best fall baby shower themes

Best Fall Baby Shower Themes

Fall is a great time to hold a Baby Shower! And we have the best Fall Baby Shower themes here for you to choose from!

If you or a loved one are expecting a new arrival, Fall is the perfect season for a Baby Shower. From representing the growth of new life to popping with beautiful, rustic tones, Fall takes our regular scenery and gives it a stunning twist. And you can do the same with these gorgeous Fall Baby Shower themes.

Planning a Fall Baby Shower offers you so much choice. You could incorporate festive forest vibes with whimsical woodland critters or mature mother nature tones. Bold colors and earthy or rustic accents or elegant golds and pale shimmers of pinks or subtle blues. Crisp, colorful leaves along with the sound of delicious rustling and crunching underfoot, the gloriously cool weather.

Whether you’re having a harvest, Halloween or Thanksgiving baby, let’s dive into 9 awesome Fall Baby Shower themes to get your creative juices flowing.

Gorgeous Fall Baby Shower Themes

1. Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Undoubtedly one of the sweetest Fall Baby Shower themes, a Little Pumpkin Baby Shower celebrates your new bounty. Centerpieces can be easily sourced from home decor or craft shops which will be popping with fall features, especially pumpkin-themed pieces. Display food in baskets or hollowed-out pumpkins.

Paint real or fake pumpkins in the colors of the theme. If you’re going for neutral tones, this Fall Baby Shower theme lends itself perfectly to greens and oranges.

Cute Little Pumpkin ideas include signing a pumpkin as a cool themed guest book, decorate cakes and pastries with pumpkin toppers and create chocolate pumpkins as delicious, edible center pieces.

Get a personalized Little Pumpkin centerpiece on Etsy from $22.

little pumpkin centerpiece

2. Little Pumpkin Baby Shower for a Girl

Customize the Little Pumpkin Baby Shower theme by adding pink tones, whether that’s by both painting the pumpkins and using pale drapes or sprinkling glitter on the tables. Go for a Cinderella theme if you don’t want to make it too Halloween-y.

Hang up, “this way to the ball” signs and decorate with little tiny toy or chocolate mice. Additionally, a glass slipper makes a statement centerpiece. And this Welcome sign, $11 from Etsy, is the perfect way to welcome your Guests to your Little Pumpkin Baby Girl Shower.

Pumpkin Welcome Sign Printable Boho Floral White Pumpkin image 0

3. Little Pumpkin Baby Shower for a Boy

Soft blues with beautiful signs in whites and blues lend a classy touch to a Little Pumpkin Baby Shower for a boy. Use light blues and golds as your theme colors and focus more on the outdoorsy side of the theme.

4. Farm Girl Baby Shower

Next up, Farm Girl! There are a few ways to swing the Farm Girl Baby Shower theme. There’s a “Welcome to the Farm” idea if you have older children, and there’s a pony party spin available or just stick with the rustic farm look.

Animal cake pops and rope-based banners, milk cartons and fresh food offerings characterize farm girl baby showers. Hay bales or sprigs scattered around add to the tone.

Flowers, distressed centerpieces, and wooden wonders add the finishing touches. Basically, you’re looking for earthy tones and wild nature.

5. Rustic Baby Shower

Styled by ADAL Kreation

Pastel blues, browns, and gold detail, this chic, rustic Fall Baby Shower theme covers classy and whimsical. You could also splash on blue and white cakes, brown wicker chairs or white wooden thrones are cool talking pieces. And pinecone candle holders are adorable additions.

Try for white candles on colored clothes with laser-cut wooden place names or banners. Or go for green leafy flowers and wooden or rope based decorations.

6. Barnyard Baby Shower

So, there are several ways to swing this adorable Fall Baby Shower theme. You could celebrate the harvest with fresh produce and a healthy vegan vibe. Or throw in a sweet Peter Rabbit theme as well if you’re so inclined.

Now the color scheme is easy, browns and burgundies, or navy and golds. Find a gorgeously farm-y banner, or perhaps one made of leaves or featuring farm animals. Buy or borrow toy barns and farm animals to scatter around. Cover your window with a full-size picture of the view out of a barn window.

Brown drapes and fake hay tossed around the place take this shower theme idea to the next level. Then garnish liberally with apples as well as featuring cotton colors and use baskets to hold the food in and throw sprigs or grass across the party area.

Top your cake with these sweet fondant toppers from Etsy, $13.90.

Farm  cake topper fondant or cold porcelain image 0

7. S’mores Baby Shower

Who doesn’t love a good smore? Delicious and fun, this Fall theme is sure to leave your guests impressed and satiated.

Firstly, the centerpiece is a good smores bar, decorated in fire colors, brown, red, yellow, and orange but can be tinged blue for a fall baby shower for a boy. Secondly, wooden easels add a touch of class to this decor idea.

8. Baby Animals Baby Shower

Baby animals to celebrate your baby’s arrival! Buy, beg or borrow stuffed or wooden toy critters and decorate liberally. Fake trees, either potted or decor pieces, as well as fake boughs and tree stumps help bring out the theme.

Grab our Woodland Animals Baby Shower printable set to get all of your invites, games, and stationery sorted.

woodland baby shower printable set

Cake pops and chocolate animals for the food and woodland creatures on napkins or cutlery holders surely add a cutesy way to continue the story.

9. Little Fox Baby Shower

Now, is the Mom-to-be a little feisty? Then go for a foxy, festive Fall Baby Shower with warm tones that will charm you like an open fire. Pine cone candles and laser-cut wooden pieces add finishing touches. Layer plates in foxy brown or pink/red hues with fox decorations on each place. Include little foxes sprinkled about and fox chocolates or cupcakes mean this theme can be tasteful and tasty too.

10. Harry Potter Baby Shower

harry potter gender reveal decor

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then Fall can be the perfect time of year for a Harry Potter-inspired Baby Shower. Embrace your inner witch or wizard with this magical theme. Check out our Harry Potter Gender Reveals feature for more.

11. Woodland Baby Shower

woodland baby shower

Another beautiful setup by Bizzie Bee Creations, this Woodland-themed Baby Shower works wonders in the Fall and in the Winter. Simply add some fir sprigs or dust some fake snow for a more wintry effect. 

12. Rustic Bears Baby Shower

teddy bear baby shower

This pretty setup by Bizzie Bee Creations is perfect for a Winter or Fall Baby Shower. The soft color tones are super sweet and so inviting!

Serve your guests hot chocolate and marshmallows for a warming celebration!

12. Thanksgiving Baby Shower

ideas for thanksgiving baby shower

If your Baby Shower dates are falling around Thanksgiving, then why not consider a Thanksgiving Baby Shower. After all, what better way to give thanks for the arrival of a new baby!

Go for traditional fall colors and throw a “Thankful” Baby Shower.

Whichever of the Fall Baby Shower themes you choose, finish it off with an Instagram frame, decorated to match your theme. Of course, it’s going to end up all over social media anyway! Plus this way you can add a touch of class and create beautiful memories to encapsulate in an album for your precious one to marvel at one day.

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