Baby Shower backdrop ideas

Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas – 10 Fun Backdrop Styling Ideas

If you are looking for Baby Shower backdrop ideas then read on!

Welcoming a baby into the world is truly an amazing experience and should be celebrated!  Often loved ones do so by holding a baby shower for the parents to be. These events consist of games, gifts, food and of course décor.  A backdrop is a great idea to include as it can be a real centerpiece at your baby shower

Imagine photographs in front of it, or drawing the eye to the dessert table.  Whether you are planning a traditional baby shower or a drive-by baby shower, we have some brilliant baby shower backdrop ideas for you!

Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Banner Backdrop

If you are looking for a professional and vivid backdrop, a printed backdrop may be for you.  Lofaris offers a large variety of durable vinyl backdrops for you to choose from.  Not only are they wrinkle resistant, but can be made to the size you need and can also be customized!  Lofaris makes it an easy way to include a stunning backdrop at any baby shower!  

Balloon Arch Backdrop

balloon arch background for baby shower

A balloon arch is one of our baby shower backdrop ideas because balloons are always awesome at any celebration!  In short,  Lofaris makes adding a balloon arch simple.  Their kits come in a variety of colors, therefore there is one that will surely match your theme.  These kits come with all the equipment you need too. So easy! 

Or go DIY and follow our DIY Balloon Arch guide here!

Boxwood Backdrop    

floral themed baby shower

Adding some greenery to your baby shower can really bring a garden or nature feel to the room.  A boxwood backdrop has become popular and is a cool option!  You can of course purchase a kit from places like Amazon or make it a DIY!

Additionally, you can incorporate flowers, signage, or anything else that goes along with your theme.     

Floral Backdrop

flower wall for baby shower

Another beautiful backdrop idea is making one full of flowers, especially if the baby shower is for a little lady or in the Spring.  This backdrop could be made with real flowers, artificial flowers, or even lovely handmade paper flowers.  Choose colors that work with your theme and arrange them how you like. 

Whether it is a wall full of flowers, a garland of flowers, or just a few large flowers, they will surely add a pop of color to the space!

This one from Amazon, is easy to hang and bend into position. From $23.99.

Curtain Backdrop

curtain backdrop for baby shower

This backdrop idea is both easy and a nice way to add some elegance to any space!  Ensure you pick curtains that match your color scheme or perhaps stick with traditional baby shower colors like pink or blue.  If you wish to add twinkle lights, choose to hang a sheer curtain so they can shine through. 

You can also mix and match colors and furthermore, after the shower, you can use them at home!

This one from Amazon is easy to hang and available in a range of colors, from $27.99.

Wooden Pallet Backdrop

A wooden pallet backdrop is a superb choice if you are having a woodland creatures or rustic baby shower theme!  Firstly, find pallets.  They can sometimes be purchased from local hardware stores, as well as sold in online marketplaces. You could also ask any businesses that you know of who may receive large shipments.  Secondly, stain the pallets if you wish and secure them together.  Thirdly, set up and add additional décor like garland, greenery or lights.  Voila, an awesome backdrop!

Twinkle Light Backdrop

light curtain backdrop

If your baby shower is being held at night then a twinkle light backdrop will really create a focal point for your guests and add to the ambiance.  It doesn’t matter if your shower is inside or outside, this backdrop will add sophistication. 

String twinkle lights along a wall or behind a curtain.  Just remember to make sure they are safe to use in your chosen space.

This easy to hang option is $27.99 from Amazon.

Streamers Backdrop

streamers backdrop for baby shower

Streamers are not only very economical but very fun! They can also create an awesome backdrop! Choose one color or a variety that matches your theme and hang them vertically on your desired wall. Get creative with patterns or twist them in different ways to make a unique backdrop!

This option from Amazon is just $9.99 and comes in a range of colors.

Garland Backdrop

baby clothes bunting diy baby shower decorations

Stringing garland across a wall can also make a simple but sweet backdrop! Your garland can encompass so many things. Hang baby items like tiny socks and onesies along a clothesline.  Make a tassel garland or cut out flags from fabric and attach them to a cord. For example, these would be great for a circus theme. 

ribbon garland for baby shower

You can also dangle flowers for a spring theme or hang snowflakes for winter. You can have one garland or string several.  It is completely up to your taste!

Boho Backdrop

macrame backdrop for baby shower

If you are holding a bohemian-inspired baby shower then a macramé backdrop will perfectly bring that vibe! Make your own backdrop using a clothesline rope and a wooden dowel or branch.  If you are not so sure about macramé and tying knots, check out this one on Amazon from $21.99.

dream catcher backdrop for baby shower

Another idea is to hang several dream catchers as your backdrop. Check out this beauty from Amazon. Either way, it will be boho chic!

Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas – Final Note

When it comes to baby shower backdrop ideas, the sky is the limit! Backdrops are a wonderful way to set the scene and bring your event to life.  They add to any space and usually “wow” the guests! 

They can be used by the cake table or can also create the perfect photo op location with the Mom to be.  You can easily purchase a backdrop or DIY one.  

In summary, if you are throwing a shower for a baby girl, baby boy or keeping it a neutral shower, any of these backdrop ideas will be amazing for your event! 

For more baby shower decorations, click here.  Enjoy celebrating the new addition!

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