what to wear to your baby shower

What to wear to your Baby Shower! Best baby shower outfit ideas!

What to wear to your Baby Shower

Are you wondering what to wear to your Baby Shower? Then you are not alone!

Having a baby is a wondrous, magical time. And a Baby Shower is a chance to get together with loved ones and celebrate the joy that will soon unfold. Above all, you want to enjoy it. You don’t want to be stressing about what to wear to your Baby Shower.

To take the pressure off you, because goodness knows being pregnant is basically a full-time occupation at this point, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide for what to wear to your Baby Shower!

what to wear to my baby shower

What should I wear to my Baby Shower?

Of course, the aim of the game is to feel comfortable AND beautiful!

Loose clothing and cool fabrics are your new besties. Go for accessories rather than belts or tight fabrics. That said, don’t drown yourself in material in an attempt to hide the bump. It’s your Baby Shower. Everyone knows you’re pregnant so embrace it!

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

To really nail the look, ask yourself if you’ve checked the three T’s?

  • Time of year. Summer is the season for florals and prints in bright colors, winter is more muted and may be slightly more fitted.
  • Theme. Is there one? Matching the color scheme isn’t a must but can be cute, especially on photos afterward.
  • Tone. More casual? Dress down with a gorgeous top and accessories and a simple pair of trousers or a skirt. Formal? A versatile jacket with a colored blouse. Cocktail? Glam it up with long, flowing, or fancy dresses.

A jacket is always a great idea because of those pesky pregnancy hormones that mean your body heat can fluctuate faster than a thermometer on a bouncy castle!

What about shoes? We all love shoes. But right now, your feet probably don’t love your fave, 4 inch stilettos. Be comfortable. And flats can be super chic and pretty – just make sure they’re supportive.

What colors should I wear to my Baby Shower?

Of course, it’s totally up to you. When deciding what to wear for your Baby Shower, color is significant. Have a think about whether you are making a statement about the gender. Or are you going to subvert gender stereotypes and wear whatever?

You could go for feminine and fun because you’re about to become a mum or because you’re having a girl.

Dark colors, especially navy are traditional for a boy but are also typical winter shades.

Be light and cheery. A baby shower is a celebration of new life, there’s no room for being sombre or stuffy!

what to wear to baby shower

Should I wear a dress to my Baby Shower?

Get a dress, forget the stress – all you have to do is accessorize. Plus, dresses are often looser and more comfortable.

Dresses are very feminine, something you might want to lean into when you’re heavily pregnant and started to get the mama bear vibes.

If you want to accentuate your natural femininity, go for a dress! Maternity dresses do a great job in showing off your beautiful bump. But ultimately go with whatever makes you feel beautiful

Best Baby Shower Dresses

We have put together our top 8 dresses to wear to a Baby Shower. From floaty, to skimming, these are our favorite Baby Shower dresses to really make a statement at your Baby Shower.

Soft and floaty…

what to wear to baby shower

This dusky pink dress by Mother Bee Maternity is flowing and feminine! I love the pastel pink shade, perfect for summer. And this subtle color shade looks good on most skin tones. Above all, the wrap of style means it will work for all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

Fresh and lacy…

pretty baby shower dress

Lacy, fresh and mid-length, this dress by Hello Miz is very versatile. Of course, it can be casual or chic depending on how you accessorize. I love its effortless elegance without being too formal. The faux wrap over is perfect for breastfeeding once your baby arrives.

Classic navy…

Navy is a great color if you’re having a boy, having a winter baby, or just love blue. This dress is patterned and fresh! And the satin ribbon tie is a flattering way to accentuate your bump.

Modern and stylish…

what to wear to a baby shower

Stylish and comfortable, this dress by My Bump will suit any stage of pregnancy. And really makes your bump shine whilst being very flattering.

Boho babe…

boho maternity dress

Simply put, this boho style dress by Hello Miz, is ultra-feminine with casual vibes. This beautiful and extremely comfortable dress is available in many colors to suit your taste. Undoubtedly a great choice for a boho themed Baby Shower or summer event.

Floral style…

Another floral Baby Shower dress from Hello Miz, this one is a stunner! Fitted and loose all at once, this pattern is irresistible! Once again, this works perfectly for a Boho Baby Shower or Summer Baby Shower. And, the detachable belt can be removed for a more empire line look.

Delicate and pretty…

 what to wear to my baby shower

Delicate and oh so pretty, this dress is beautiful. A real showstopper for a shower, the lace yoke top is feminine and graceful. Simply add a floral headband and you are good to go!

Chic polka dots…

what to wear to a baby shower

Dots are always darling! This figure-hugging dress from My Bump is perfect to show off your baby bump. Simply, dress it up for formal parties or leave it as is with sandals and bangles for the ultimate casual chic.

Can I wear jeans to my Baby Shower?

So, what to wear to your baby shower largely depends on the tone of the event. Are you going for a more formal occasion? Then you do not want to rock up in jeans. However, if you want something more chill, then jeans may be the perfect way to tone down an outfit.

What not to wear to a Baby Shower

First off, nothing tight fitting and uncomfortable

Don’t go for thick fabrics. Always wear a cardigan or jacket instead so you can take it off if you get hot. After all, we all know how you can feel the heat when you are pregnant!

Also, don’t wear something you bought two months ago unless you’ve tried it recently and are sure it fits.

And don’t wear super high heels. Go ahead and let your feet relax so you can enjoy every moment of your special party!


Ultimately, deciding what to wear for your baby shower should be fun and full of joy. At the end of the day, be comfortable but take the opportunity to dress beautifully. After all, this will be an event that you remember and treasure forever!

For more Baby Shower inspiration and ideas, check out our Baby Shower pages here.

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