old wives tales for gender predictions

Old Wives Tales for Gender Predictions – ways to predict baby’s gender

A new baby is such an exciting time for parents and their loved ones!  Of course, once there is a pregnancy announcement and as Mommy gets farther along in her pregnancy, it is common for everyone to start guessing what the baby’s gender is.  Will it be a boy or a girl? Old wives tales for gender predictions have been around for decades, if not centuries! 

Even though we have the technology today that can predict gender more accurately, many still like to make predictions based on old wives tales. Continue reading below for some of the most common ones.   

Old Wives Tales for Gender Predictions

Morning Sickness

One of the most common old wives tales for gender predictions is morning sickness.  The theory is if you are nauseous in the morning or at all, you are carrying a girl.  Often during the first trimester, many pregnant women will experience this not-so-good feeling, not just those with little girls onboard. All part of the pregnancy journey, thank goodness for ginger ale!    

How You Carry The Baby

Some would say how the mother carries her baby bump could reveal the gender of the baby too.  If a woman tends to carry her weight all in front and lower, a boy would be assumed.  Meanwhile, a woman who carries her weight all over, including in her face and has a higher bump, could be carrying a girl.  Of course, every woman is different when it comes to height and body shape so every bump will look different too.   

Pregnancy Glow

Ever heard someone say to a pregnant woman, “Wow, you have that pregnancy glow!”  They say if a new Mom is glowing and looking radiant, she is carrying a son.  When it comes to this old wives tale, the theory is that a baby girl would drain her mother of her beauty.  Therefore, if the Mom is suffering from breakouts, or her hair isn’t looking as shiny, she may be pregnant with a baby girl.   

Salty or Sweet?

old wives tales for gender prediction

In short, when it comes to pregnancy a lot of us think about cravings.  Some pregnant women get the strangest cravings or want something they never liked before pregnancy.  When it comes to cravings and predicting the baby’s gender, however, salt cravings mean a boy, while sweet means a girl.  So what are you craving cupcakes or salt and vinegar chips?

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

If ancient Chinese wisdom appeals to you, then check out the Chinese Gender Prediction chart. It is an ancient Chinese method of predicting the sex of your baby based on the mothers age and the lunar month of conception. Find out exactly how to do this here.

Heart Rate

Hearing your sweet baby’s heartbeat for the first time is such a magical experience for new parents.  Typically the doctor will let you know what your baby’s heart rate is at check-up appointments.  The old wives tale is that if the rate is lower than 140 beats per minute it is said to be likely a boy.  Furthermore, if it is over 140 beats per minute it could mean it is a baby girl.  Either way, enjoy that beautiful heartbeat sound!     

Ring Test

Place a wedding band or a special ring on a string and have the Mommy lay on her back.  Dangle the ring above her belly.   If the ring starts to swing in circles, some believe that means a girl is growing in there. But if the ring swings side to side, a boy.  Try it a few times and see if it is consistent or not!

Chinese Gender Predictor

This ancient form of predicting a baby’s gender dates back to over 700 years ago and some say this method is more than 90% accurate.  The gender is predicted by calculating the mother’s age at conception in addition to when the baby’s due date is.  For more information or to give it a try, click here.  


If you are experiencing more headaches than usual since becoming pregnant, it could mean you are having a boy.  Is it a taste of what is to come with a little man or is it just another symptom of pregnancy?

Graceful or Clumsy?

Are you normally a graceful person but since being pregnant you are a clumsy mess?  If so, that could mean you are having a boy.  Additionally, if you feel more poised and graceful like a ballerina, it could very well mean you are having a little girl.    


old wives tales for gender

Sometimes pregnant women will have vivid dreams about their little one growing inside their tummy.  If you dream of a girl, does that mean you are having one?  Some say that it is actually the opposite gender that you dream. 

Also, sometimes other people close to the Mom to be will dream about their baby which may predict the gender too.  So what did Grandma dream about regarding their new grandchild? Keep track of dreams and see if they come true.

Your Mood

How is your mood? First, you feel so happy and excited.  Secondly, you are bawling at the commercial you just saw with puppies. Thirdly, you are angry because you actually wanted cheese on your fries. Finally, you are happy again.  If your moods are changing fast and furious, it might mean a little lady will be joining the family.

Daddy’s Weight Gain

Another one of the old wives tales gender predictions has to do more with dear old Dad.  It is totally normal for the Mom to be to gain weight during her pregnancy but what if Dad does too?  If Dad gains some of his own pregnancy weight, it is said he will be welcoming a daughter! 

Perhaps or it could be all those late-night fast food cravings he has been picking up and enjoying too.  Either way, a supportive partner is always great!

Old Wives Tales for Gender Predictions Conclusion

Predicting a baby’s gender can be amusing and get people excited!  There are always people who swear by the above ideas and maybe they were correct at predicting the gender of their own babies. 

Consider adding some of these old wives tales gender predictions to your baby shower for you and your guests to have fun with. 

If you do chose to find out the gender of your baby before their arrival, check out some of our ideas for an exciting gender reveal party

Either way, your beautiful baby girl or boy will be loved and adored no matter what you predict.

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