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Halloween Baby Shower Themes – The Best Spooky Baby Shower Ideas!

Halloween is a fun time of year for an alternative kind of Baby Shower. If you are tired of the traditional Baby Shower themes, go wild with these Halloween Baby Shower ideas. Food can be freakishly fun with spooky centerpieces. And ghostly going home bags all add to the fun and joy that is this creepily crazy time of year. Plus you get to pull out the Halloween decorations and decorate your front porch to welcome your guests!

If you are lucky enough to have your Baby Shower in the Fall, a Halloween theme can be a fun idea. Why not make your party stand out with our Halloween Baby Shower themes. If you are looking for something a little different that’ll make your Baby Shower shine, read on! From pumpkins to ghosts, skeletons to monsters, they are all featured below!

So here are our best Halloween Baby Shower themes to welcome your little monster this October!

Top 10 Halloween Baby Shower Themes

1. A Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower

First on the list, Rosy’s Manor came up with this spooktacular treat of a Halloween themed Baby Shower

With dark navys dripping in white cobwebs and black spiders accentuated with hanging crystals and pale, ghostly white flowers.

Black cake stands play host to custom cupcakes in oranges and white each with a sweet spooky face. If you want to really nail this Halloween Baby Shower theme, add a smoke machine and a bubbling cauldron.

a baby is brewing baby shower backdrop
Baby is Brewing Backdrop $21 Lofaris

2. Adams Family Baby Shower

If the Adams family is your thing, then this is a super fun theme to get the whole family involved in! Costumes and characters play a big party in this Halloween Baby Shower theme so make sure you get your Morticia and Gomez sorted out!

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3. A little treat is on the way Baby Shower

Next up, Linnag’s Halloween Baby Shower cakes take the Halloween spin in a new direction with the focus being more on pumpkins. And having a fresh, harvest-y feel with a welcome witchy twist.

Go for Fall themed colors like splendid oranges and toned down blacks with fresh floral accents scattered around.

4. Day Of The Dead Baby Shower

Next up we have a Day Of The Dead Baby Shower and another stunning costume by psychobelle. If your Baby Shower is late October or early November then this theme is perfect! Go for bright colors, skulls and Mexican vibes for a fun alternative kind of Baby Shower!

5. Sally Skellington Baby Shower

If you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan then check out this Sally Skellington Baby Shower idea! The costume, wig and face paints are stunning and really make the Mama to be the star of the show!

6. Little Boo Baby Shower

Little Boo is a super cute take on a Halloween Baby Shower. Go with a black, white and orange scheme for a classic and classy Halloween mood. And what is cuter than Baby Ghosts!

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7. Spooky Pumpkins Baby Shower

If you want a Halloween Baby Shower that combines the spooks, the purples and blacks along with the pumpkins then look no further than bellas_partyrentals. That woman has a real talent with a marvelous mural draped in a spooky mature but still cute, balloon arch. Wicked cobwebs drape off the purples tables onto bright pumpkins adorned with black lettering.

This one gives us the chills in many ways!

8. Peek a Boo Baby Shower

Babyaspen continues our Halloween Baby Shower ideas list with something a little different. They used purples and blacks and a whole bunch of balloons to celebrate another little pumpkin gracing the world.

A black table tree, shiny tassels and paper ghosts accentuate the Halloween feel and the food tops it all off again with monster themes treats.

9. Nightmare before Christmas Baby Shower

Halloween baby shower ideas

Lumineux Event Rentals conjures a chilling color palette and the decor leaves us dazzled. Your eyes won’t know where to look first, from the shimmering cloth backdrop to the array of spooky custom cupcakes, to the black heightened towers, the crystals or the baubles, it’s simply a tasty feast that serves the eyes too.

And what’s most scary about this Halloween themed baby shower is how good it is!

10. Black Cat Baby Shower

Next up, Sugarranchbakeshop sets the Halloween tone with this smashing centerpiece cake. Two adorable kittens peek out from a pumpkin. We can’t see much of the rest of the tablescape but once you have a centerpiece themed cake this good, the rest sort of pales away. Team with oranges and blacks for witchy wonder.

Custom cookies are the way to go with this one and a printable witch poem tops it all off.

11. Expecting a Little Nightmare

Cakeboxparty gives us Tim Burton feels with this offering. White ghosts on black backgrounds are the essence of this Halloween Baby Shower idea. But once again it is the cake that steals the scene. Blacks and blues with witch’s hats are the decor here. And nothing can set the tone like a brilliant theme cake.

Surround it with navy tables with black decor and maybe even skulls head cake pops as your bouquets.

12. Spooktacular Baby Shower

Halloween baby shower

Next up, Juliet Peel Photography creates an inspired grown-up chic and shriek offering for a Halloween themed Baby Shower. Midnight black tables and blood-red roses under upturned glass jars, surrounded by cobwebs and candied apples. Remember, red and black rule the day here with skeletons to finish it all off.

And a striped cake with a black top and red mood lighting give this grown-up glam fest the chills!

If you want to go all out for a seriously eerie Halloween Baby Shower, then this could be the theme for you!

12. Harry Potter Baby Shower

And finally, who doesn’t love a touch of Potter? The world is in love with JK Rowling’s wizardry so why not create the perfect Baby Shower for Potter enthusiasts with a Harry Potter party for a Mom to be? And this Harry Potter Baby Shower by Sister Sister has it all going on!

It’s wands at the ready with this printable based party that’s super easy to recreate. Once again, the food steals the show. Why not go for wand straws and themed cupcakes and posters. Owl post mementos will make great keepsakes when everyone writes a letter to the new baby. And one day they’ll make you feel old by asking “Mum, what’s Harry Potter?”

If you are a big Harry Potter fan, you will love creating this unique Baby Shower theme! And check out our Harry Potter Gender Reveal ideas for even more wizard inspiration.

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas – Final note

Of course, there is so much fun to be had at this time of year! Just let your imagination run wild and live on the spookier side of things.

If you love Halloween and your Baby Shower is falling in the Fall, then why not host a Halloween Baby Shower!

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