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Gender Reveal Games – Games to Play At A Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Parties are a fun way to turn the poignant moment of finding out your baby’s gender, into a party! And Gender Reveal Games bring all of the fun to the party! Loosely based on old wives tales, Gender Reveal Games are an important part of your event!

You’re pregnant, there’s lots to celebrate! So why not use this important milestone in your pregnancy to have some fun, and drum up excitement for yourself and family and friends around the baby’s gender.

If you’re looking for how to run a Gender Reveal party, we have lots of content for you!

Right now, let’s look at Gender Reveal Games. No party is complete without a game! We’ve compiled a list of Gender Reveal Party Games to help everyone have a great time and to set the tone and build anticipation for the big reveal!

There are lots of fun games you can play, some as a group and some as an individual. These games work well for small parties and for big bashes. Let’s get started!

Gender Reveal Games Ideas

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Guess Baby’s Statistics

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This one is a fun gambling game. Ask guests to predict various statistics about your incoming bambino. Guests can guess not only the gender but also the birth date, time of the birth, length and weight of baby etc.

All wagers are recorded and when your little one turns up, it’s time to find out who won! You can play this with or without gambling money.

Old Wives Tales

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You’ve heard the cliches. Carrying low? It’s a girl, rounded bump? It’s a boy. This game takes old wives tales and turns them into a gender reveal party game.

Guests ask the Mom-to-be Old Wives Tales questions to guess whether she’s having a boy or girl. Prepare the old wives tales first and you’re good to go! Check out our post on old wives tales here for more.

Gender Vote

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This Gender Reveal party game is a pretty simple one. Just ask guests to vote on their gut instinct, is baby a boy or girl? Then, we’ll find out whether they were right or not.

Remember, as well as keeping guests entertained, you want to drum up excitement for the big announcement too!

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Gender Reveal Predictions

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Similar to our first Gender Reveal party game, this one is for the individual.  Give each guest a Baby Predictions card and ask them to fill in their predicted gender, weight, birth date, and any other details you’d like. Then, they write a message for the parents or the baby and they get sealed away until the big day.

All these games can lead straight into the big reveal, once guests have made their votes or guesses, you shout, “let’s see who’s right!” Then you do your reveal.

You can pop some gender reveal confetti balloons or open a box with colored gender reveal balloons or set off a smoke cannon. Whatever you want. It’s your party. If you want to go big and dramatic – go for it!! If you want to keep it low key, that’s your choice.

But your game should lead to the reveal because you’ve built up all the tension and stoked everyone’s excitement, before it fades, do the reveal!

More fun Gender Reveal Game Ideas

Other fun games to play at a Gender Reveal

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If you didn’t like any of the Gender Reveal party games we’ve mentioned so far, never fear, we have loads more! Although not strictly Gender Reveal games, these party games can be great ice-breakers and fun activities for your guests to take part in.

Baby Bingo

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We all know how to play bingo, it’s an old favourite that never goes out of style. It’s fun, it’s fast and competitive whilst bringing everyone together.

To turn bingo into a gender reveal party game, make sure to use a baby bingo template where the squares are baby related words. You can kick baby bingo up a notch by having the questions be simple riddles such as “in the middle of the night,  no rest for you, almost asleep then a smell so ew! You need to change a ….. Diaper!” It just adds an extra level of fun.

Find the Guest

Find the guest is such a classic, and very baby-themed for a baby gender reveal party. Each guest should send in a picture of themselves as a baby. You can make a collage, string them on a washing line or hang them around the room. Then you call out a guest’s name and everyone has to track down their adorable baby face!

Who Knows Mommy Best

 This is a really fun game to play. And it involves all your guests at once so there’s no waiting for turns. Plus it’s very personal to the Mom and all the guests. If you want, you can turn this into who knows the parents best. Just include the Dad too.

The game is quite simple. You ask questions about the Mom, what’s her favourite food, what gets her really annoyed, what’s her weirdest habit, is she a night owl or an early bird etc. Then see which guests get the most correct answers and find out who knows Mommy best!

Party games are a vital part of any party, especially if your guests don’t all know each other. They’re fun, they break the ice, ease tension and spare people the ell of small talk with strangers.

Make sure your games lead up to the big reveal because if you build excitement and let it fizzle, it doesn’t usually come back. Keep it hot and let everyone know, get the game going, let the guessing begin and show ‘em all the truth!

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