how a baby shower works

How a Baby Shower works

How a Baby Shower works is a question lots of new Moms-to-be have.

You’re having a baby! It’s an exciting time and you want to share the joy with family and friends. But it’s also an expensive time – yikes, why are diapers so pricey, and are all buggies made from solid gold?!

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate, make some memories, have a great time, and receive gifts to help you cope with the cost. So, being a new mom-to-be, you may not know how a baby shower works.

Well have no fear, our comprehensive guide is here, to show you exactly how a baby shower works.

how a baby shower works

Who throws a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, friends or relatives throw the mom-to-be her Baby Shower. Also, it’s common for workmates to get together and organize one.

Letting friends take on the job, allows the mom-to-be to relax and concentrate on that full-time occupation which is pregnancy. After all, it’s really poignant to be a celebration organized by your nearest and dearest.

Don’t forget, pregnancy is exhausting, you may not be up to throwing your own bash.

However, if you feel that, you’d rather be the one organizing so that you can craft the day to your dreams, go for it! Sometimes you may not feel comfortable asking others. For example, if your friends are really busy and your family lives out of town you may need to organize your own.

Who should I invite to my Baby Shower?

The question of whom to invite really depends on how your Baby Shower works for you. If you’re splashing out on a big party, then yeah- invite everyone you know. Normally people invite close relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, and co-workers- and if Sally the cashier from your fave supermarket wants to be there, why not?

If you’re on a budget, consider spending the money on the party rather than a huge guest list. Although, of course, the more guests, the more prezzies and the less you have to spend on prepping for your imminent arrival. (Babies are super expensive, check out the cost of diapers and wipes and then go practice your breathing exercises.) So it’s definitely something to think about.

If you are going for a small Baby Shower, the guest list should be intimate too. And this can make for a lovely event surrounded by only those who mean the most to you.

Baby Showers are usually a girls-only event. But nowadays if you want to invite the boys then invite them if you think they’ll enjoy it. How a Baby Shower works is whatever you feel like doing. Just remember – after your little bundle of joy arrives, there won’t be many girls’ nights for a while. Make the most of it now.

Can I have a Baby Shower for a second Baby?

can i have a baby shower for second baby

Yes, you can totally have a shower for your second baby! It’s not weird and it’s not greedy.

Second baby showers are called Baby Sprinkles. As you can probably work out from the name, it’s a smaller affair. But there are a few differences between how a Baby Shower works and how a Baby Sprinkle works.

Baby Showers tend to have big guest lists. Baby Sprinkles are kept small and sweet, the gifts given are also less extravagant. You will have most of what you need already so explain to your guests that you aren’t looking for grand gestures. Remember, suggest ideas for your guests to choose from so that they know what’s appropriate.

If your new baby is a different gender from your firstborn, you could ask for some more clothes. Diapers, new toys, and blankets, a memory book, or a baby photo session are all good gift ideas for a baby sprinkle.

In fact, Baby Sprinkles are not just for second children. You can have a Baby Sprinkle for all your children if you feel like it. If you want to skip the big Baby Shower first time round, you could opt for a more low key Baby Sprinkle instead.

How a Baby Shower works is that the focus is on the expected baby and preparing the mom-to-be for motherhood. A Baby Sprinkle focuses more on the mom than the baby. And the theme can be more adult orientated, maybe the mom’s passions, her favorite colors, or foods.

When should I have a Baby Shower?

So, this question really deals with two issues.

Firstly, when in my pregnancy should I have a Baby Shower? Usually around 6 to 8 months. Far into your pregnancy that everyone knows, you have a bump to display. It’s also not too far, meaning you still feel energized and upbeat. Plus, you’ll still look great, having the expectant mother glow but not the pregnancy blues.

Apart from your trimesters, there may be other factors to take into consideration. If you work, you may want to arrange your shower party during the holidays, especially if you’re a teacher. If that’s not possible, try to minimize the disruption. For example, accountants shouldn’t throw parties in tax seasons. Either there’ll be too much stress and tears or the IRS will raid your client’s home (oops!).

Then you want to consider your guests. Maybe weekdays may be convenient for you, but probably not so much for your invitees. Oftentimes, weekends work well for everyone, afternoons and evenings are often most appreciated.

Basically, any time of year works well for a Baby Shower. There are gorgeous themes to consider in the Spring, Easter, Summer, Fall, and Winter. You could even throw a Halloween or Christmas-themed Baby Shower!

Where should I have a Baby Shower?

Well, the possibilities are endless. There are so many options. So, let’s go through some locations and how a baby shower works in each type of locale.

Having a Baby Shower at home

First off, the host’s home. This is the no-brainer, most economical place to hold your baby shower. It’s convenient for the host and a home environment is relaxing and comfortable. All the vibes you want at your shower party.

Having a Baby Shower outside

having a baby shower outside

The garden. Who doesn’t love nature? The garden is an inexpensive and glorious location for a baby shower. If fortune favors you with good weather then you’ll have a beautiful backdrop and an idyllic tone for your party. Plus, celebrating life amongst life is very poetic.

The park. The park takes the garden to the next level. The potential downsides are noisy crowds and the possibility of onlookers. Also, you can’t set up a major theme in a park. Then again, the park is your theme!

Having a Baby Shower at a restaurant

A restaurant. No planning, no prep, no cleanup, great food. What’s not to love? Everyone can order the food they really want to eat and it will set the ambiance for you. Remember, restaurants can be pricey, but you could always ask guests to pay for their portions. Or you could host a gala reception at a restaurant. Buffets bring out the inner child in us all.

If you hire the entire restaurant, they will allow you to choose a theme and redecorate the place. How cool would it be to transform your favorite restaurant??!

Hotel. If you fancy going all out for your Baby Shower, hire a hotel. An overnight bash will bring everyone together and create memories that last a lifetime. The setting will be beautiful and there’s no stress about planning, set up, or tidying away afterward. If you can stomach the bill at the end, a hotel is a fantastic option to go a little Ott. Why not? YOLO

Hiring a venue for your Baby Shower

Community centers. Now, this venue is not too hard on the bank account, yet perfect for a big party. Check out your local community center. The only downside is that the community center covers the venue only. Of course, you have to set up and tidy away yourself.

Tea room. Let’s get fancy and quaint whilst staying on budget. Tea rooms provide all the food and let’s be honest, it’s all food we want to eat. Plus, there’s something about tea that just relaxes and invigorates, both fantastic feelings for your baby shower.

Vineyard. Ok. I know what you’re thinking. No one is going to be drinking. But, close your eyes for a moment and imagine strolling through a scenic vineyard. The sweet smell of flourishing vines permeates the air. The breeze is soft. The afternoon is classy and calm. Now open your eyes and book a vineyard. Wouldn’t it be so wonderfully rustic to have a party in one?

having a baby shower at a vineyard

Finally, a Barn. So, ignore the smelly cows and wild horses trampling through your mind right now. We didn’t say farm. We said barn. Barns are very popular at the moment, lending a picturesque effect to your baby shower.

What do you do at a Baby Shower?

Of course, there’s more to how a Baby Shower works than opening presents. Baby Showers are opportunities to share wisdom with the mom-to-be. An advice book is a cute way to convey everyone’s two cents and create a keepsake to be treasured for years to come. Have guests write in a specially prepared book or journal.

Baby Showers are also a time to bask in the love of family and friends, make sure there’s time for everyone to chat and chill.

Then we come to the main part of the festivities – games! Baby Shower games stop a party from becoming stale or boring, making sure everyone is having fun all the time.

What are the best Baby Shower games ?

best baby shower games to play

Now, there are loads of very cool games to play that will have your guests splitting their sides. From DIY diapers out of toilet paper to cut the string the size of the bump, your Baby Shower can be an event everyone can’t stop smiling about. Here is a list of some of the most entertaining, simple Baby Shower games.

Fun Baby Shower Games

Sorting sprinkles

Lasso eating races

Guess what’s in the diaper bag by feeling

Raise the cup (Mom and Dad have to sit back to back and answer questions by raising colored cups, questions like, who’s going to change more diapers, who will be doing the night feeds etc).

Who is that baby (have all guests bring a baby photo and see if people can guess which baby is which guest)

Embarrassing baby stories -pretty self explanatory

Blindfold baby changing – use a doll and a diaper to find out who’s pro!

Baby songs – play clips of songs containing the word baby and see which guest can guess the most.

Most popular baby names – can your guests work out this year’s most popular baby names?

Design the baby’s clothes (give your attendees some plain bibs and onesies, some markers and let the creative juices flow)

Blindfold spoon feeding (two teams of two participants, one attempting to blindfold feed the other)

Guess the flavour of the baby food

Baby shower charades

Decorate the baby’s diapers – don’t let the mom-to-be see, it’ll be a surprise!

For more Baby Shower games click here and for our favorite funny Baby Shower games see this post.

What should I wear to my Baby Shower?

what should i wear to my baby shower

Of course, the aim of the game is to feel comfortable AND beautiful!

Loose clothing and cool fabrics are your new besties. Go for accessories rather than belts or tight fabrics. That said, don’t drown yourself in material in an attempt to hide the bump. It’s your Baby Shower. And everyone knows you’re pregnant so embrace it!

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

To really nail the look, ask yourself if you’ve checked the three T’s?

  • Theme. Is there one? Matching the color scheme isn’t a must but can be cute, especially on photos afterward.

What food should I serve at a Baby Shower?

So, what food to serve at your baby shower really depends on your theme. If you go for a nautical theme, try skull and crossbones kebabs. Luncheons can consist of bagels or salad bars. If you’ve chosen a color scheme, choose food to suit the color palette. Of course, everyone always appreciates sweets. Cupcakes can lend themselves to cupcake decorating activity.

If you have a large crowd, buffets work best. A buffet allows everyone to choose their own food, takes care of the serving and breeds variety which equals people pleasing palette choices!

Always think about your theme and think about the time of year. Winter is cold, warm up attendees with some hearty soup. Summer is a great time for finger foods.

Another option is Pizza. Pizza always goes down well if you want a more chilled baby shower.

Ask guests to bring a dish each to shake things up. Plus you’ll end up with a hodgepodge of lovingly cooked foods.

Remember to find out if anyone has allergies, religious diets or intolerances. If you expect them to make the effort to come, don’t let them feel left out.

Should I have a Baby Shower registry?

should i have a baby shower registry

Of course, having a baby shower registry means guests know what you want and it eliminates unwanted hand-knitted tissue box covers. However, make sure to include a range of prices in your list. Great aunt Sarah who lives alone with her 18 cats and survives by selling her hand-knitted tissue box covers, can’t buy you a $300 gift. But millionaire bff Rachel can skimp out on more than $13 onesies.

The truth is that you’ll want a range of gifts. And diapers will be heavily appreciated once your baby arrives!

On the other hand, a registry can create a lot of pressure on guests. So, go with your gut, you know your crowd.

And if you have been invited to a Baby Shower, our Best Baby Shower Gifts for Moms, our Best Baby Shower Gifts for boys and our Best Baby Shower Gifts for girls will help you with your gift shopping!

So, there you have it! Our step-by-step guide to how a baby shower works! Baby’s Shower’s are one of the most fun parties, so relax and enjoy every moment!

For more Baby Shower ideas, check out our Baby Shower pages here.

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