How much does a Baby Shower cost

How Much Does A Baby Shower Cost? Baby Shower budgeting guide

Congratulations, a new baby is on the way!  If you or someone you know is expecting a little one soon, you may be thinking about ways to celebrate.  For instance, having a Baby Shower

Baby Showers are often a traditional event held to show support and love to new parents as well as share in all the excitement of a baby!  If this is the case, you may be wondering, how much does a baby shower cost?  The short answer is it depends, but read on for more details.

How much does a traditional Baby Shower cost?

how much money does a baby shower cost

Like any event, the cost of a Baby Shower really depends from person to person.  A traditional in-person baby shower could cost between $100 to $1000 and spending a few hundred dollars is not unusual. Some parents-to-be are happy to blow the budget on a Baby Shower, and others are more budget conscious with a new baby on the way!

In order to figure out an approximate cost when planning a Baby Shower, consider the following. 

How many guests to invite to a Baby Shower?

Firstly, how many people are you planning to invite? Will it be co-ed, which will mean spouses and partners as well as your female friends? Are you planning on having a small, low-key celebration with a few close friends and relatives or are you keen on a big, elaborate baby shower?

The bigger the guest list, the bigger the cost. In fact, the number of guests will greatly affect your food, beverages, invitations and favor costs. The more people you are hosting, the higher the cost of your Baby Shower.

Where will you host the Baby Shower?

Secondly, where will you be hosting the Baby Shower? Once you know the number of guests, you need to determine if this can be held at a home, or if a space will need to be rented.

Baby Showers can be hosted in your home or garden, which of course is free.

Alternatively, you can hire a venue which will of course add to your Baby Shower budget.

Usually, hired venues will charge by the hour, so a 2 hour Baby Shower could cost from $100+ for the venue depending on their rates.

What time of day will you host the Baby Shower?

Thirdly, time of day will have an impact on how much your Baby Shower will cost. Hosting over a meal time will add more to your bill than if you held an afternoon shower, where the food would likely be finger foods or afternoon tea, rather than a big meal.

To reduce the cost of your Baby Shower, plan it for a time away from lunch or dinner.

How much do Baby Shower games cost?

Lastly, will you have gamesBaby Showers usually have a few games for the expecting parents, mom-to-be and their guests to enjoy. Will you need to purchase materials or prizes? All of these things can greatly affect how much a Baby Shower costs.

What costs money at a Baby Shower?

There are several elements to a Baby Shower that you will want to budget for. Most parents-to-be allow a Baby Shower budget to account for the following Baby Shower costs:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Invitations
  • Thank you cards
  • Decorations (balloons, backdrop, flowers etc)
  • Games
  • Prizes
  • Favors
  • Venue hire
  • Extras like a photographer

Who pays for the Baby Shower?

In short, a Baby Shower can be hosted and paid for by anyone who knows the new Mom or Dad usually close family members or close friends.  Usually, the expecting parents do not throw their own shower, although it can happen and the expecting parents may be excited to help plan!

Typically, the families of the new baby, a best friend of the expecting Mommy, a group of neighbors, or even co-workers may throw a baby shower to welcome the new baby.  

If you have a budget, consider hosting the Baby Shower with others.  The more hosts, the more people to cover the cost of the shower.  It is important to mention that sometimes the parent’s to be may have more than one shower thrown for them too so this could change your guest list etc. if you are planning one for them.       

What are the most expensive parts of a Baby Shower?

who pays for a baby shower

In any event, there are some areas that usually cost the most.  Food and beverages can really add up depending on the type of event you are throwing.  The more people, the more cost. 

If you are hosting a Baby Shower brunch or dinner, you may be also paying for a full meal or alcoholic beverages for your guests.  The Baby Shower cake or cupcakes can also cost a pretty penny if getting it professionally made.  Anything catered will also add to your final cost. 

In addition, the location of the Baby Shower can cost a lot.  If you are renting a room at a community center, chances are it will cost less than renting a room at a banquet hall.  There may be additional expenses too like parking, service fees etc. 

Even if hosting the Baby Shower at someone’s home, you may need to rent chairs or a tent for outside which would add to your overall cost as well.  

How can you save money on your Baby Shower?

Generally speaking, you can have a beautiful Baby Shower on any budget! You certainly do not need to spend a small fortune in order to throw an amazing Baby Shower

How to save money on your Baby Shower venue?

Consider hosting the Baby Shower in someone’s home or on their property to save on venue costs. You could also host in a beautiful park, local beach or woodland, though check for permits if it is a large group.

How to save money on Baby Shower food?

When it comes to food and beverage, one idea is to make it a potluck party and ask your guests to bring a dish or dessert. Another idea is to serve homemade snacks during the afternoon to lower the food cost. Finger food is more budget friendly than a full blown meal. In addition, you can save money by making a DIY baby shower cake. It would be both delicious and made with love!

Baby Shower decorations on a budget

Another way to save some money would be to make your own baby shower decorations. Baby Shower decorations can be sweet and minimal or elaborate and plenty! Balloons are a great budget Baby Shower decoration idea and you can fashion them into a fancy balloon arch for not much cost.

Paper flowers, streamers and garlands are inexpensive and can be hung around the venue to make a statement. 

Another cheap option for table decor is flowers from your garden in little jars.

How much do Baby Shower invitations cost?

Professionally printed Baby Shower invites and thank you cards can cost a small fortune, especially if you opt for extras like gold foil and premiums card. Save on invitations by sending digital invites, sending a text, or making a call.

What is the average Baby Shower cost?

The average Baby Shower is thought to cost between $20-$30 per person. Of course, there is a whole range of baby showers that go way below and way above that, but that is the average cost per head of a Baby Shower.     

How much does a virtual Baby Shower cost?

During these unprecedented times, virtual Baby Showers have become common. With the world today, some new parents are choosing this option to ensure the safety of their guests and themselves, while still wanting to celebrate with their loved ones.

You can host a virtual shower for little to no cost.   Host the Baby Shower over platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Facebook and send out a virtual invite through e-mail or an online event group. 

You may choose to still purchase decorations or thank you cards though.  Another idea would be to do a drive-by Baby Shower, which would be more in person.


In conclusion, to answer the question “How much does a Baby Shower cost?” the answer is it truly depends.

A Baby Shower will differ and be as unique as each little baby and costs will also differ from place to place. Think about your vision, which loved ones you wish to join you in the celebration and start planning.  

The important thing to remember is to always work within your budget and remember bigger isn’t necessarily better!  The memories and love you will feel during the Baby Shower is absolutely priceless. 

For more Baby Shower ideas see here.  Have fun and enjoy!

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