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The Best Gender Reveal Quotes and Sayings

Gender Reveal Quotes and Gender Reveal Riddles can be a great addition to your baby’s Gender Reveal.

Finding out the big news is a poignant, special moment and also a great chance to have some fun with your family and friends.

If you’re looking for a creative way to reveal your baby’s gender or want to know how to share your baby’s gender on social media, a Gender Reveal saying or quote can be super cool and cute! And if you are planning a Gender Reveal Party you might want to incorporate some of these into your party decor or games.

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How do you caption a Gender Reveal?

Some parents like to reveal their baby’s gender on social media, and gender reveal quotes are a great addition to this idea.

Others include their pets or other children in the reveal. Check out our post on Gender Reveals with dogs for more fun quote ideas!

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Gender Reveals are a chance to let your creativity shine. Gender Reveal quotes, riddles and poems are also great additions as decorations for your Gender Reveal Party. They can be a cool feature of your big Gender Reveal bash, (read up on Gender Reveal party etiquette here) an adorable Instagram or Facebook Gender Reveal post idea or something interesting to put on the invitation.

A Gender Reveal Yard Sign is another good way to display a quote.

here for the sex gender reveal banner

And this “Here for the sex” banner is a cheeky way to welcome guests to your Reveal party!

We’ve collected some of the best Gender Reveal quotes out there! Check them out and if you want more ideas on how to plan a Gender Reveal party, click right here!

Gender Reveal Rhymes

gender reveal quotes

These are our favorite Gender Reveal rhymes. These rhyming couplets will be sure to delight your loved ones. Here are our top 12 Gender Reveal rhymes.

Use them at your Gender Reveal party, on a social media announcement, or get the dogs or siblings involved!

Almost time to see, which will it be? A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?

Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?

Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two little eyes and one little nose, boy or a girl, no-one knows!

Pink or blue, our dream came true!

Blue or pink, what do you think?

We’re tickled pink and happy to say, a little princess is on her way!

Sister or brother, what’s in my mother?

Pink or blue, we all love you!

A baby is coming, as cute as can be, will it be a bouncy he or a charming little she?

Little mister or little sister?

Waddle it be? Is our new duckling a he or a she?

Girl or boy, we will be full of joy

What will it be? We can’t wait to see!

Cars and trucks, ribbons and bows. What are we having? We’re about to know!

Almost time to see, which will it be?

A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?

He or she, what will it be?

Display these Gender Reveal quotes on a decorated chalkboard, in white with pink and blue highlighted words. Or on a Gender Reveal cake, on your invite or on a banner for maximum effect.

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Cute Gender Reveal Riddles and Poems

Now, who doesn’t love a good riddle? If you are hosting a Gender Reveal party, let your guests do the hard work with this next set of Gender Reveal quotes that are sure to leave your guests puzzling and delighting! Here’s our pick of the top 10 Gender Reveal riddles. See if your guests can solve these, or just have a good laugh!

Can’t wait to see our pearl! Guess what’s coming soon? We know it will be a…. (girl)!

Pink or blue, boy or girl? It’s your turn to take a whirl! Blue or pink, tell us what you really think!

Boy or girl, which will it be? Bite into your cupcake and you will see! Pink or blue will reveal, mess and stress or mounds of teal?

As you bite, what will you find, what gender jumps to mind? Cute as a button in baby blue, I’m not sure, I wish I knew. Or is it a princess resplendent in pink, I’m not sure, what do you think?

Ten little fingers, ten little toes. Boy or girl what do you think? Either way, the diapers stink!

Our hearts are so filled with joy! We are having a baby and guess what? It’s a…. (boy)

This next one is a riddle where the first letter of each line spells out the gender reveal (It’s a Girl).

In mommy’s belly I will grow,

Tiny fingers and tiny toes

Some don’t know what my gender will be

Although you might already see!

Guess if I’m a girl or boy

I know either way, you will jump for joy!

Read this riddle with great care

Look really close and we will share!

And this Gender Reveal riddle spells out It’s a Boy from the first letter from each line,

In the belly I will grow

Tiny hands and tiny toes

Secret will my gender be

Although you might already see

Between the lines the truth does lay

On the surface confused you’ll stay

You might be happy either way!

(It’s a boy, first letter of each line)

Boy or Girl Anagrams

boy or girl quotes for gender reveal

Give your guests an anagram to solve at your Gender Reveal Party. Remember to ask them to keep quiet until everyone has had a chance to solve it!

Girl: rl erae givang a hriw

Boy: bw are oahnig a vye

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Sayings

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A Gender Reveal quote will stick in the minds of your party guests and be a good takeaway, other than a mess of pink or blue paint!

These boy or girl quotes can tie into your themed Gender Reveal. They’re cute and simple and get the excitement pumping for your big reveal!

“Team boy or Team girl?”

“Little man or little lady?”

“Cowboy or cowgirl?”

Mermaid or fisherman?”

“Tutus or Tuxes?”

“King or Queen?”

“Boots or Ballet?”

“Tie or Tutu?”

“Lumber Jack or Jill?”

“Tractors or Tiaras?”

“Colt or Filly?”

“Pixie or Pirate?”

“Lord or Lady?”

“Little mister or little sister”

“One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish”

“Buck or Doe?”

“Superman or Wonder Woman?”

“Cupcake or Studmuffin?”

“Kicks or Heels”?

“Racecars or Ruffles?”

“Sports or Sparkle?”

“Lures or Laces”?

“Team Staches or Team Lashes?”

“Senor or Senorita?”

“Team Bows or Team Basketball?”

Funny Gender Reveal Sayings and Quotes

“We’re here for the sex!”

“What the duck is it?”

“Sister or brother, what’s in my mother?”

“Blue or pink, the poo still stinks!”

“Nuts or no nuts?”

“Either way we are losing sleep!”

A good chalkboard is an adorable way to display your quotes, although the invitations are always a good place, but why not print a tee shirt or an individual poem for each guest? Either way, have fun!

And if you are planning a Gender Reveal party, be sure to check out our Gender Reveal Party planning guide here.

Have questions about Gender Reveals? Join me in my Party Planning Facebook community here.

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