s your party, find what works for you, within budget and let your imagination run away with you! Check out all of our favorite Gender Reveal decorations here.

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